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Gig Harbor Washington, Polymer Clay Art Inspiration

Video #582: Roadtrip #3-06 (WA): When you travel, be sure to keep an open mind to see the art in nature that surrounds… 5

Shopping at Shipwreck Beads – Polymer Clay Projects

Video #581: Roadtrip #3-05 (WA): Over 30 aisles of just about anything you could ever want on your bead projects wish list.

Shipwreck Beads Insider Tour (Lacey, Washington)

Video #580: Roadtrip #3-04 (WA): If you thought that the front of this store was big, just wait until you see behind the… 8

Polymer Clay Fly Face Earrings by Mark & Becky Mizell

Video #571: Roadtrip #3-03 (OR): Be sure to watch to the very end to hear Mark play a really quick diddee on his… 15

Columbia River Oregon – Glittery Sparkly Black Sand

Video #570: Roadtrip #3-02 (OR): Bring something home from your travels to work into a polymer clay project… creating memories.

Rustic Textures Inspire Polymer Clay Creativity

Video #569: Roadtrip #3-01 (OR): A visit to the David Russell Battery at Fort Steven’s State Park. Polymer clay Inspiration is everywhere!

Claudia Rubinstein’s Polymer Clay Embellished Teapots

Video #523: An Australian artist who’s doing wonderful things with polymer clay and vintage silver teapots (among other things).

How To Get Shiny Polymer Clay Using Renaissance Wax

Video #456: Roadtrip #2-05 (WA): “Just Like Butter” (to the touch)… is the reaction you want to hear.

How to Buff Polymer Clay Using a JoolTool

Video #455: Roadtrip #2-04 (WA): “Bad JoolTool” is what Karonkay used to say… but not any more.

Inaugural Ball Polymer Flower Bouquet – Karon Cowger

Video #454: Roadtrip #2-03 (WA): Karonkay finally gets to share her amazing “Presidential” story.

Two Cindy’s Making Natasha Beads in the Dark

Video #453: Roadtrip #2-02 (OR): The sun went down… but we kept going… Polymer Clay Camping.

Polymer Jewelry Artist Cindy Peterson Follow Up Visit

Video #451: Roadtrip #2-01 (OR): Finishing skills have noticeably improved over the past year.

Securing Craft Storage Bins – Roadtrip Wrapup Video

Video #308: Roadtrip #1-13: Bet you’re wondering how this frog ties into the story… Ribbet!

The Incredible Astoria Column – Polymer Clay Tutor

Video #307: Roadtrip #1-12: With special appearance from an incredibly crazy paraglider who jumped from the top of the tower!

Selling Polymer Clay Jewelry at the Public Market

Video #306: Roadtrip #1-11: “Barrettes is what got me started… 7 years ago!” ~Becky Sue Mizell

Blind Polymer Artist Sees Through Her Disability

Video #305: Roadtrip #1-10: “Just because you have low vision or can’t see, you can still do polymer.” ~Cindy Peterson

Meet PcT Member Michelle Adams, YouTube Video

Video #275: Roadtrip #1-00: Her musical voice and bubbly personality will make you smile!

Mixed Media Artist Alisa Burke, Seaside Oregon

Video #303: Roadtrip #1-08: “She loves her family deeply, is crazy about nature, and sees inspiration everywhere.” ~Cindy Lietz

Who Knew That Dogs Liked Polymer Clay So much?

Video #302: Roadtrip #1-07: “One of the (Dragons) I made, my dog decided to eat!” ~Dana Murphy

Making Lentil Beads That Don’t Go All Wonky

Video #301: Roadtrip #1-06: Giggling with Stephanie Johnston in the The Dalles, Oregon.

Rings & Things Behind The Scenes Video Tour

Video #292: Roadtrip #1-05: Secret Identity of the mystery “Russ Bead” … Revealed!

Polymer Clay Chat with Carlee Nave and Family

Video #300: Roadtrip #1-04: Plus a sneak peak “guess who” photo at the bottom of this post.

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