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Buying Polymer Clay Tips And Tricks

Video #383: Learn how to avoid getting stuck with old unworkable packages of polymer clay.

Resource List of Where to Buy Polymer Clay

Video #382: Be sure to also check the comments section at end of the article, for additional links.

How NOT To Store Liquid Polymer Clay or TLS

Video #336: This is a story about how I shoulda listened to my own advice… when choosing clay compatible storage containers.

My Kato Polyclay First Impressions… Finally!

Video #333: To me, the overwhelming difference between Kato and Premo, is… (you will need to watch the video to find out ;-).

Vol-034 Mar’2011 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Rose Petal Beads; 2: Fill Bezels with Clay; 3: Wax Polishing Your Beads; 4: Grape Hyacinth Cane:

Tips For Filling Metal Bezels | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Vid #195: “Metal addsa little something extrato polymer clay. I think thesebezels are great and can seemaking little PC charms with them as… 41

Vol-031 Dec’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Silicone Molds; 2: Faux Druzy; 3: Leaf Vein Bails; 4: Gingham Cane:

Silicone Molding Techniques | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Vid #182: “I have no clue how to use molds effectively. More tutorials on molding techniques and materials would be great.” ~Jill-V

Vol-029 Oct’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Texture Plates; 2: Distressed Paint Finish; 3: Embossed Metal Stamps; 4: Pumpkin Canes:

Embossed Metal Stamps Video – Now Playing – Polymer Clay Library

“Cindy, you are a mind reader! I’ve been trying to figure this out for some time and your ideasounds so obvious.”~Hanne-R

Texture Plates Video – Now Playing – Polymer Clay Library

“I have a feeling Iam going to turn into a mold making / texture sheet making crazed woman. *LOL!*” ~Lisa-W

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Sculpey MoldMaker Texture Plates [Video]

Vid #174: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make your own impressions for texturing beads… no design limits or hunting for specialplates?” ~Ellebella-S

Vol-024 May 2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Ivy Leaf Charms; 2: Leopard Cane; 3: UV Epoxy Resin; 4: Zebra Cane:

UV Cure Jewelry Resin – UltraDome Product Test Results [Vote]

“Resin is pretty versatile. You can use it for so many things beyond clay too. Can’t wait to find out the outcome of… 155

Calla Lily Beads in a Rainbow of Inspirational Colors [Q&A]

“Wish my Mom was still here, she loved lilies… think I will attempt a bouquet of these flowers.” ~Jocelyn-C

Important Safety Information About Heavy Metals and Polymer Clay

“Jewelry containing cadmium is being pulled off store shelves in the US.” ~Roxanne-M

UltraDome Brand, UV Curing Epoxy Resin for Polymer Clay Jewelry

“I would like to learn more about using different mediums with polymer clay… such as resins.” ~Cindy-E

2010 Update for Sculpey Polymer Clay Tools, Products and Packaging

I see exciting things to come this year for the whole polymer clay industry.” ~Cindy-L

Super Deal On Copper Wire for Making Polymer Clay Jewelry Findings

“Home Depot! Who knew?? I’m really starting to get into the look of metals with polymer clay.” ~Jackie-B

Mica Shift Polymer Clay Beads and SoftFlex Trios Beading Wire

“Definitely would love more tutorials and ideas on wire jewelry designs.” ~Cheryl-H

Jewelry Wire Gauge Selection for Your Polymer Clay Bead Projects

“I have been wanting to start working with wire. My problem is I never know what size to use where.” ~Peggy-B

SoftFlex Trios Beading Wire for Stringing Your Polymer Clay Beads

“It’s worth it to pay a little more or drive a little further for better quality beading wire.” ~Cindy-L

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