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Acrylic Stamps Laser Cut by Haskins Design Studio

Video #775: Mandala designs with this much intricate detail, can only be made using precision laser cutting technology.

DIY Texture Stamps Made From Wine Corks & Buttons

Video #769: A low-cost alternative for making your own polymer clay texture stamps that won’t break the bank, or your budget.

Re-Usable Mold Making ImPRESSive Putty

Video #766: When you are done with your mold, simply melt it down in the microwave and make a new one. No more… 20

My Favorite Polymer Clay Tools & Supplies From 2016

Video #763: Be sure to watch to the end of this video for a sneak peak of some items I will be covering… 10

Polymer Clay Texture Stamps by My Mandarin Ducky

Video #757: A product demo and review video, showcasing several of Aniko Kolesnikova’s unique Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies.

Using SugarVeil Silicon Mats To Make Polymer Clay Lace

Video #756: These SugarVeil confectioners mats are sold in the baking aisle… but they also work great with polymer clay.

Polymer Clay Silkscreening Using PearlEx and Chalk

Video #747: The silkscreens used in today’s demo video were supplied by Tonja Lenderman. Her designs are wonderfully unique!

Sutton Slice Polymer Clay Tips and Techniques

Video #746: If you’ve ever had trouble doing the Sutton Slice… Or if you’ve never attempted it… I have some must-have tips for… 30

Revolving Storage Bins for Your Polymer Clay Studio

Video #737: How to use less than 1 sq foot of studio space, to store over 4 sq feet of inks, finishes, paints,… 17

Striped Pattern Polymer Clay Sheets

Video #736: Combining thin sliced strips from left-over silk screen sheets, to create a whole new and unique look.

Tips For Removing Polymer Clay From Silicon Molds

Video #717: It’s one thing to push your clay into a mold… but how to get it out without smushing the pattern? Cool… 26

Silicone Molds From The Bargain Rollback Company

Video #711: Although these molds are not made specifically for polymer clay, I was still able to find some creative uses for them.

Gold & Silver Tinted Liquid Sculpey Polymer Clay

Video #709: A new product from Polyform that adds some unique metallic properties to the Liquid Translucent Sculpey (TLS) family.

Impression Stamps For Polymer Clay – Stampies

Video #707: A new 3D Printer product for stamping polymer clay… from the Pagden Brothers who are based out of the UK.

Sculpey Design It Templates for Polymer Clay

Video #700: In this video, I also show how those rolled cardboard toilet paper centers, might come in handy when baking your clay.

Kor-Tools Pattern Rollers & Stamps for Polymer Clay

Video #652: Deep crisp designs scored into hard acrylic plastic rods. The quality and uniqueness of this product is top notch.

Understanding Mica Shifts – Metallic/Pearl Polymer Clay

Video #630: It all has to do with how the tiny mica particles in the clay are aligned… and how they reflect the… 15

CaBezel Demo – Polymer Clay Cabochon and Bezel Mold

Video #585: The Cabezel molds are made with a unique see-through material that allows you to position your piece perfectly every time.

Joan Tayler Design Rubber Stamps for Polymer Clay

Video #560: Hand crafted stamps designed and created by a talented polymer clay artist from the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Journals and Altered Books | Polymer Clay Tutes Vol-068

6 Videos #468 to #473: As many creative choices for making these art journals, as there are artists!

Krafty Lady Art Moulds for Polymer Clay

Video #465: Flexible silicone molds make it easy to pop out your piece with no distortion.

French Barrettes | Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-059

6 Videos #364 to #369: Unique metal rivet/eyelet construction, much more durable than glue.

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