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Teardrop Skinner Blend Tips And Tricks

Teardrop Skinner Blend Tips & Tricks - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #777: Among other things, you will learn why the concept of “staying in your lane” is super important to understand. Read More→

Baking Curves Into Your Polymer Clay Pieces

Baking Curves - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #773: Those old burnt-out filament light bulbs you’ve been hoarding will come in very handy for this technique. Read More→

DIY Texture Stamps Made From Wine Corks & Buttons

DIY Texture Stamps - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #769: A low-cost alternative for making your own polymer clay texture stamps that won’t break the bank, or your budget. Read More→

Using Wet/Dry Sandpaper For Sanding Polymer Clay

Sanding By Hand - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #768: Done properly, this finishing technique will make your smooth-surface polymer clay pieces, feel like silk. Read More→

My Favorite Polymer Clay Tools & Supplies From 2016

Favorite 2016 Tools & Supplies - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #763: Be sure to watch to the end of this video for a sneak peak of some items I will be covering in the first quarter of 2017. Read More→

How To Make Your Own Sanding Pads For Polymer Clay

DIY Sanding Pads - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #762: Sanding pads have advantages over using just the sandpaper alone, but they are expensive. Here’s how to make them yourself for pennies. Read More→

Glad Press’n Seal Polymer Clay Safe Plastic Wrap

Glade Press'n Seal Plastic Wrap - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #759: You can use this product to create air-tight storage solutions for all kinds of tools and supplies in your craft studio. Read More→

Most Common Polymer Baking Questions… Answered

Most Common Polymer Clay Baking Questions - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #751: This video will give you a quick glimpse into what I do behind the scenes in our Studio Cam membership videos. Read More→

Organizing My Heidi Swapp Lightbox Accessories

Heidi Swapp Light Box Accessories Storage - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #748: No, this is not your typical polymer clay lesson topic… but Yes… it will affect your future enjoyment of our PcT videos :) Read More→

Polymer Clay Silkscreening Using PearlEx and Chalk

Silk Screening with PearlEx Powder and Chalk Pastels - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #747: The silkscreens used in today’s demo video were supplied by Tonja Lenderman. Her designs are wonderfully unique! Read More→

Revolving Storage Bins for Your Polymer Clay Studio

Revolving Craft Bins - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #737: How to use less than 1 sq foot of studio space, to store over 4 sq feet of inks, finishes, paints, glues, stamps, and more! Read More→

A Million and One Polymer Clay Earring Designs

Polymer Clay Earring Design Ideas - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #734: If there is any technique that catches your eye in today’s video, just post a comment and we’ll get you the link. Read More→

Starter Tool Kit For Polymer Clay Beginners

Starter Tools - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #731: If you are just starting out with polymer clay, here are the tools that will get you going without spending a lot of money. Read More→

Using Pinata Alcohol Inks For Tinting Premo Clay

Tinting Polymer Clay With Pinata Inks - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #728: In this video you will see why it takes much less ink to color translucent clay as compared to white polymer clay. Read More→

Closet Tote Hanger, Studio Organization Tips

Studio Closet Tote or Purse hanger - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #726: You don’t have to store all of your craft supplies on shelves or in drawers… hanging stuff on hooks can work well too! Read More→

A Sanding Trick For Gripping Small Polymer Clay Beads

Scotch Tape Handle For Sanding - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #725: Low tech solutions are often the best way to go… as you will see in today’s polymer clay sanding demo. Read More→

Screw Eye Findings For Polymer Clay Pendants

Adding Screw Eye Findings - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #724: Have you ever lost a jewelry charm because the eyelet came loose? Well… today’s video addresses that problem! Read More→

Managing Color Contrast With Skinner/Teardrop Blends

Color Contrast And Skinner Blends - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #722: Some easy color management tips that will help you to create better polymer cane designs, with more definition. Read More→

Color Swatch Binder For Baked Polymer Clay Chips

Color Swatch Book - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #721: Plus a sneak peak of the new, printable PcT color recipe sheets and color recipe cards… coming soon to a binder near you! Read More→

Using A Paper Planner To Track Your Studio Supplies

Art Supply Inventory System For Your Paper Planner - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #718: A system that will help you to become a super smart shopper when it comes to stocking up on your arts and craft supplies. Read More→

Tips For Removing Polymer Clay From Silicon Molds

Polymer Clay & Silicon Molds - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #717: It’s one thing to push your clay into a mold… but how to get it out without smushing the pattern? Cool tips in this video. Read More→

My Carpe Diem Polymer Clay Tutor Paper Planner

Paper Planner For Crafters - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #716: There are so many creative planner options available today. Please tell me about yours… in the comment section below. Read More→