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Full Video – Teardrop Blend Shift – No Password Required

“Wow Cindy! If all your videos are this welldone, then what a value your membership really is!” ~Jaime-H

Teardrop Blend Shift Video – Free Access Next Week (May 2nd)

“With a polymer clayidea this versatile… thiscool… and this easy… everypc artist and crafter reallyshould know how to doit.” ~Cindy Lietz

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Faux Opal Bake & Bond Technique [VIDEO]

Vid #148: “Your faux opals really capture the deepness and the shimmering layers.” ~Angelghost

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Making Your Own Custom Buttons [VIDEO]

Vid #147: “My friend at work keeps suggesting that I try making buttons and cufflinks.” ~Susan-B

Vol-021 Feb’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: Easy Kaleidoscope Canes; Inked Butterfly Earrings; Intricate Inlay Technique; Handmade Earwires:

Polymer Tute | Glowing Jellyroll Cane – Psychedelic 60’s

Vid #146: “A glow in the dark psychedelic, jelly roll cane? I’ve died and gone to heaven. Roll on March and Volume 22!”… 75

Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway: And the winner is… Lupe Meter

“All I can say is that I am glad to be included with this talented bunch of artists!” ~Lupe-M

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Lakeside Palette (Premo Sculpey)

1B: Mountain Lake 2B: Fireweed 3B: Lake Pine 4B: Shoreline

Polymer Clay Tutorial | How to Make Handmade Ear Wires [VIDEO]

Vid #145: “It’s really nice not to have to depend on what the stores sell.” ~Rose-M

The Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest is About to Wrap Up

“Your contest gave me the incentive to try different techniques that in the past I didn’t consider.” ~Susan-D

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Inlay Technique Jewelry Pendant [VIDEO]

Vid #144: “Cindy, your videos help me to go where this woman has never gone before.” ~Sandra-G

42 More Photo Entries for the Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest

“Isn’t it wonderful the feeling of achievement when something turns out like it should.” ~Carole-H

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Inked Surface Butterfly Earrings [VIDEO]

Vid #143: “Love butterflies, they make me happy! Would love to be able to do them in polymer clay.” ~Cheryl-H

Vol-020 Jan’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: Tribal Cane; Heart Shaped Beads; Lace and Ink Texture; Interchangeable Focal Bead Pendant:

Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest – 24 More Photo Entries

“How long into February will you accept pictures for Contest #1? Is it too late for me now?” ~Phaedrakat

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Easy Kaleidoscope Canes [VIDEO]

Vid #142: “Every time I watch a tut on something I have done before you always have a way to simplify the technique.”… 90

Learning the Fundamentals in Polymer Clay – What You Should Know

“Video got me really excited about polymer clay, in a way that the books never did.” ~Carol-C

Up Next in Vol-021 | Kaleidoscopes, Butterflies, Inlay, Earwires

1: Kaleidoscope Canes 2: Butterfly Earrings 3: Inlay Technique 4: Handmade Earwires

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Pink Peony Palette (Premo Sculpey)

1B: Peony 2B: Daisy 3B: Moss 4B: Mushroom

Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest – Step 2) Post Your Comments

“Wondering where the entry pictures are… I was thinking you were going to start showing them last week.” ~Freda-K

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Blue African Violet (Premo Sculpey)

1A: Blue African Violet 2A: Blazing Sun 3A: Tropical Waters 4A: Orchid Rose

Polymer Clay Tutorial: Interchangeable Focal Bead Pendant [VIDEO]

Vid #141: “What a unique way to wear and showcase a lot of different beads!” ~DJ

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