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Acrylic Stamps Laser Cut by Haskins Design Studio

Hasking Laser Cut Acrylic Stamps - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #775: Mandala designs with this much intricate detail, can only be made using precision laser cutting technology. Read More→

Demo And Review Of The Lucy Clay Mammoth Machine

Lucy Clay Mammoth Machine - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #771: It’s expensive… but it truly is a game changer polymer clay tool, if you want the best of the best for your studio. Read More→

Re-Usable Mold Making ImPRESSive Putty

Reusable Impressive Putty Mold Making Material - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #766: When you are done with your mold, simply melt it down in the microwave and make a new one. No more drawers full of molds that you may never even use again. Read More→

Polymer Clay Tutor Cernit Review – Raw vs. Baked

Polymer Clay Tutor Cernit ReviewVideo #764: Big thanks to Emeline from Sergent Guimauve, and Elodie from Créomax, for the Cernit clay used in today’s video review. Read More→

Make Jewelry Packaging Using The 123 Punch Board

123 Punch Board Jewelry Packaging - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #761: In this We-R Memory Keepers product review video, I show you how to make a custom box for your finished jewelry items. Read More→

DIY Polymer Clay Pen Making Kit from Penn State

Penn State Pen Making Starter Set - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #758: Everything you need to start making designer polymer clay pens… even if you have never worked with polymer clay before. Read More→

Polymer Clay Texture Stamps by My Mandarin Ducky

Mandarin Duck Products - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #757: A product demo and review video, showcasing several of Aniko Kolesnikova’s unique Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies. Read More→

Using SugarVeil Silicon Mats To Make Polymer Clay Lace

SugarVeil Silicon Mat Demo - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #756: These SugarVeil confectioners mats are sold in the baking aisle… but they also work great with polymer clay. Read More→

PolyFast Sander for Polymer Clay

PolyFast Sanding Tool - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #752: The makers of this unique sanding tool from Belgium, sent me a demo unit to test out. Here are my initial thoughts… Read More→

Polymer Clay Cane Tools Supplied by Tiny Pandora

Tiny Pandora Cane Tools - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #750: Teresa Salgado is the creator of these unique acrylic tools for making and manipulating your polymer clay canes. Read More→

Little Funky Tools Teeny Tiny Polymer Clay Cutters

Little Funky Tools Tiny Cutters - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #745: Plamena Ivanova from Bulgaria, sells these miniature cutters at her Etsy Shop, Little Funky Flames. They are wonderful! Read More→

Sculpey Souffle New 2016 Colors My Thoughts

New Sculpey Souffle 2016 Colors - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #742: There are four new beautiful Souffle colors from Polyform this year… Mocha, Guava, Cinnamon and Sage. Read More→

Playing With My Brand New 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #740: Definitely a learning curve… but perfect if you LOVE challenges… like me! Lots of fabulous design possibilities! Read More→

Silk Screen Stencils From Create Along Brand

Silk Screened Earrings - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #735: A quick demo and product review of some new silkscreens that work beautifully with polymer clay. Read More→

Review BeeSPutty Plastic Sculpting Clay

BeesPutty Plastic - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #729: A unique alternative to polymer clay, with much superior properties for fine-art sculpted projects and creations. Read More→

Applying Pearl Ex Pigments Onto Polymer Clay

PearlEx Powdered Pigments - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #720: These beautiful powders will take on different looks depending on the background color they are brushed onto. Read More→

Storing Craft Supplies in an Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

Melody Susie Acrylic Organizer - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #719: Although these small drawer units are mostly used for keeping your makeup all tidy, they also work great in a craft studio. Read More→

Ken Oliver Crafts “Best Ever Craft Mat” Review

Ken Olover Crafts Video #715: Looking at this product from a Polymer Clay perspective… some great features… but there is one issue you need to be aware of. Read More→

The FIMO Professional True Color Mixing System

Fimo Professional True Color System - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #712: In general, I really do like what Staedtler has done with this product… and I also have some suggestions for improvements :-) Read More→

Silicone Molds From The Bargain Rollback Company

Fun With Silicon Molds - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #711: Although these molds are not made specifically for polymer clay, I was still able to find some creative uses for them. Read More→

Gold & Silver Tinted Liquid Sculpey Polymer Clay

Tinted Liquid Polymer ClayVideo #709: A new product from Polyform that adds some unique metallic properties to the Liquid Translucent Sculpey (TLS) family. Read More→

Impression Stamps For Polymer Clay – Stampies

Stampies - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #707: A new 3D Printer product for stamping polymer clay… from the Pagden Brothers who are based out of the UK. Read More→