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Make Jewelry Packaging Using The 123 Punch Board

Video #761: In this We-R Memory Keepers product review video, I show you how to make a custom box for your finished jewelry… 6

Custom Die Stamps for Polymer Clay and More

Video #594: These stamps can be made as small or as large as you like. Perfect for branding your custom jewelry creations.

Polymer Clay Pens Soccer Team ($1000) Fundraiser

Video #486: Congratulations to Chrissy White and her amazing polymer clay pen story!

Polymer Jewelry Artist Cindy Peterson Follow Up Visit

Video #451: Roadtrip #2-01 (OR): Finishing skills have noticeably improved over the past year.

Selling Polymer Clay Jewelry at the Public Market

Video #306: Roadtrip #1-11: “Barrettes is what got me started… 7 years ago!” ~Becky Sue Mizell

Jewelry Display Cards | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #257: “I absolutely love the jewelry display cards! Will you please share your tips for making them?” ~Jo-B

Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild Fandango Retreat

Gallery (10 pics): “My three PcT jewelry items up for auction at the OAPCG Fandango Auction Event.” ~Cindy Lietz

Marketing Tips for Polymer Clay Jewelry Designers

“Cindy, you’ve called some beads money beads. I found my money bead this weekend. I sold at a festival and made $160 in…”… 15

Wholesale Pricing Tips for Your Polymer Clay Beads [Spotlight]

“I’m just so excited and scared and excited and confused… did I say excited?” ~Melinda-H

Faux Rhondite Tutorial, Pretty in Pink Jewelry Stones [Spotlight]

“In a Quandry… I decided polymer clay might come to my rescue again.” ~Laurel-B

Start Selling Your Polymer Clay Jewelry, Her Friends Say

Spotlight: “I am only a beginner and am very anxious to hear what the members of this community will say about my work.”… 25

Handmade Business Cards Featuring Your Own Polymer Clay Beads

“A Unique presentation lets your customer know that you care about your art.” ~Gayle-T

Polymer Clay Jewelry Trends for Fall 2009 Based on Etsy Research

“After viewing several trendy pieces of polymer clay jewelry on Etsy.com, I fell in love!” ~Ariti

Cupcake Charm Polymer Clay Jewelry from Monster Kookies Artiste

Ex-Chef Bakes Fimo In Ways You May Never Have Imagined: Today you get to meet the Mad Scientist of Polymer Clay. Her name… 7

Your Reasons For Making Polymer Clay Beads – I Really Want To Know

Just For Fun? Or For Making Money Too? There are several different reasons for making polymer clay beads. Some of you may just… 27

Making Polymer Clay Beads for Selling Handmade Beaded Jewelry

A Reader Asks if it’s Possible to Earn Extra Income From Selling His Polymer Clay Jewelry And Beads Online: The other day in… 7

Pricing and Selling Handmade Jewelry – Valuing Polymer Clay Beads

Are You Feeling Like Your Stuff’s Not Worth Very Much? Then Your Customers Will Think That Too: As a bead and jewelry designer,… 17

Etsy Shop Success Story About Polymer Clay Artist missficklemedia

Miss Fickle (aka Shannon LeVart) is Riding The Etsy Wave And Doing Quite Well For Herself: Back on July 2, 2008 I posted… 9

Consumer Product Safety Act – Crafters Get More Time

Enforcement of child product safety testing reccomendations has been delayed for a full year.

Selling Custom Beaded Lanyards | Make It, Wear It, They’ll Buy It

A Simple Strategy For Selling Your Handmade Jewelry That Works… Today, Tomorrow and Even During A Recession: I’ve said it before and I’ll… 11

Simple-To-Make Polymer Clay Beads Are Often The Most Popular Ones

Creative Ideas For Marketing Your Bead Jewelry To Niche Markets: Often the most popular bead shapes or designs turn out to be the… 3

Heart Shaped Polymer Clay Pendant – Unique Valentine’s Jewelry

Give Your Heart Wings With A Monarch Butterfly Cane: With Valentines Day fast approaching, now is the time to be making your heart… 8

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