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April 10, 2024 Replay

First Look At My Epic Treehouse Studio

Video #772: Unfortunately the cherry blossoms weren’t out yet, but as you will see, I simply could not wait any longer to share… 36

Sneak Peek Of My New Polymer Clay Tutor Studio

Video #767: Since Doug has been so busy building our new web site, I decided to tackle this renovation project without his assistance.

Goodbye Inspector Buzzkill – Lessons in Creativity

Video #754: In this video I use a big catapult, metaphorically speaking of course, to fling negativity far, far away from you.

Book Review – Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry

Video #744: This book written by author and jewelry artisan Wing Mun Devenney, gets a high recommendation from me.

A Million and One Polymer Clay Necklace Designs

Video #741: Well maybe there isn’t exactly a 1,000,0001 necklaces in today’s video, but there are sure are a lot… and I wear… 20

Miniature Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose

Video #739: It took about 4 hours to make… but finishing a project like this definitely gives you something to feel proud of.

Micro Macrame Bracelet With Polymer Clay Focal Bead

Video #733: In today’s video I review a book about Micro Macrame Jewelry, by completing one of the projects in it.

Using Perler Bead Patterns to Make Polymer Clay Canes

Video #732: Taking a book about Perler or Hama Bead Patterns (“Bead It, Iron It, Love It!”)… in a new direction with polymer… 20

Never Burn Your Polymer Clay Ever Again

Video #727: This new product extends the baking range by 25 degrees on either side of the recommended bake temperature!

Website Upgrades – Project Update

Video #714: Although our new site renovations are taking longer than expected… today’s video will show you why this is a good thing.

Launch Of New Membership Site Behind Schedule

Video #701: There’s good news and bad news in this video… but in the end… if you stick with us… it’s all good… 38

PcT Studio Cam Videos Are Ready To Roll

Video #697: It’s the first Friday of September… which is just perfect for today’s special “Studio Cam Launch” announcement.

Exciting Changes Coming For PcT Paid Members

Video #685, #686: Bookmark this page if you want to stay up to date with all the exciting changes coming down the pipe.

Taking a Moment With My Foxgloves In The Back Yard

Video #678: A short message about enjoying life’s special moments. They’ll make you better as a person, and as an artist too.

DupliColor Pigment Duplication Polymer Clay Medium

Video #644: Be sure to watch to the very end of today’s video… because there is a special gift waiting for you there.

Happy Holiday Best Wishes From The Polymer Clay Tutor

Video #608: I often get asked about the curious little background items in my studio. So why don’t we take a closer look…

How To Get Answers to All Your Polymer Clay Questions

Video #558: I’m having a difficult time answering everyone’s questions individually… so I have a favor to ask…

Meetup With The Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild

Video #524: Fish sculpture by Joan Taylor. Also hear from Nancy Quin, April Payton, Lawrence Smith, Ellen Kocher, Claudia Rubinstein.

Polymer Clay Lemon Words of Wisdom From Fisher Lietz

Video #521: “Wellness and stuff… This is great because happy people are what makes the world go around.” (Beta Edition)

Polymer Clay And The Ozone Layer [April Fools]

Video #501: Recent scientific studies reveal new findings about the blue pigments in polymer clay… what you need to to know!

Polymer Clay Pens Soccer Team ($1000) Fundraiser

Video #486: Congratulations to Chrissy White and her amazing polymer clay pen story!

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