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Cindy Peterson OregonVideo #451: Roadtrip #2-01 (OR):
Finishing skills have noticeably improved over the past year.

Topics Covered In This Video:

  • During the summer of 2012, we took our 31 foot travel trailer out on its first inaugural PcT Roadtrip. One of the community members that we had the opportunity to meet up with on that excursion, was Cindy Peterson who lives in Oregon. Here is some video footage of the visit: Blind Polymer Artist Sees Through Her Disability
  • This last summer of 2013, we set out on PcT Roadtrip #2, where we got the chance to meet up with Cindy Peterson again… plus her husband Dwayne, and their two sweet little dogs, Misha and Minuet.
  • Well in today’s video, Cindy shares where she is at in her polymer clay journey, and how her skills have improved… one year later…
  • The location for this visit was our campsite in Dayton Oregon, a wine making district of this beautiful western state.
  • Cindy Peterson brought along several pieces of her polymer clay jewelry to show and discuss. Here is a transcript of some of our conversation…
  • Cindy-L: What would you say Cindy, was your biggest improvement in your work since the last time we were together?
  • Cindy-P: Finishing. My beads are smoother and I don’t have wonky edges.
  • Cindy-L: Now here is a piece that you made last year, and I can see a big improvement with your new pieces compared to this older one. Here is a necklace that you made last year with some discs on it. The design and the colors are great, but on the edges you can see that they are a little rough. And the finishing on the disks is OK but they could be improved. It was one of the things I suggested last year was maybe we could get a little better at the finishing part?
  • Cindy-L: Now that I am looking at her new pieces, since last year, she still has the same kind of design sense. She has a good eye for color, layout and pattern. But this time around, it feels WAY better. So she has been working on her sanding and finishing. I can see very little cracks or divots and I don’t see any fingerprints which is awesome.
  • Cindy P: Yay!
  • Cindy L: I mean there is nothing wrong with having a little organic-ness to your pieces, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but if it feels good, it makes all the difference in the quality of your piece.
  • Cindy L: I show some examples of Cindy P’s new work including some Dogwood Flowers she made and I compare them with some of her older flowers and the edges are greatly improved.
  • Cindy L: You’ve done a lot since last year… You started a business?
  • Cindy P: Because of Misha, we named our business Howling Dog Jewelry. We set up at the Tuesday Marketplace and have done really well. It took 4 weeks to figure out our layout and it took us a long time to set up. But now it only takes us a half an hour. We’re more organized now and things are going much better. We have repeat customers that love our work and tell me how beautiful my jewelry is. And that it is not a cookie cutter look. It’s definitely one of a kind look. I’ve got people who are worried about where they are going to buy my work.
  • Cindy L: Oh Yeah, you also said you did something cool… did you have a lady… a plus sized model who was wearing your jewelry in a fashion show?
  • Cindy P: That was Tara from Curvy Chicks and she was Miss Oregon Plus of America. And she has two or three of my necklaces and earring and absolutely loves them. I have sold over $1200 worth of jewelry in just one night a week over the summer. Next week is the last of the Tuesday Markets and I am signed up for a couple more Holiday Bazaars.
  • Cindy L: That’s great! If I see you again next year (if we can get back to this area) what would you like to see by next year? Where would you like to improve?
  • Cindy P: Well, I want my beads to feel like butter like yours do.
  • Cindy L: I am a very tactile person and I love my beads to feel like butter too. Lot’s of people will touch your jewelry.
  • Cindy P: I suggest to anybody… If you have a passion for polymer clay, just experiment and try it. Cindy’s videos are awesome!

Question of the Day:

Where would you like to be with your Polymer Clay work and skills development, one year from now? Please sure your goals in the comment section below.

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  1. Cindy Peterson, 14 November, 2013

    Doug and Cindy you did a fantastic job making me look wonderful on video. What a great experience to be able to meet with Cindy and get one on one tips. We had a wonderful dinner and conversation.

    I am now working on improving my finishing on my cuffs inside and out, thanks to you latest cuff tutorial. Thanks a bunch OOXOXOXOxxxx

  2. Ken Hamilton, 14 November, 2013

    That’s fantastic the progress that can be made in only years time, I would like to have a dedicated space to work in by next year, instead of being a gypsy in my own home, traveling from room to room where space allows. Everything else will take a step up just by having a space set up for my jewelry making.

  3. Catalina, 14 November, 2013

    Love your description of being a “gypsy” in your own home! I know the feeling. I feel that way in my studio!! Lol!! Now that I have retired from my position with Michaels and now only teach Jewelry at Michaels, so I have oodles of free time! But, I have to carefully plan my days so I do everything I want. One thing I want to improve on is finishing. I really dislike sanding. But, if I have a “sanding” station I might do better. I bought the Renaissance Wax and like that very much. But, sanding is still required. Buffing with a dremel is something I want to do more. But, I realized that making sure your piece is finger print-free and all blemishes are minimal finishing is faster.

  4. Cindy Lietz, 15 November, 2013

    I love your comment too Ken! It was a lot of years before I had a place big enough to have my own dedicated craft space, so I ‘get’ the gypsy statement! I remember when the kids were little and I called it my craft room. But my son Fisher had decided that craft room wasn’t appropriate, since artists have studios. So at the age of about 4 or 5 he informed me, “It’s a toodio mom! You need to call it a toodio!” (He was so cute back then. Couldn’t say S’s at all!) :)

  5. Tante Sherry, 14 November, 2013

    so nice to see you again Cindy P

  6. Cindy Peterson, 15 November, 2013

    It was a fun adventure and I love Cindy and her family. Nov 16th I am going to my first Holiday show as a solo artist. I have improved so much and can hardly wait to see what people think. My twin sister Kathy who is also blind will be helping me and my daughter Amanda and her friend Tristan. Those two teens are helping as they have the good sight. LOL . I misplace things but eventually my eyes catch up and I find them. I am glad Cindy said she didn’t notice any blemishes as I wouldn’t know if there were any , so I can I have improved over the year. I have 5 more holiday shows, wish me luck. Cindy

  7. Tante Sherry, 10 December, 2013

    Oh Cindy P, I do wish you luck and lots of it:)

    I really loved our (very) small, once a week craft/food market
    and I firmly believe that disabled people should get out more – well it did me loads of good – you know mentally… ;)

  8. Cindy Peterson, 10 December, 2013

    Thank you and necklace that Cindy L pointed out with no blemished beads, sold today at Intel for $35.00

    With love from Cindy

  9. Cindy Peterson, 05 December, 2013

    Thanks Duane and I had a great time with Cindy and her family. I now have Duane checking to see if my finishes are improving to Cindy’s level.

  10. Dixie Ann, 14 November, 2013

    What a wonderful visit you two Cindys must of had. Cindy L.’s jewelry is really different and beautiful. She should be very proud of all the work and improvements she has made in just a years time. It’s really nice to see other clayers and how they have progressed with their artistic endeavors. Thanks so much for sharing both of you.

  11. Lela Lee Ann Armstrong, 14 November, 2013

    I love Cindy Peterson. Her friendliness is contagious and her art inspires me.

  12. Carla K, 14 November, 2013

    I’m so glad I found you! Love your videos., and your work! You will be famous!

  13. Jocelyn C, 15 November, 2013

    Cindy P, it’s so good to see you again and catch up. Glad to hear you have made remarkable progress in a year. Continued best wishes.

  14. Cindy Peterson, 15 November, 2013

    I am glad Cindy L noticed that it has improved. My husband has noticed and wants all my older stuff to stay home. So this year before the shows I have critique my work based on how Cindy L does it and have weeded out a lot. But, Amanda my teen has lots of friends that love the work so they will become presents for her friends. Works out great. Thanks Cindy

    And didn’t Mesha look dapper in his green foliage necktie which Cindy L is now the proud owner of.? The necktie LOL

  15. Jocelyn C, 15 November, 2013

    LOL! Love the necktie and the name of the studio! That pup is adorable. Glad also to see you starting your own business with a supportive husband. Nothing better. For me, the “butter beads” will come with the JoolTool and attachments.

  16. Cindy Peterson, 05 December, 2013

    I can not wait to get the Jool Tool. Doug says it would be a great Christmas present. Now I need to get Doug to contact Duane and let him know where to get it.

    Doug please send Duane a reminder message of this Jool Tool making a great gift. LOL

  17. Cindy Peterson, 05 December, 2013

    Thank you, I am now working on a challenge piece for a Winter Fantasy for another jewelry making group. So I am thinking white and pearl polymer dusted with pearl mica and then adding some crystals and silver leaves. and maybe some real pearls just to add some confusion as to what is real. And put it on a brass bib bass for a necklace.

  18. Tante Sherry, 10 December, 2013

    LOL ” just to add some confusion” that’s a great tip!!
    maybe after it’s done we could see a picture – that would be cool:)

  19. Elaine Faulks, 17 November, 2013

    Hi guys,
    Here in West Palm Beach making an early thanksgiving dinner. My nephew is an excellent chef. Today they took me to Michael,s (dream come true). They left me to shop for two hours while they went clothes shopping.
    Lovely to see Cindy P again and see the improvement in her work, really beautiful.

    Tomorrow I will be in Miami to meet up with more members of my family. Glad I knew about the offers on Premo as my shopping trolley was pretty full with most of the colours. Cannot wait to try out all my new “tools”, and the discount I got was fantastic….cheers xx

  20. Tante Sherry, 21 November, 2013

    Yay, glad your having lots of fun:)

  21. Phaedrakat, 19 November, 2013

    Nice to see Cindy P. again…congratulations on your accomplishments and improvement! I also love the Howling Dog name (very cool!) I wish you the best, and continued success with your business. (And may the butteriest-feeling beads be yours…) ;)

  22. Marianne O., 21 November, 2013

    So glad to see that you are keeping track of Cindy P. I really enjoyed the video update on her. Keep up the good work Cindy P. I admire you and your work, both!
    As for the where would I like to see my work in a year, I guess it would be to complete something and actually BAKE it!!!! I have yet to FINISH a piece, curing included. I have been very ill recently, one illness after another, still on antibiotics, etc. I am very discouraged, feeling like I’ll never be well anytime soon. I am mainly a hobby bead jewelry/ceramic artist, and I have yet to get my items to their selling places to this day. I am so far behind this year, and I wanted to get it right. Perhaps some words of encouragement from you might help me get past the ‘blahs’? Ever so grateful for all your videos and wisdom…as always, Many Thanks :)

  23. Cindy Lietz, 22 November, 2013

    Hi Marianne, are you saying you have not baked anything at all yet? What is holding you back?

    I hope you realize that it is OK to make mistakes. The most important part of learning a new skill is just going for it, no matter how crappy or hideous your first pieces may be. It is much to try and fail miserably than to not try at all. I know it’s hard if you have been ill, but maybe just sitting down for a bit and making something good or bad will make you feel better?

    Pick something really simple to start and consider it your practice piece. Throw it in the oven and see how it turns out. When it is done, ask your self what went right? What went wrong? And try again.

    Ask all the questions you need and try not to let a small lump of clay stop you. Even if you burn your piece into a crispy blob, you will have learned something new. Besides you can always throw it out.

    You are not behind. You have only just begun. I think a lot of people feel they need to know everything they can before they begin, and that is so not true. Children do not feel they have to know everything first just to try something, they just do it.

    You can do this! Once you get started I know you won’t be able to stop! All my love ~Cindy

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