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Teardrop Skinner Blend Tips And Tricks

Video #777: Among other things, you will learn why the concept of “staying in your lane” is super important to understand.

Polymer Clay Zinnia Flower Cane Mini Tutorial

Video #749: Chrysanthemum Cane… kicked up a notch… using a shifted color blend, metallic accent and an easy feathering technique.

Sutton Slice Polymer Clay Tips and Techniques

Video #746: If you’ve ever had trouble doing the Sutton Slice… Or if you’ve never attempted it… I have some must-have tips for… 30

Little Funky Tools Teeny Tiny Polymer Clay Cutters

Video #745: Plamena Ivanova from Bulgaria, sells these miniature cutters at her Etsy Shop, Little Funky Flames. They are wonderful!

Scrap Polymer Clay Bargello Patterned Sheets

Video #738: After watching today’s video, you will never be able to complain about having too much scrap clay, ever again!

Striped Pattern Polymer Clay Sheets

Video #736: Combining thin sliced strips from left-over silk screen sheets, to create a whole new and unique look.

Silk Screen Stencils From Create Along Brand

Video #735: A quick demo and product review of some new silkscreens that work beautifully with polymer clay.

Easy Polymer Clay Zipper Cane Tutorial

Video #723: Starting with a Skinner or Teardrop Blend that has good color contrast, is key to making Zipper Canes that work.

Managing Color Contrast With Skinner/Teardrop Blends

Video #722: Some easy color management tips that will help you to create better polymer cane designs, with more definition.

Sculpey Design It Templates for Polymer Clay

Video #700: In this video, I also show how those rolled cardboard toilet paper centers, might come in handy when baking your clay.

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files Polymer Clay Project Idea

Video #691: The Swarovski Crystals were so pretty… that I had a difficult time bringing myself to cover them up with cane slices.

Fire & Ice Kitchen Utensils | Polymer Tutorial Vol-082

6 Videos #633 to #638: A home decor project that will stretch your skills beyond just making jewelry. Perfect for gift giving ideas.

Understanding Mica Shifts – Metallic/Pearl Polymer Clay

Video #630: It all has to do with how the tiny mica particles in the clay are aligned… and how they reflect the… 15

Graffiti Style Street Hearts | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-081

6 Videos #622 to #627: Valentines Day is coming… Time to take your Sweet Hearts to a whole new level of fun… Introducing… 50

Reptile Hollow Lentil Bead | Polymer Tutorial Vol-074

6 Videos #539 to #544: In this tutorial I demonstrate how to use the Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker Tool Kit… like a pro!

Teardrop Blend Shift – Colorway Gradient Variations

Video #522: A simple trick for changing the look of your Teardrop or Skinner Blends without having to start all over again from… 22

Rainbow Teardrop Blend (Multicolored Skinner Blend)

Video #518: For those of you who need a bit more help going from a simple two color blend to a multi-color rainbow… 13

Shoreline Bracelet | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-072

6 Videos #512 to #517: Turning colored bits of clay, into a unique ocean scene. Jewelry for those long walks on the beach.

Making Small Test Blends With Your Polymer Clay Colors

Video #500: Really getting to know your polymer colors so that you can see how some shades can bully the other ones.

Square Polymer Clay Rainbow Cane Skinner Blend Plug

Video #475: You will use this type of cane a lot in more complex caning projects.

How To Make Long Skinner Blends or Teardrop Blends

Video #464: A viewer asks how to change her wide Skinner Blend sheet into a long narrow strip.

Lietz Teardrop Blend – Color Gradients Made Easy

Video #452: Making smooth color blends without having to measure & cut out tedious triangle shapes.

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