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Vine Maple Color Palette by Polymer Clay TutorVol-041-A Series [Premo Sculpey]
1A: Vine Maple
Turning Leaves
3A: Doe
4A: Dusty Miller

In and around Vancouver, BC Canada where I live, it has been unseasonably warm during the final stages of Summer and into the beginnings of Autumn. None of the frosty crisp over-night temperatures that usually set in at this time of the year. However, after all of the dismal rainy days that lasted through much of Spring and most of our Summer, this beautiful weather has been a welcome change.

I have to say though, that it has thrown my internal clock off a bit. I mean, it’s weird when the kids are going back to school in shorts and sleeveless shirts, and coming home with sun burnt cheeks and stringy hair from sweating all day in class. Maybe further South from us, that is the norm. But around here, in the first weeks of school, most kids are clad in jeans, long sleeved shirts and a light jacket or sweater. Not tank tops and short shorts!

In spite our Fall weather getting delayed a bit, some things do seem to stay right on track. Like the color changes of some local vine maples that Doug photographed just recently (see picture at the top of this post). It’s a comforting sign that the cozy Fall season really is just around the corner.

By the way, it wasn’t until after completing the recipes for this months Vol-041 palette, that I noticed the first two are pretty darn similar to the ones in last month’s Viburnum Palette. Oh well… it never hurts to have too many gorgeous Fall colors ;-]

The following recipes for this Vol-041 A-series color palette will be added to the Polymer Clay Members Library in October 2011:

  • Vine Maple (Recipe 041-1A)
  • Turning Leaves (Recipe 041-2A)
  • Doe (Recipe 041-3A)
  • Dusty Miller (Recipe 041-4A)

Vine Maple represents the bright Orangey Red of the tops of the leaves on the Vine Maple Tree. Turning Leaves is the Purplish Rose of the color underneath. Doe is the soft Tan Brown found in the dried stalks of the undergrowth. And Dusty Miller is the Silvery Blue-Gray of the contrasting background foliage.

I love how you put so much effort into making your colors so accurate. This really saves alot of time, and no weird heap poo colored clay at the end which you aren’t able to do nothing much with. ~Shirley-L

Just a beginner here. Since my color mixing hasn’t worked well (your recipe cards will be a boon). Thanks for the videos too, Cindy, because sometimes it really helps to see a thing done. ~Cariad

Hi Cindy. I was thrilled to discover your site and so happy to see the color recipes. I’m brand new to this and am happily overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Your info and kindness is unbelievable! ~Lucian-T


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  1. pollyanna, 19 September, 2011

    Love all the colors. The dust miller is one of my favorites. It is such a pretty grey/silver look. Fall is my favorite season because of all the colors mother nature brings us.

  2. Jeanne C., 19 September, 2011

    Beautiful color palette! When I lived in Vermont I always looked forward to fall, it’s a season when nature would put on a spectacular show with picture perfect scenes. :)

  3. Tantesherry, 19 September, 2011

    I too am a spring and fall girl (- the seasons not actually falling or spring-ging around for that matter-) any-hoo we are just starting to get the brisk nights here in western North Carolina, the locus trees have turned yellow BUT (my fave) the beautiful dogwoods are just starting to turn lovely shades of pink and red—I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful area of our world. btw I agree -you can never have too many pretty red recipes—red has always been hard for me to copy,so thanks again Cindy

  4. Maria, 19 September, 2011

    Beautiful colors as always, guys!
    Cindy, you’re right about the weather. Today was probably the first warm, summer-like day in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is not an unusual pattern for us, and frequently our warmest days occur in late September, early October. It’s called “Indian Summer”. The poor tourists who came to San Francisco in July and August have left (freezing) and now the native San Franciscans get to parade in our shorts and summer dresses for the first time in the year!

  5. Cherie, 20 September, 2011

    Gorgeous palette Cindy! I just love fall and it’s beautiful fiery, warm, brilliant colors, beautiful skies and the crisp air. My favorite time of the year.

  6. Jill V., 20 September, 2011

    Great palette. I’m so ready for fall.

  7. Michele E, 21 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy,

    My addiction to clay started about a year ago after I was diagnosed with MS and went from a career girl to staying at home going nuts trying to find something to do.

    It is funny, but my goal was to network more online and actually talk to the people who share my new passion. Discovering my creative side has had a huge impact on how I deal with my health issues. Formerly, I was a nurse, so I know all the positive medical aspects of having a “hobby”. But, without sounding corny here, it is more than a hobby to me now. When I am creating my mind turns to the beauty in life; and as I create for others, I think about the joy of knowing them. With that there is absolutely no room for thoughts about pain, illness, fears of the future. I tell you, I suggest to everyone to find an art medium now – of course I talk about polymer clay!

    I spent much time researching, reading, investing in books, etc. and your lessons by far have been the best tutorials – everything is broken down and made simplistic. And you even incorporate wire work – it is a great, inspiring site! If only I had signed up with you FIRST, the 20lb bag of scrap clay I have would be much, much smaller!

    Sorry, this is a long response but I must tell you quickly – I love flower canes! Followed instructions to “T” from books published by other well known polymer clay artists – and they would always look horrible! So, I recently purchased a back issue of yours, the flower petal cane, turned out perfect – especially your tip on the packing!

    This sounds silly, but it is a little exciting – you are famous in my house, I call you my Art Professor! Keep it up!


  8. Cindy Lietz, 21 September, 2011

    I have to say, Michele… It is YOU and many others just like you, who inspire me to teach. Thank you so much for articulating so well… why polymer clay is such a wonderful medium for helping us all to see the beauty in life, in spite of curve balls that may be thrown at us from time to time. It is wonderful to have you here, as part of the community.

  9. Phaedrakat, 21 September, 2011

    Hi Michele, so happy to hear about the wonderful effect polymer has had on you and your condition. It’s all too easy when your stuck at home to let pain, fears, doubts get to us. Thank goodness your new passion has helped you with these. I’m also happy you’re spreading the word about Cindy. You’re so right about her videos & teachings. It’s funny, I think Cindy is famous in quite a few houses…not only with the primary artist, but even the kids, hubbies, (maybe even pets?) etc. know her name… :-D

  10. Cindy Lietz, 21 September, 2011

    Glad you guys are liking this Fall Palette. It is definitely beginning to look and feel a lot more like Autumn these days. Thank your for your comments!

  11. Phaedrakat, 21 September, 2011

    Oooh, another stunner, Cindy! Gorgeous colors, and a rather lovely new Gravatar pic of you, too! Thanks so much for these recipes. I know you work your tail off providing these and the fantastic videos we’re all so thankful for!

    It’s still hot here in Cally, too…shorts for the kids and the AC still pumpin’. Can’t wait for some nice fall weather. As for autumn beauty, we don’t get real Fall here…no changing leaves or things you’ve mentioned you get in other places. We’ve got other good stuff to make up for it, though! ;-)

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