Fall Jewelry Designing – Bead Making Color Inspiration From Nature

Fall Colors

Do the Seasons Inspire Your Jewelry Making Projects?

Fall has finally arrived and as usual, there is lots of buzz happening from beaded jewelry designers, fashion experts and polymer clay artists about the Autumn colors, Fall leaves, Halloween and other fall jewelry trends. What is it about the arrival of a new Season that gets us wanting a change?

I think ultimately we humans are still creatures of nature. Sure we’ve built big fancy houses with controlled micro-climates. We’ve altered the lighting to provide us 24 hour daylight if we should desire it. But deep down inside we are hardwired genetically to respond to Nature. And when Nature makes a shift, we react!

That is about the only way I can explain why we like to wear clear, crisp colors like Fuchsia and Fern Green in Spring… and the rustic muted colors of Autumn Flower Orange and Ochre in the Fall. We want to wear what Mother Nature is wearing, inspired by her beauty!

So what does this mean for a polymer clay bead maker and handmade jewelry designer like you? Well, if you want to sell bead jewellery that people want to wear, take a cue from Mother Nature and get inspired by the great outdoors!

Look around. What colors are surrounding you? What are the textures of the Season? What does the sky look like? How does the light hit the surfaces?

Think about what is happening in the environment in each season to help with creating themes for your art jewelry designs. New leaves, birds, eggs and flowers for the Spring are common. And bare branches, falling leaves and pumpkin beads make great Fall Fashion Jewelry inspirations.

When using metals such as wire and findings to compliment your handmade beads, think bright shiny Silver and Gold for Spring… and warm patina aged Copper or antique bronze for fall fashions.

Let me know if you need any ideas, designing tips, instructions or special articles for your Fall jewelry projects. I’d love to help you out if I can.

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  1. Cindy Lietz, 25 September, 2008

    I’m just in the process of putting together a new recipe card system that I think you are going to really love. Got any specific requests for Fall color recipes that I should include?

  2. stephanie, 29 September, 2008

    I would have to agree with you -when autumn comes my beaded jewelry designs are inspired by the colors of nature. I barely make much jewelry during January -July. But come August, I’m in full swing for the upcoming fall season. The colors are rich, warm and invigorating.

  3. Cindy Lietz, 29 September, 2008

    I have looked through your site Stephanie and you make beautiful beaded jewelry! I see you do love the rich colors of autumn. They show up quite often in your work. Thank you so much for popping by and leaving a comment!

  4. stephanie, 30 September, 2008

    Thank you Cindy! I too have noticed I lean towards the richer colors. I’m glad I found your blog, it’s a fantastic read.

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