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Revolving Storage Bins for Your Polymer Clay Studio

Revolving Craft Bins - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #737: How to use less than 1 sq foot of studio space, to store over 4 sq feet of inks, finishes, paints, glues, stamps, and more! Read More→

Wink of Stella and Wink of Luna Brush Ink

Wink of Stella + Wink of Luna Brushes - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #730: Let’s see if the inks from these Japanese scrapbooking brushes are compatible with polymer clay, or not. Read More→

PYM II Polymer Clay Safe Spray Finish

PYMII Preserve Your Memories - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #695: This is the only spray finish I am aware of, that is compatible with polymer clay… PYM (Preserve Your Memories). Read More→

Sealing Polymer Clay Best Practices

Sealing Polymer Clay - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #693: If you absolutely must seal your polymer clay, here are the products that I’ve tested and can recommend. Read More→

Has Your Inka Gold Metallic Rub Gone All Moldy?

Moldy Inka Gold Metallic Rub - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #661: Mine did! But don’t fret… here’s why it happens… and more importantly… here is what you can do about it.

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Choosing The Right Brush for Glazing Polymer Clay

Choosing the right brush for applying glaze finishes to polymer clay - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #639: Synthetic vs natural bristles makes a big difference depending on the type of finish you are using.

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Testing Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on Polymer Clay

Mod Podge on Polymer ClayVideo #536: It’s harder than other shiny coatings I’ve tested on polymer clay… and is water-based, so clean-up is nice and easy.

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Minwax Polyurethane (Oil Based) on Polymer Clay

Minwax Polyurethane on Polymer ClayVideo #535: Four month test results show that this varnish product is compatible with Premo Polymer Clay (so far).

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Using Aleene’s Jewelry Pendant Gel on Polymer Clay

Aleene's Jewelry Pendant Gel on Polymer ClayVideo #485: A very shiny coating for polymer pendants… gives the look of resin… only much softer.

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Reviving Dried Out Gilders Paste with Paint Thinner

Dried and Cracked Gilders PasteVideo #466: Just because it’s all crumbly, does not mean you have to throw it away.

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How To Get Shiny Polymer Clay Using Renaissance Wax

Buffing Renaissance Wax To A High Shine on Polymer ClayVideo #456: Roadtrip #2-05 (WA): “Just Like Butter” (to the touch)… is the reaction you want to hear.

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Tips for Using Inka Gold Metallic Rub on Polymer Clay

Inka Gold Metallic PaintVideo #411: A polymer compatible product that’s part paint, part wax, with the consistency of a mousse.

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Triple Thick Gloss Glaze – Compatible or Not?

Triple Thick Gloss Glaze on Polymer ClayVideo #403: My polymer clay tests have worked out fine… but others say it has gone sticky for them.

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Is It Compatible With Polymer Clay? Always Test!

Polymer Clay CompatibleVideo #375: And remember that testing for polymer compatibility issues does take time.

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Using Gilder’s Paste on Your Polymer Clay

Using Gilders Paste On Your Polymer ClayVideo #360: So many colors to work with… Red Tulip, Damson, German Silver and many more.

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Renaissance Wax For Finishing Polymer Clay

Renaissance WaxVideo #358: This microcrystalline polish was originally formulated at the British Museum in the 1950’s.

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Be Careful Which Varnish You Use With Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Tutor Christmas TreeVideo #326: Plus a Christmas (Singing) Surprise from the Lietz Family… Bloopers Included.

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Faux Jasper Cabochons | Polymer Tutorials Vol-054

Pt 1 Faux Jasper Cabochons - Polymer Clay Tutor6 Videos #309 to #314: Take your $5 cabochons to the $40 level by following some simple and important advice!

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Who Knew That Dogs Liked Polymer Clay So much?

Margaret and Dana Murphy Portland OregonVideo #302: Roadtrip #1-07: “One of the (Dragons) I made, my dog decided to eat!” ~Dana Murphy

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Waterproofing Hemp Cord Using PYM II

Waterproofing Hemp CordVideo #281: I can now wear my bracelet again without smelling like a wet dog! ~Cindy Lietz

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Texture Texture Texture | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Textured Beads - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #266: “Brilliant! You can never have too many textures!” ~Genevieve-C

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Making Your Own Bead Cones | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Polymer Bead Cones - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #250: “Cindy, you and Doug make it so fun and easy for us. Thank you both for helping me spread my wings.” ~Jeanne-C

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