Acrylic Stamps Laser Cut by Haskins Design Studio

Hasking Laser Cut Acrylic Stamps - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #775: Mandala designs with this much intricate detail, can only be made using precision laser cutting technology.

First of all, I would like to apologize for the crackles in the audio track of today’s video. If you look carefully, you will see that the mic was dangling at the bottom of my jacket, instead of clipped up on my collar where it should have been. The mic bouncing across my clothing is what caused all the static. Since I speak so loudly, the volume levels all appeared to be fine while we were recording, and it was not until editing that we noticed the problem. The only fix would have been to completely re-shoot, but unfortunately we did not have enough time to do that. It probably sounds worse to me than it will for you, but I just wanted to mention it up front.

These cool Mandala stamps, designed by Tina Haskins of Haskins Design Studio, are laser cut from acrylic and unlike any of other clay stamps I have used in the past.

They can be used with polymer clay, paper clay, metal clay, ceramics, fondant, wax and soap making. As well, I discovered they can be used for pencil rubbings too.

These stamps are crisp and crazy detailed! Designs this fine can not be reproduced in rubber stamps, and can only be made using precision laser technology.

Because they are stiff and made of acrylic, they are used a little differently than other stamps. They can not go in the oven, which means you can’t bake your clay while it is still in the stamp/mold. Also, you must use a release such as cornstarch or mica powders, otherwise the clay will stick in the crevices.

The protective paper film that comes on the discs when they are shipped, is easily removed with warm soapy water and a stiff brush. Never use rubbing alcohol or cleaning wipes on the acrylic, because that will damage them over time.

Tina has created over 150 Mandala designs, each one 1.5 inches in diameter. You can currently buy them in sets of 5 or 10 stamps at Haskins Designs Studio on Etsy. See below video for the link.

These stamps are perfect for all kinds of polymer clay techniques including mica shift, mokume gane, faux enamel and so much more! Check out the video and you will see just how unique these pretty little stamps really are!

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  1. Billy C, 24 April, 2017

    Cindy I have just started making things out of polymer clay. My sister brought this to my attention. And I am amazed at the things you can make with polymer clay. This Laser Acrylic Stamp is really neat I will be showing this to my wife as well. I believe we will be making things with this stamps.

  2. Cindy Lietz, 24 April, 2017

    Hi Billy, nice to meet you! If you end up using these stamps, I would love you to let me know what you think. Do you have any cool ideas brewing on how you woul like to use them?

  3. Jocelyn C, 24 April, 2017

    How neat! It almost looks like jewelry itself the way it glittered in the light while you held it up. You picked the perfect blend color to illustrate the delicacy, both popped.

  4. Cindy Lietz, 24 April, 2017

    Yeah I agree with you Jocelyn! The disks themselves are real pretty!

  5. Catalina, 25 April, 2017

    These are really cool! I’m starting to get the into PMC clay and I bet these will work great! Does she make any patterns in a liner form? And have you tried them with ink? I bet they will last a long time, too! Great find, Cindy!

  6. Cindy Lietz, 27 April, 2017

    Yes these would be perfect for PMC, after firing they would come out smaller of course but the detail would look wonderful! Tina seems to have stuck with the round Mandala designs in the one size only, but there are tons of patterns and I heard she does all the patterns in reverse as well, so there are many to choose from!

  7. Dixie Ann, 27 April, 2017

    Cindy I have been subscribed to you on YouTube for ages but I never get pre-notification of new videos you put out. I always have to check out the blog or accidentally run across them in FB. What am I doing wrong? I was really liking the long hair, did you get it cut? Anyway love the new lazer cut stamps. Am ordering 20 of them I picked out on her FB page. She doesn’t show all 150, only about 65 of them but I really liked what I saw and these will make beautiful buttons for Quilters and Sewers. Sure glad it’s Tax Refund time! LOL

  8. Cindy Lietz, 29 April, 2017

    Hi Dixie Ann, yeah they have been doing some tweaking at YouTube and made some changes that I don’t like. Now when you subscribe to a channel, you have to click the bell symbol, right beside the subscribe button, if you want to be notified when a new video comes out. Just go click it and you’ll start getting notifications again.

    Yeah I cut my hair. It was becoming a burden, so I cut it off. That is the fun thing about hair… you can cut it and it just grows back! :)

  9. Dixie Ann, 02 May, 2017

    I think long hair looks really good on you. It makes you look younger!! I haven’t made up my mind about the glasses. Yet. They remind me of the ones my grandpa wore. LOL.

  10. MARIE lILLEY, 13 August, 2017

    These are so cool, but she wasn’t shipping to UK. last evening decided to message her on Etsy, saying I was prepared to pay shipping, she was going to do a custom order but since then she has decided to add shipping to UK on her site. So I’m thrilled I’ll be getting a set of 5 to begin with. I’m sure she won’t be sorry at adding shipping to UK. So everyone in UK if want them the shipping cost is $15.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 22 August, 2017

    Hey Marie, that is pretty COOL! I think that is awesome that you were able to not only help yourself, but to help other UKers too by contacting the seller like that. This is the kind of thing that I wish more people did. Instead of complaining that someone doesn’t ship to their area… you asked her if she could change that, and she did. Good Job!

  12. Jill Siegel, 06 June, 2019

    Hi Cindy!

    It has been a long time! A few years, anyway. I have been trying to make polymer clay the last few months. I traced a mandala and painted it, put it in the oven at 270F. for about 1/2 hour, think. (My memory stinks these days.) Anyway, part of it is gooey inside where it is thicker and the thin areas broke as soon as I lifted it from the glass I had baked it on.

    Please, please, PLEASE! How do you make the polymer clay paint? I need it to give to my doctor when I see her next. The instructions I have is using polymer clay, diluent or olive oil, colors if want, and liquid polymer clay. Now, with type of paint, how much liquid polymer clay?

    Thank you, Cindy!
    Happy Claying!

    Jill Siegel

  13. Cindy Lietz, 21 June, 2019

    Hi Jill, sorry for the slow reply… if you only knew how full my inbox is right now! In regards to the gooey clay… that sounds weird. Are you positive you were using oven cure clay, or was it something else like air dry clay or modeling clay (aka plasticine)?

    As for your other question about making polymer paint, it sounds like you have the right info. You just thin down your regular clay with either diluent or liquid clay (I wouldn’t use olive oil, I’d be concerned about there being too much organic material in it.) until you have the consistency you want. The exact amount would be too hard to know, since you just add tiny drops until you like what you have.

    Hope that helps!

  14. Amy Hamman, 13 June, 2020

    Hi Cindy,

    I have question for you. I am wanting to make my clay a little dryer and more crumbly – for some faux stone techniques. Is there a method or technique to turn soft, pliable clay into dry, crumbly clay?

    Thanks! Amy

  15. Cindy Lietz, 19 June, 2020

    Hi Amy, yes the technique is called leaching. You can put the clay between a few sheets of paper and leach the oils out of it to make it drier. You could also add some dry material like chalks, spices and mica powders to make it more crumbly. Another idea would be to grate up some baked clay or “partially cure” some sheets of clay by baking for a very short period of time and the crumbling the brittle clay. As you can see the answer is YES you can make soft clay drier… in multiple different ways!

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