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Thinking Outside of the Box, Jewelry Display Ideas

Video #279: Inspiring you to think more creatively than the same old, same old. ~Cindy Lietz

Marketing Tips for Polymer Clay Jewelry Designers

“Cindy, you’ve called some beads money beads. I found my money bead this weekend. I sold at a festival and made $160 in…”… 15

For the Love of Jade… Oh and Some Leaf Charms Too [Spotlight]

“Just sold 3 pairs of those Faux Jade rose leaf earrings shortly after posting them on Facebook. I am so excited right now!”… 44

Wholesale Pricing Tips for Your Polymer Clay Beads [Spotlight]

“I’m just so excited and scared and excited and confused… did I say excited?” ~Melinda-H

Beaded Lanyards Around the World – From India to Your Local YMCA

“In Nepal… the kids, nuns and monks all loved them.” ~Betsy-B

Hidden Treasures to be Discovered in Your Scrap Polymer Clay

“Capturing art in your leftover polymer clay. You just don’t know when that next bead will turn up.” ~Peggy-B

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Making Your Own Custom Buttons [VIDEO]

Vid #147: “My friend at work keeps suggesting that I try making buttons and cufflinks.” ~Susan-B

Cheer On Your Sport Teams with Custom Polymer Clay Colors [Q&A]

“Your beads have the Michigan colors! You could sell these to Michigan fans easy!” ~Catalina

Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest – Step 2) Post Your Comments

“Wondering where the entry pictures are… I was thinking you were going to start showing them last week.” ~Freda-K

Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Update – Happy Dance Side Effects

“Posted my pics of watercolour beads on Facebook… now people are asking where they can buy my jewellery. Yay!” ~Silverleaf

Last Minute Gift Idea for 18 Kids – Polymer Clay Backpack Charms

“My polymer clay charms are turning out really cute and I love giving them as gifts.” ~Radeane-F

Start Selling Your Polymer Clay Jewelry, Her Friends Say

Spotlight: “I am only a beginner and am very anxious to hear what the members of this community will say about my work.”… 25

Handmade Business Cards Featuring Your Own Polymer Clay Beads

“A Unique presentation lets your customer know that you care about your art.” ~Gayle-T

Polymer Clay Jewelry Trends for Fall 2009 Based on Etsy Research

“After viewing several trendy pieces of polymer clay jewelry on Etsy.com, I fell in love!” ~Ariti

Keepsake Jewelry and Prayer Chaplet Made with Rose Petal Beads

Spotlight: “When I make a piece for someone who has lost a loved one, it is especially rewarding.” ~Mollie-H

Crackled Gold Leaf, Alcohol Ink and Liquid Polymer Clay Techniques

Spotlight: “The owners of my local bead shop took one look and offered to sell them for me!” ~Silverleaf

Use a Rock Tumbler for More Professional Looking Polymer Clay Beads

Spotlight: “Using the vibratory tumbler has improved my work 10 fold.” ~Rob-K

Polymer Clay Beads | Home Jewelry Business | Kimisen’s Etsy Shop

Spotlight: “Finally listed my creations at Etsy and have sold my first piece!” ~Kim-M

Polymer Clay Jewelry Made with Several Styles of Flower Petal Beads

Spotlight: “I must admit that it’s kind of scary to send photos… my work is still new and evolving!” ~Marsha-N

Apple and Pear Polymer Clay Beads with Leaf Shaped Copper Bails

Creative Ideas For Dangling Your Beads: A fun idea for adding custom jewelry findings to your apple beads or Anjou pear fruit beads,… 16

Making Jupiter Beads, Faux Raku plus Mod Canes for Fun and Profit

Spotlight: “Your selling tips paid off… Now my jewelry will be traveling across the country.” ~Carrie-W

Cupcake Charm Polymer Clay Jewelry from Monster Kookies Artiste

Ex-Chef Bakes Fimo In Ways You May Never Have Imagined: Today you get to meet the Mad Scientist of Polymer Clay. Her name… 7

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