Sneak Peek Of My New Polymer Clay Tutor Studio

New Studio Sneak Peek - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #767: Since Doug has been so busy building our new web site, I decided to tackle this renovation project without his assistance.

I have been very busy behind the scenes lately, getting my new studio set up… that is when I’m not filming videos, answering emails, writing posts, working on the new website, working with polymer clay, and doing housework.

My friend Diane and I (plus Willow for one night), have been setting aside our usual walking time in the morning to work on this project. We stripped out the carpets, painted the walls and ceiling, installed new lights and flooring, and moved my furniture and storage units into their new home.

Diane and I have been so proud of ourselves doing this project! Both of us have been married a long time to very handy husbands, so basically we have been our husband’s ‘assistants’ in most all of the renovation work around our houses. We had both painted a fair amount, and I had installed lights on my own, but neither of us had ever put in new flooring or really tackled a room by ourselves.

Doug who usually does projects like this with me, is too overloaded with the new website upgrades that I asked my daughter Willow and my friend Diane for their help.

Diane and I were both kind of nervous about doing the floor, but just ‘felt the fear and did it anyway’ as they say. And man did it feel good!

There is still a ton to do, which I will mostly plug away at a little at a time, but I now have a functioning and beautiful creative space to work in, which makes me feel so much better inside. I get very stressed in chaotic environments.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the back story and the video. You’ll be seeing small changes to the studio over the next while… probably forever, cuz things will always be a changing and improving :)

Let me know if you like it and if you would like to tackle a project like this if you could. Do enjoy!

Do you have any suggestions for videos on tips, techniques or products you would like to learn more about? Let me know in the comments section below!

My goal is to help you to learn quicker and easier ways to bring up the professionalism in your polymer clay art.

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  1. Jo Ann Brown Bright, 06 February, 2017

    Wow! I enjoyed visiting your new studio this morning. It is very inspiring & I want to run work on my workspace. I’m at that not organized yet but I’m presently trying to move into a different room. One day I think I should get organized & then move, then I think I should move it all in one room & then organize. I work at Michaels’ so bring home items often so there’s such a wonderful stash of things yet to be put away.
    I wanted to mention to you that I noticed your salt lamp. I had one also, but wanted to let you know that the ones from Michaels’ have been recalled. They said there was a slight chance of electrical issues. I certainly wanted to give you a heads up so you could check on yours!
    Again, thanks for sharing all you do!

  2. Cindy Lietz, 06 February, 2017

    Thanks Jo Ann! It is a work in progress. I have already had to move things around a bit, so that Doug can film the videos from the right angle. I have found being able to take everything (or most everything) to another room, and to bring it into the workspace a little at a time is quite helpful. The most important thing to figure out before you start is the general location of your different zones. If you do as many different types of crafts as I do, you will need to have the items in a logical location. Since I have moved things around so much, it is taking time to get all the pieces of the puzzle to fit. For me it not only has to function, it has to look good too.

    As far as the salt lamp, I have had this one for a couple of years. It was a gift from my parents. I don’t think it was from Michaels. But thank you for mentioning that. There may be other here that are not aware of that issue.

  3. Marie Lilley, 06 February, 2017

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the sneak preview of your new studio, really pleased for you. As I live on my ownsome in a 2 bedroom bungalow I’ve turned my spare bedroom into a craft room. The built-in wardrobes I couldn’t get removed without loads of work and money so I have filled them with various sizes of the ‘Really Useful’ Drawers which lock together on bases and labelled the drawers so I know whats in which drawer. (thats the plan anyway) I was also excited once I got the drawers in place and could start emptying cardboard boxes putting my stash in it’s place.

    Could we have an update video please on how it’s going with the new tutorial platform please, it’s been such a long time since it was started and I know you and Doug had problems with the company originally doing this work, but I’m sure your followers would like to know how it’s going and what we can expect on how our membership will change/grow and of course when you think this will be finished. It will also be good for you guys because we will have some idea of the technical problems you are having/have had.
    Thanks Marie

  4. Cindy Lietz, 07 February, 2017

    Hi Marie,

    Good to hear that you are getting your new studio space setup up as well.

    I would love to give you guys an update on where we are at with the website but we are not quite ready to do so. I can tell you that we have ‘all hands on deck’ working on all aspects of the upgrade and we are doing our best to be finished as soon as possible. It’s proving to be a MUCH bigger (and more expensive) project than we could have ever anticipated. When we are ready to make the big announcements, you will be sure to find out. Thank you for sticking with us as we work hard to make this a valuable polymer clay resource that will be much easier to use once it’s all done :)

    PS: This is a good time to remind everyone that although the new website renovations are taking longer than expected, we are still making sure that all ongoing paid subscription members are still getting the monthly “fix” of videos added to your library accounts. With each quarterly payment you make, we have been uploading 3 (new-for-you) Back Issue Volumes for everyone. And for those who already have access to all 85 Back Issue Volumes, you are getting the Behind-The-Scenes Studio Cam clips (over 48 hours in total so far, and growing monthly).

  5. Dawn B, 07 February, 2017

    It’s beautiful. I love the rainbow drawers. I’m definitely going to “borrow” that idea for my new studio space that’s also a work in progress. Thanks for the sneak peek. It’s really exciting! I also want to say again how much I’m enjoying your behind the scenes videos. I really appreciate how much I’m learning from them. Just watching you go through the creative process is so inspiring!

  6. Cindy Lietz, 08 February, 2017

    Thank you so much Dawn for saying that! It feels good to hear that the videos are inspiring for you. It is hard to know what people think unless they tell you. Thanks again for letting me know! :)

  7. Dawn B, 09 February, 2017

    I KNOW. I have “AHA!” moments and “why didn’t I think of that” moments and “gotta try that” moments in almost every video. I know I should add a comment, but that’s about the time someone asks “What’s for dinner,” or “Mom, I have this project due,” or I think, “crap, I have to get to work!” Etc. I love all you’re doing for us polymer clayers! Thank you!

  8. Cindy Lietz, 10 February, 2017

    You are more than welcome Dawn! :)

  9. Lena S, 10 February, 2017

    Love it!

    I created a studio in one of our rooms a few years ago and it was very exciting. My biggest challenge was feeling like I had enough light. Now it’s finding room to keep a permanent light box set up (I hate trying to fold that thing back together.) It’s amazing what packrats we creative types are. I have one of everything and then want the next thing. LOL.

    I’m excited for you!

    So, tell me about that marvelous white surface on your polymer station that curves around the front of the table. I have a piece of glass on my counter top but it likes to move around. I suppose I could put bumpers under it – but that surface you have looks really smart!

    Do you sell your creations? I think I read somewhere you only do shows. Is that right? Is there a list of upcoming shows? I think about it from time to time.


  10. Jocelyn C, 12 February, 2017

    Lena, your question peaked my curiousity so I just rewatched the video. Didn’t she do a brilliant job? Sigh, now I gotta rework my space again, lol.

    Think that curved dohickie is a great new cross purpose tool. You can use it as a mold, and it’s bakeable if your oven is the right size. Think it’s most likely metal?

    My guess is that you could duplicate it by pursuing your local used car parts place. It’s curved structure is commonly found on old metal car parts, and you could pick and choose your sizes and shapes. I’d bring a pic with me if you choose to go that route, and charm the eldest guy in the shop. They are the best source for every little damn thing and their memories are like an elephants.

    It’s also probably a great new invention profiled and purchased through a tool supply company, but since all I can do is call it a curved very useful dohicky at this point google is useless, rofl.

    One thing for sure, we know the queen of how to’s will do a video soon to give us both the answer we seek.

  11. Lena S, 12 February, 2017

    I am actually redoing my space today. I just got inspired with that video. *shakes fist at Cindy*. Everything is a giant mess and I’m covered in filth. LOL.

    I did find some cutting boards that are similar. Search for “Acrylic Cutting Board with Lip”. I also saw wood, metal, etc. But, maybe it’s a cutting board? Neat for sure. Bake-able would also be tré cool. You are so right about the car guys. LOL.

  12. Jocelyn C, 12 February, 2017

    Too funny girl. I focused on a totally different dohicky. My MS vision issue didn’t allow me to focus the the back wall curved feature of the work surface. Instead, I convinced myself that you were referring to the other cool dohicky exactly in front of it. Now that I read your response and went to look again (damn I live bizarrely) I see and thought immediately “you dunce, of course it’s a bracet shaper. Sincere thanks for being such a good sport, I owe you one.

  13. Lena S, 13 February, 2017

    Now, I had to go back and look. LOL.

    Clearly, we need Cindy to just make signs for everything in her studio or at the very least number everything so we can discuss more intelligently. LOL.

  14. Cindy Lietz, 13 February, 2017

    LOL! So Lena, are you talking about the super thin, light gray mat I have on my table top under my glass cutting mat?

    My new workbench is a lot skinnier than my previous table, so rather than cutting the mat, I wrapped it over the front of the table and tucked it under the bamboo top. It was easier and it also protected the front edge of the table.

    That mat is called “The Best Ever Craft Mat” by Ken Oliver in the extra large size. I have done a review on it and I put it in my favorite products video of 2016. If you use the search box you will find those two posts and links to where you can buy it, if it interests you.

    If you weren’t talking about that, I am completely lost, and have no idea what you two were talking about! :)

  15. Lena S, 13 February, 2017

    Thanks Cindy! I think that is exactly was I was looking at. The curve threw me off! That mat looks great!

  16. Carol Paull, 11 February, 2017

    Hi Cindy, I have been trying to buy the square benders kit as described on your video, but don’t seem to be able to connect to the links I’ve tried. Is it available to Australians?
    I am not in a hurry as I am going away on holiday soon, but would love to be able to use them as I learn the craft. You always make it sound so exciting! I have to admit I am a gadget person. I love them :-). Love your new studio! Best wishes, Carol

    PS. I will be joining your club as soon as I return from my holiday. Hugs.

  17. Jocelyn C, 12 February, 2017

    A jump in to help you out quickly Carol. I’d google Pandora’s site and contact her for an answer. She sells an excellent set of squares, circles, etc. You name it she’s got it, and Cindy has profiled her site and work here several times. Use the search facility in the upper right part of the screen here and you’ll get tons of info. This remarkable lady determines her own shipping policies and AU as you know is always iffy from US, CA, and the Brits and tres expensive.

    Also to save, you can go to a local acrylic shop with the pics, and I am sure they’d be able to help you out immediately as this kind of stuff is standard offer as part of their business.

    Hope this helps, have a great day.

  18. Carol Paull, 12 February, 2017

    Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. I’m sure that I would love a dohicky – whatever it is ?. I’m owning up to being a gadget obsessive woman. I have a perspex man in mind, so I am off to town. Best wishes, Carol

  19. Cindy Lietz, 13 February, 2017

    LOL As you see I am a dohicky lover myself! I popped in above and hopefully I identified what Lena was looking at, but if not, I am perplexed as well! :)

  20. Jocelyn C, 14 February, 2017

    Ahaha, Cindy, check the updates to Lena and my comments above…..the dohicy #2 was mine, and I am pretty sure it was a bracelet shaper, yes?

    Though it did set me to thinking that small car parts….curved, etc, could be purchased at the local used auto shop and used as molds and baking support for some neat creations.

    Hope all well with you and yours. Love love

  21. Cindy Lietz, 14 February, 2017

    Oh now I think I see what you mean Jocelyn! Are you talking about the silver circular pieces that are sitting on the table in the metal station, behind the JoolTools? The smaller tubular parts are part of a jumpring cutter set by Pepe Tools called the Jump-ringer. An the larger circular piece is the neck of a necklace mandrel. (That one basically looks like a short metal bust, which is used for hammering and shaping metal/wire so it sits nicely on the neck. I have thought about whether that one would be good for baking polymer clay on, but I think it may hold too much heat and cause some scorching. Would be a fun thing to test though, since it is definitely heat safe. Anyway… I hope I have clarified the mud a little! :)

  22. Jocelyn C, 14 February, 2017

    Mud? Really? Ahahaha. Nope, not those, though thanks for pointing them out, another detail missed after watching this video at least 4+ times.

    MY dohicky makes it’s first appearance at 2:49 in the video on the work table in front of you at the other end of the table. It looks like it’s beige painted metal. I thought it was a bracelet shaper, but now looking at it AGAIN, I’m not so sure.

    Any help appreciated, lol.

    You’ll be glad to know that based on this experience I threw in the towel today, called the primary for a referral and scheduled a complete new eval at a new eye doctor, which will be covered by insurance.

    Because of that neat tv commercial, I scheduled it with the brand new Lens Crafter that opened last week with all the new equipment. I know the advancing issues with MS are affecting my vision, and I’m not going to wait another month for the eval of all at Yale Auto Immune Center.

  23. Cindy Lietz, 14 February, 2017

    Oh!!! That is the plastic protective cover on the blade of my super duper paper cutter! It keeps you from cutting your arm off! So glad that we got that figured out! :)

    I do hope that they can help you with your eyesight. It is nice to have you healthy enough to be hanging around again, and I would also like you to be able to see well! Love you tons, nice to have you back!

  24. Jocelyn C, 15 February, 2017

    Boooommmmm! There ya go! I have one of those monsters too, state auction, wood and steel, no cover, lol. LOVE IT!

    Thanks hun. If they can’t Yale sure will.


  25. Cindy Lietz, 16 February, 2017

    Phew! :D

  26. Cindy Lietz, 28 May, 2017

    Sorting stuff in my old studio as I decide what needs to come over to my new studio…

  27. Tracey Gordon, 20 February, 2021

    My question is about flooring. My laminated floor are highly effected by the polymer clay. I am going to replace them but not sure which floors would be for a polymer clay/resin craft room. Do you have any ideas? I want to make a good investment. Thank you for your help.

  28. Cindy Lietz, 20 February, 2021

    Hi Tracey, I put a luxury vinyl flooring in my studio and it has been excellent! I would suggest, seeing if you can get a sample of a couple types of flooring and stick some clay to it and see how it does. If all else fails, you can always put one of those desk floor protectors under your workspace to protect your flooring.

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