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Liquid Bakeable Clay From Sculpey In Clear, White, Black

Bakeable Sculpey Liquid Black White Clear - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #776: The Clear is now one of the clearest liquid clay’s on the market today. I know you are going to love it! Read More→

Acrylic Stamps Laser Cut by Haskins Design Studio

Hasking Laser Cut Acrylic Stamps - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #775: Mandala designs with this much intricate detail, can only be made using precision laser cutting technology. Read More→

Scribbles 3D Fabric Paints on Polymer Clay

Testing 3D Scribbles Fabric Paint - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #774: Watch today’s video to find out why this Scribbles Paint compatibility test actually took 4 years to complete. Read More→

Baking Curves Into Your Polymer Clay Pieces

Baking Curves - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #773: Those old burnt-out filament light bulbs you’ve been hoarding will come in very handy for this technique. Read More→

First Look At My Epic Treehouse Studio

My Epic Treehouse Studio - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #772: Unfortunately the cherry blossoms weren’t out yet, but as you will see, I simply could not wait any longer to share this. Read More→

Demo And Review Of The Lucy Clay Mammoth Machine

Lucy Clay Mammoth Machine - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #771: It’s expensive… but it truly is a game changer polymer clay tool, if you want the best of the best for your studio. Read More→

Sakura Souffle Pens on Premo Polymer Clay

Testing Sakura Souffle Pens - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #770: This dimensional ink product works just fine on baked Premo Sculpey polymer clay, as long as it is properly heat set. Read More→

DIY Texture Stamps Made From Wine Corks & Buttons

DIY Texture Stamps - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #769: A low-cost alternative for making your own polymer clay texture stamps that won’t break the bank, or your budget. Read More→

Using Wet/Dry Sandpaper For Sanding Polymer Clay

Sanding By Hand - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #768: Done properly, this finishing technique will make your smooth-surface polymer clay pieces, feel like silk. Read More→

Sneak Peek Of My New Polymer Clay Tutor Studio

New Studio Sneak Peek - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #767: Since Doug has been so busy building our new web site, I decided to tackle this renovation project without his assistance. Read More→

Re-Usable Mold Making ImPRESSive Putty

Reusable Impressive Putty Mold Making Material - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #766: When you are done with your mold, simply melt it down in the microwave and make a new one. No more drawers full of molds that you may never even use again. Read More→

Halloween Pirate Cane Part-1 | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Pirate Cane - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #224: “For a future tutorial, I would love to see your famous pirate cane… arrrhh!” ~DJ

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Vol-040 Sep’2011 Back Issues | Polymer Clay Library

Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 40

Video Tutorials:
1: Diamond Ikat Cane
2: Faux Coral Heishi Beads
3: Purse Shaped Charms
4: Using Bead Cones

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Bead Cones, Multi-strand Jewelry | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Bead Cones - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #223: “I also hope you are going to give us a few hints on how to use the components that hold and hide all the many wire ends.” ~Tantesherry

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Union Station Palette | Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Union Station Color Palette by Polymer Clay TutorVol-041-B Series [Premo Sculpey]
Dark Patina
Copper Roof

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Purse Shaped Charms & Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Purse Shaped Charms - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #222: “I love polymer clay because it’s the first art medium I haven’t grown bored with. There’s just too many things you can do with it!” ~Mary-V

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Vine Maple Palette | Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Vine Maple Color Palette by Polymer Clay TutorVol-041-A Series [Premo Sculpey]
1A: Vine Maple
Turning Leaves
3A: Doe
4A: Dusty Miller

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Faux Coral Heishi Beads | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Faux Coral Heishi BeadsVideo #221: I’ve bought real coral beads before, but would love a video sometime on how to make faux coral. Lots of fun! ~Rose-M

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Coppery Autumn Earrings, Polymer Clay Mixed Media

Copper Autumn Earrings - Polymer Clay TutorGallery: “Rich and warm, these unique Fall art earrings have a earthy and substantial look to them… but light as a feather to wear.” ~Cindy Lietz

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Diamond Pattern Ikat Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Diamond Pattern Ikat CaneVideo #220: “I get totally lost when I’m claying, time has no meaning.” ~Polyanya Read More→

Polymer Clay Tutor Web Site Renovations In Progress

Parrot Tulip Tassel Necklace - Polymer Clay Tutor“Pardon the dust as we do a bit of a makeover to the web site.”
~Doug Lietz

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Flip’n the 5th Friday to the Front of the Month [Video]

What's In The Drawers - Polymer Clay Tutor StudioVid #219: “Hey, Cindy your tiny little drawers are not LABELED? How do you keep up with what’s in them?” ~Becky-C

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