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Christmas Lumberjack Plaid Polymer Clay Cane Project

Video #760: Use slices from this lumberjack cane to embellish wooden tree ornaments and all kinds of other holiday decor items.

A Sanding Trick For Gripping Small Polymer Clay Beads

Video #725: Low tech solutions are often the best way to go… as you will see in today’s polymer clay sanding demo.

Gray Squirrel Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-084-B

1-B: Western Gray Squirrel 2-B: Forest Dweller 3-B: Walnut Collector 4–B: Fauna

Glass Dragonfly Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-080-B

1-B: Jade Stained Glass 2-B: Blue Sky 3-B: Lime Stained Glass 4–B: Amber Marble

Christmas Sweater Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-079

6 Videos #597 to #602: A classic knitting or needlepoint pattern that never gets old. It just gets more nostalgic with each passing… 27

Gig Harbor Washington, Polymer Clay Art Inspiration

Video #582: Roadtrip #3-06 (WA): When you travel, be sure to keep an open mind to see the art in nature that surrounds… 5

Rock Crab Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-078-A

1-A: Rock Crab 2-A: Beach Glass 3-A: Seashell 4–A: Rocky Shore

Polymer Clay Fly Face Earrings by Mark & Becky Mizell

Video #571: Roadtrip #3-03 (OR): Be sure to watch to the very end to hear Mark play a really quick diddee on his… 15

Digitalis Purpurea Palette | Premo Colors Vol-075-B

1-B: Digitalis 2-B: Foxy 3-B: Speckled Throat 4–B: Purpurea

Dragon Fly Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-073-A

1-A: Blue Dragonfly 2-A: Twilight 3-A: Tilled Earth 4–A: Rushes

Tiger Prawn Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-072-B

1-B: Tiger Prawn 2-B: Shrimp 3-B: Dock 4–B: Grilled

Journals and Altered Books | Polymer Clay Tutes Vol-068

6 Videos #468 to #473: As many creative choices for making these art journals, as there are artists!

Out On A Limb Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-065-B

1-B: Antennae 2-B: Snail 3-B: Fir Needles 4–B: Evergreen

Owl Charm Necklace | Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-064

6 Videos #428 to #433: A wise bird of many faces… who happens to be living in my neighborhood.

Cannery Palette | Premo Sculpey Recipes Vol-059-B

1-B: Pacific Ocean 2-B: High Seas 3-B: Cannery 4–B: Chinook

Vega Gull Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-056-A

1-A: Seagull 2-A: Monsoon 3-A: Vega Gull 4–A: Gull Wing

Blind Polymer Artist Sees Through Her Disability

Video #305: Roadtrip #1-10: “Just because you have low vision or can’t see, you can still do polymer.” ~Cindy Peterson

Who Knew That Dogs Liked Polymer Clay So much?

Video #302: Roadtrip #1-07: “One of the (Dragons) I made, my dog decided to eat!” ~Dana Murphy

Sculpted Treasures by Arvita & Ross Elam, Spokane

Video #299: Roadtrip #1-03: “There was something so real and sweet about the connections we made that day.” ~Cindy Lietz

Mica Shift Mermaid Scales | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #262: “Cindy, when I’m ready to finish a sculpt, you are the site I go to and mull over the effect that… 40

Faux Raku Elephant by Lynda Dunham-Watkins

Gallery (14 pics): “I can tell you, I had more fun making this elephant than any sculpture that I’ve ever made.” ~Lynda Dunham-Watkins

Vol-041 Oct’2011 Back Issues | Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Pirate Cane (Part 1) 2: Pirate Cane (Part 2) 3: Snowman Beads 4: Beaded Spider Ornament

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