Striped Pattern Polymer Clay Sheets

Striped - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #736: Combining thin sliced strips from left-over silk screen sheets, to create a whole new and unique look.

In today’s video, I am going to show you how to make a striped pattern polymer clay sheet.

I had some leftover sheets of silkscreened polymer clay from last weeks video, and thought I would show you a really neat little tip for taking sheets of clay (plain, silk screened, mokume gane, mica shift, cane slice sheets, striped sheets, blended sheets, anything you want), and turning them into striped sheets.

I show an example of one striped sheet that I made last week using a silk screened sheet of clay with two different colors of paint on one color of clay. This was cut and re-pieced together in alternating strips to create a striped sheet.

Next I show you how to create a striped sheet using two different colored clay sheets (pink and blue) that have both been silkscreened with the same pattern and gold paint.

What you need for this technique is two or more contrasting polymer clay sheets, a glass cutting board or ceramic tile to work on, a stiff clay blade and optionally… a piece of parchment paper, deli paper or office paper and a roller, spoon, or in my case a espresso tamper, to burnish the sheets together.

When you watch the video you will see that the technique is simple, but has a little trick to it, for picking up and aligning the strips of clay.

This technique can be used to do other more complicated techniques as well, like bargello, ikat, chevron, zig zag and checkerboard patterns.

Have fun, feel free to play with the widths, heights, patterns and angles to come up with a pattern that is uniquely your own!.

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My goal is to help you to learn quicker and easier ways to bring up the professionalism in your polymer clay art.

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  1. Dixie Ann, 31 May, 2016

    That was a really cool idea using up odd sheets of clay. I think I will try that and see if I can get a Bargello effect. That idea really piqued my interest. I just spent the weekend trying out a different type of Batik effect so that might be something interesting to try.
    Thanks Cindy!

  2. Laurie Hunt, 31 May, 2016

    Hi Cindy! I’ve been wondering if Ranger’s Distress Glaze might be similar to Renaissance wax. I own the former but not the latter. Being fairly new to polymer clay I was wondering if this has a use with clay?

  3. Cindy Lietz, 01 June, 2016

    You know Laurie, I have been wondering the same thing. I will have to test it and find out!

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