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Dragon Fly Palette by Polymer Clay Tutor1-A: Blue Dragonfly
2-A: Twilight

3-A: Tilled Earth
4A: Rushes

Over the years I have gone on and on about how incredible nature is. The flora and the fauna… the colors… the patterns… the textures. And today I’m going to do it once again with this awe inspiring photo Doug took of a blue dragonfly perched on a stone.

I mean really look at this stunning insect! The lacy wings… the enormous eyes… the long mottled tail of blues, purples and browns… How could you NOT be creatively moved by this magnificent creature!

And that is why we chose this dragonfly photo as the inspiration for this month’s Vol-073 A-series color palette!

Dragon Fly Palette by Polymer Clay TutorThe following Vol-073 A-series Dragon Fly Color Palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library at the beginning of June 2014:

  • Blue Dragonfly (Recipe 073-1A)
  • Twilight (Recipe 073-2A)
  • Tilled Earth (Recipe 073-3A)
  • Rushes (Recipe 073-4A)


 Blue Dragonfly is the Soft purple blue found in the tail of this magnificent creature. Twilight is the soft purple shade on the tail and the color of the sky as it turns from day to night. Tilled Earth is the rich warm brown on the head of the dragonfly, and the color of the freshly tilled soil of the garden he flies through in the evening. And Rushes is a soft greenish tan found on the insects thorax… so similar to the rushes that grow along the ponds edge.

Cindy You’re doing a Real service for all of us who are still baffled by what colors go with this or that color, shade, value. ~Sherry-L

My Grandad was a fishmonger and on Wednesday afternoons I would run to the end of the road to meet the bus, knowing ” Gramps”  had closed his shop (Wednesday were early closing day). I must have been about five years old as I remember I had to stand on a kitchen stool while he showed me how to dress a Crab,  take the vein from a Tiger Prawn, and fillet a fish. One of his favourite fishy snacks was ” jellied eels.”  Ugg. This is a real Cockney dish but I hated that Gramps had to cut their heads off while they were still wriggling so I would never eat them. Many years later when I married a Cockney lad he said “Just try some”. Well I found I really liked them, especially when Paul had prepared them himself for me, but I stayed out of the kitchen until he had finished. Isn’t it funny how colors bring back different memories for us all. Good palette, good memories… cheers Cindy. ~Elaine-F

Very lovely colors Cindy. You always come up with the best names to go with them. ~Dixie-Ann-S


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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. Maria, 19 May, 2014

    Hi Cindy,
    This is one reason why I love being a grade school science teacher. I feel privileged to often be the first one to show children these wonders, to have them really examine things up close, understand and come to appreciate their complexity …

  2. Cindy Lietz, 05 June, 2014

    Yes… nature is fascinating isn’t it! Doug was able to take some really close-up pictures of the dragonfly’s wings. His macro lens is able to capture images of things that are rarely ever noticed by the human eye. “Complexity” is definitely a good word to describe it. Thanks for your comment Maria.

    By the lack of comments on this post, it appears that this color palette is not as popular. Actually, we have been noticing that the level of comments, especially on these color palette blog posts, have been dwindling down to nothing. Are you guys getting “recipe-d” out?

  3. Tante Sherry, 06 June, 2014

    no, not at all ‘recipe-d out’ Cindy:) But life sure does have away of getting ‘in the way’ of the fun things I’d much rather be doing:)

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