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Video Tutorials: 1: Lilac Beads; 2: Copper Foil Tape; 3: Teardrop Blend Shift; 4: Birdhouse Beads:

Mixing Custom Color Recipes | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Vid #193: “Can you say MUD!!? I’ve had my fairshare of mixing the wrongcolors together but thanks to your color recipes I’m doing… 70

Managing Color Contrast In Your Polymer Clay Cane Designs

“The Colors Looked Fine When I Started… But then they Reduced Down to This!” A big mistake many people make when learning about… 24

Starter Premo Clay Colors for Making Polymer Clay Beads and Jewelry

All You Really Need is a Set of Primary Colors to Get Going:

Perfect Green Beads | Polymer Clay Tips For Mixing Shades of Green

How To Get the Color Just Right For Your Next Jewelry Making Project: Mixing polymer clay colors is a common challenge for many… 4

Helpful Color Tips To Remember When Making Polymer Clay Canes

Do Your Cane Designs Get Lost or Blurred When they are Reduced? Polymer clay color theory has many facets that are fun to… 8

Polymer Clay Color Recipes | Shades of Orange Ladybug Color Palette

1A – Golden Sunset 2A – Ladybug 3A – Parsley 4A – Bronze Black Isn’t this the cutest picture of two ladybugs in… 5

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Instructions for Making a Basic Leaf Cane

Vid #97-98: Plus… How To Combine Simple Leaf Canes to Form More Complex Designs: Many of you have been patiently requesting that I… 17

Using Polymer Clay Faux Wood To Fix a Broken Kids Pocket Knife

When the Decorative Skin On Your Old Pocket Knife Cracks And Falls Off… Like a lot of boys, my son Fisher was given… 17

Tweaking Polymer Clay Recipes Leads To An Endless Supply of Colors

Don’t Limit Yourself to Just the Pre-Packaged Premo, Sculpey, Fimo Colors… There Is So Much More: Most people would agree that having lots… 3

Faux Wood Jewelry Made With Custom Polymer Clay Color Recipes

How To Make Sculpey and Fimo Clay Look Like Real Wooden Beads, Boards or Even Dollhouse Furniture: Natural looking jewelry made of wood,… 7

Polymer Clay Color Mixing | A World of Skin Tone Clay Color Recipes

Perfect For Sculpting Dolls And Fabulous for Making Face Canes: In packing up the earrings and jewelry I needed for the craft fair… 15

Another Polymer Clay Treasure Hunt… Where Everyone Is A Winner

How Would You Like To Download A New Color Recipe Card Every Week? Starting today, I’m adding a brand new feature to the… 19

Color Quiz Helps Polymer Clay and Jewelry Artists with Mixing Colors

Do You Know Your Color IQ? This Test Will Improve Your Color Intelligence! Understanding colors and how to mix them is something that… 26

Some Polymer Clay How To Tips For Creating Beautiful Jewelry Colors

Is Fimo Color Mixing A Challenge For You? Here’s 4 Creative Ideas To Ponder: A very common challenge for many people working with… 6

Fall Jewelry Designing – Bead Making Color Inspiration From Nature

Do the Seasons Inspire Your Jewelry Making Projects? Fall has finally arrived and as usual, there is lots of buzz happening from beaded… 4

Ideas and Instructions – Polymer Clay Projects Using Scrap Clay

Left over Premo, Sculpey, Fimo & Kato Polyclay can be used for making beads, color mixes & polymer clay molds: If you ‘play’… 14

Fall Jewelry Pumpkin Beads | Polymer Clay Colors | Autumn Flowers

The fun connection between halloween earrings, Fimo clay and the Zinnia flower: Since the pumpkins around here don’t ripen up until sometime in… 4

Make Polymer Clay Bathroom Knobs | Glass Beads | Clay Color Mixing

1) Clay covered decorative knobs and handles to use on bathroom closet and cupboard doors. 2) Embedding glass bead pieces into Fimo polymer… 24

Making Beads with a Mod Polymer Clay Cane for Cool Jewelry Projects

Jewellry making is more fun when the beads you use are made by YOU! The upper left image in this photo is a… 13

More About Mixing Polymer Clay Colors with a Summer Sunflower Theme

Understanding how to mix Primo / Fimo / Sculpey colors so they flow together, is a big part of creating great polymer clay… 8

Learning About Polymer Clay Color Mixing – Maggie Maggio Style

Having trouble figuring out how to mix polymer clay to get the colors you want? You’re not alone! One of the most difficult… 10

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