Re-Usable Mold Making ImPRESSive Putty

Reusable Impressive Putty Mold Making Material - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #766: When you are done with your mold, simply melt it down in the microwave and make a new one. No more drawers full of molds that you may never even use again.

In this video you will learn all about a cool new product for making your own silicone type molds that can be re-heated and used over and over again.

This means you won’t need to keep storing mold designs that you have hardly ever used, become bored with or messed up when you tried to make your own.

When you need a new mold shape, you heat up the ImPRESSive Putty in the microwave, push your object into the putty and voila… a new mold to use with your polymer clay! Then when you’re done with that design, and you want to make a completely different mold, just heat up the ImPRESSive Putty again and start over. It’s as easy as that!

Just watch the video and you’ll see.

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  1. Hi Cindy – Great to see you demonstrating this. If people don’t have a microwave there is a similar putty called ‘OYUMARU’, which is softened with boiling water. After that it’s use is exactly the same. It can be reheated and used over and over.

  2. Hi Cindy and Marion,
    Marion thanks for this I don’t have a microwave and I’ve wasted such a lot of non reusable mold maker and needed some more, so I’ve ordered some of the ‘OYUMARU’ which the site says contains silicon and there is also a video at Fred Aldous a large craft shop in centre of Manchester using the product. Thanks again.

  3. Great to have a reusable mold, thank you! Thanks to Marion and Marie also, since I don’t have a dedicated microwave, either.
    I love your earrings, are they from a mold?

  4. Please produce a mica mush tutorial. I’ve been looking for one for years to no avail. Seems like a really cool technique. Thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing Cindy. Some of us who live in small towns or backwaters don’t get to hear about these products when they come out.

    Good demo as always..

  6. Hi Cindy, I really got excited over this product when you introduced it in your Studio Cam. I purchased the large container of it and it is sitting now in my studio waiting to be used so I am so glad you did this video on it. I also purchased the Oyumaru some time ago and it is waiting to be used. I do have a request on a product that I saw in a CF video where she took strips of clear plastic and molded them around things. Not sure what it’s called but would sure like to see you do a product review on it. There is also a product called Polly Plastic which comes in a cream colored sheet that is suppose to do the same thing. Have you heard of it? It is available on Amazon in both sheet and pellet form.

    • Thanks Dixie Ann! I also saw that demo Christi Freisen did but I don’t remember what it was called either. I am sure it would be on her site. Hers needed to be heated with a heat gun, if I remember correctly. It definitely has some cool applications. I haven’t heard of Poly Plastic. Though it does sound like the pellet form of Friendly Plastic. There are a few low melt plastics out there that would be suitable for making molds. The cool thing about the ImPRESSive Putty is the oily surface makes for easy clay release. You should get yours out of the package and start playing with it. I would love to hear about what you make with it!

  7. Gee. I have a prime membership and get a lot through Amazon so ordered this from them only to find out they make it just two towns over from where I live! That sure made me laugh! It is always nice to find great stuff made in the USA.
    Now let’s see what I can make with this, eh?!!

  8. YOU ARE AWESOME! I can’t stop watching these videos! By far the most informative tutorials I have discovered. Thank you for being thorough

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