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Polymer Clay Sculpted Dogwood Flower Pendant

Gallery (10 pics): “These are just stunning. I can’t believe how real they look.” ~Elizabeth-S

Tidal Pools Polymer Clay Earrings | Rolled Mokume Gane

Gallery (9 pics): “Asymmetrical jewelry designs… Like the glittering tidal pools along a rocky ocean shoreline.” ~Cindy Lietz

Mosaico Earrings Polymer Clay Blend & Switch Technique [Gallery]

“Evoking the beauty of a glorious stained glass cathedral window, or the charm of an ancient piece of Italian mosaic art.” ~Cindy Lietz

Polymer Dogwood Flower on a Vintage Silverware Pendant [Gallery]

“As though it was plucked from an ancient Dogwood tree, this rustic sculpted flower pendant is…” ~Cindy Lietz

Holly Jolly Christmas Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry [Gallery]

“The finish on these festive beads is buttery smooth through careful sanding and buffing.” ~Cindy Lietz

Delphinium Flower Petal Earrings | Polymer Clay Jewelry [Gallery]

“Is there anything morelovelythanhand made beads made with real flower petals?” ~Cindy Lietz

Morning Dew Polymer Clay Pendant with Swarovski Dangles [Gallery]

“Like a fresh picked wildflower still covered in dew.” ~Cindy Lietz

Woodland Flora Pendant – Wire Wrapped Polymer Clay [Gallery]

“Inspired by long walks in the forest and peaceful colors found along the way.” ~Cindy-L

Faux Opal Metal Bezel… Mounted on Guitar String [Gallery]

“Opals are my favourite of the delicate precious stones and I can’t believe how realistic your clay opals look!” ~Katrina-S

Polymer Clay Artisan Jewelry – Evening Stroll Earrings [Gallery]

“Cindy, you’ve given me some new ideas for a project using this surface inking technique.” ~Jayne-W

Faux Agate, Coin Bead Bracelet – Polymer Clay Jewelry [Gallery]

“Agates are beautiful. I would love to learn how to make that faux stone using polymer clay.” ~Cheryl-H

New Orbits – Faux Raku Polymer Clay Focal Bead Necklace [Gallery]

“Cindy, you always send us all scurrying back to our clay areas with new ideas to try. There’s just no end to possibilities… 16

Dangle Bangles – Copper Metal and Polymer Clay Bracelets [Gallery]

“I’m obsessed with trying new things in general… another reason I love PC so much. There are so many things still to learn.”… 16

Resin Coated Polymer Clay – Butterfly Wing Pendant [Gallery]

“Butterflies make me happy! They’re so delicate and colorful. I would love to be able to do them in polymer clay.” ~Cheryl-H

Cirque de Cindy, Polymer Clay Circus Jewelry Necklace [Gallery]

“It was surprising to see how many different beads resulted from the same set of polymer clay canes.” ~Cindy-L

Mushroom Jewelry… Plus a New Way for Members to Vote [Gallery]

“It’s great to be included in the process… being able to give and hear input about upcoming lessons.” ~DJ

Faux Rhondite Tutorial, Pretty in Pink Jewelry Stones [Spotlight]

“In a Quandry… I decided polymer clay might come to my rescue again.” ~Laurel-B

Vol-018 Nov’2009 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: Holly Leaf and Berry Canes; Book Beads; Mica Shift Technique; Wire Wraps, Links and Loops:

Christmas Ornament Bead Swap at the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild

“How about showing us some Christmas ornaments you have made.” ~Freda-K

Copper Wire Hoop Earrings – Hey, where are the Polymer Clay Beads?

“I’m not really into symmetry (except for earrings… those are fine symmetrical). The important thing is visual balance.” ~Sue-F

Asymmetrical Jewelry Made with Polymer Clay Beads and Copper Wire

“I also have so many beads that I don’t know what to do with. Your hooks and chains would really settle that problem.”… 14

Men’s Jewelry Bracelet – Polymer Clay & Bali Beads with Wire Clasp

“How nice to see something suitable for the guys.” ~Marilyn-P

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