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Polymer Clay Tutor Weekly Q&A Replay Videos

Jul 28, 2021 Replay

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Teardrop Skinner Blend Tips And Tricks

Teardrop Skinner Blend Tips & Tricks - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #777: Among other things, you will learn why the concept of “staying in your lane” is super important to understand. Read More→

Plastic Types That Are Compatible With Polymer Clay

Safe Plastics - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #765: And how to test for polymer compatibility when the plastics are not marked with any of the known recycling symbols. Read More→

Polymer Clay Tutor Cernit Review – Raw vs. Baked

Polymer Clay Tutor Cernit ReviewVideo #764: Big thanks to Emeline from Sergent Guimauve, and Elodie from Créomax, for the Cernit clay used in today’s video review. Read More→

My Favorite Polymer Clay Tools & Supplies From 2016

Favorite 2016 Tools & Supplies - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #763: Be sure to watch to the end of this video for a sneak peak of some items I will be covering in the first quarter of 2017. Read More→

How To Make Your Own Sanding Pads For Polymer Clay

DIY Sanding Pads - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #762: Sanding pads have advantages over using just the sandpaper alone, but they are expensive. Here’s how to make them yourself for pennies. Read More→

Make Jewelry Packaging Using The 123 Punch Board

123 Punch Board Jewelry Packaging - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #761: In this We-R Memory Keepers product review video, I show you how to make a custom box for your finished jewelry items. Read More→

Christmas Lumberjack Plaid Polymer Clay Cane Project

Lumberjack Plaid Cane - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #760: Use slices from this lumberjack cane to embellish wooden tree ornaments and all kinds of other holiday decor items. Read More→

Glad Press’n Seal Polymer Clay Safe Plastic Wrap

Glade Press'n Seal Plastic Wrap - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #759: You can use this product to create air-tight storage solutions for all kinds of tools and supplies in your craft studio. Read More→

DIY Polymer Clay Pen Making Kit from Penn State

Penn State Pen Making Starter Set - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #758: Everything you need to start making designer polymer clay pens… even if you have never worked with polymer clay before. Read More→

Polymer Clay Texture Stamps by My Mandarin Ducky

Mandarin Duck Products - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #757: A product demo and review video, showcasing several of Aniko Kolesnikova’s unique Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies. Read More→

Using SugarVeil Silicon Mats To Make Polymer Clay Lace

SugarVeil Silicon Mat Demo - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #756: These SugarVeil confectioners mats are sold in the baking aisle… but they also work great with polymer clay. Read More→

Polymer Clay Snow Globe Water And Glycerin Test

DIY Snow Globe Test - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #755: The purpose of this test was to see how premo polymer clay holds up when submerged in snowglobe glycerin water. Read More→

Goodbye Inspector Buzzkill – Lessons in Creativity

Inspector Buzzkill - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #754: In this video I use a big catapult, metaphorically speaking of course, to fling negativity far, far away from you. Read More→

Making a Miniature Enchanted Rose – Stem Construction

Beauty and the Beast Miniature Enchanted Rose Stem Tutorial - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #753: See how I plan through the process of going miniature… in this StudioCam sampler (Beauty & the Beast) video clip. Read More→

PolyFast Sander for Polymer Clay

PolyFast Sanding Tool - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #752: The makers of this unique sanding tool from Belgium, sent me a demo unit to test out. Here are my initial thoughts… Read More→

Most Common Polymer Baking Questions… Answered

Most Common Polymer Clay Baking Questions - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #751: This video will give you a quick glimpse into what I do behind the scenes in our Studio Cam membership videos. Read More→

Polymer Clay Cane Tools Supplied by Tiny Pandora

Tiny Pandora Cane Tools - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #750: Teresa Salgado is the creator of these unique acrylic tools for making and manipulating your polymer clay canes. Read More→

Polymer Clay Zinnia Flower Cane Mini Tutorial

Zinnia Flower Cane Pendant - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #749: Chrysanthemum Cane… kicked up a notch… using a shifted color blend, metallic accent and an easy feathering technique. Read More→

Organizing My Heidi Swapp Lightbox Accessories

Heidi Swapp Light Box Accessories Storage - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #748: No, this is not your typical polymer clay lesson topic… but Yes… it will affect your future enjoyment of our PcT videos :) Read More→

Polymer Clay Silkscreening Using PearlEx and Chalk

Silk Screening with PearlEx Powder and Chalk Pastels - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #747: The silkscreens used in today’s demo video were supplied by Tonja Lenderman. Her designs are wonderfully unique! Read More→

Sutton Slice Polymer Clay Tips and Techniques

Sutton Slice - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #746: If you’ve ever had trouble doing the Sutton Slice… Or if you’ve never attempted it… I have some must-have tips for you! Read More→