Flip’n the 5th Friday to the Front of the Month [Video]

What's In The Drawers - Polymer Clay Tutor StudioVid #219: “Hey, Cindy your tiny little drawers are not LABELED? How do you keep up with what’s in them?” ~Becky-C

Just to keep everyone on their toes, this time we’re flipping the Sept. 5th Friday to the beginning of the month instead of at the end.

What’s that…? You’re new around here and you don’t know what the heck a 5th Friday is? No worries… just watch the video below, and all will become crystal clear.

Also in the video (since so many of you asked), I’ll share how I go about organizing and keeping track of what’s inside all the little storage drawers that I showed in my first Studio Tour Video.

Plus, there’s a cameo appearance that you won’t want to miss… at about about the 2 minute mark. So go ahead and enjoy this latest episode, in what’s sure to become a “best selling” series… ;-)

Next week we’ll get back to the regular Friday programming, starting with the first video tutorial in Volume-040.

But before then, be sure to leave a comment below if you would like to see more of these informal video blogs, like the one shown above.

Also let me know if you have any specific tutorial requests. Or… feel free to share some studio organizing tips of your own!

Doug and I would LOVE to hear from all of you!


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  1. Jill V., 01 September, 2011

    Wonderful surprise!

  2. fran, 01 September, 2011

    Thoroughly enjoyed seeing this – and great to meet Doug !

  3. Phaedrakat, 01 September, 2011

    Urg! Oh, i wish the new videos would play on my phone! Oh well, it’s time…I’ll get some shut-eye, then see if my guess is right (about the cameo) when I get my laptop out later this morning. How fun & exciting!

  4. Phaedrakat, 01 September, 2011

    Ha! Guessed right, lol…

  5. Carolyn K., 01 September, 2011

    You inspired me to become more organized. My space is so limited because I share it with my card making supplies. Cindy, I would love to learn how to do transfers on polymer. I have seen so many beautiful beads make from them. Not only flat beads but tube type beads. I have a lazer jet printer that does not have color printing. My husband prefers it that way. The other thing is that I don’t know where to order these printed designs to use on the beads. This would be a good topic for a future tutorial. Thanks.

  6. Lesley Symons, 02 September, 2011

    Have to agree with Carolyn K. … a tute on polymer transfers would be awesome! I joined fairly recently and am LOVING the tutes! Cindy has such a great way of explaining her techniques, and I’ve had great results so far. Friday mornings are such a treat -thanks Cindy, you have a real talent for teaching!!

  7. Kelli Nelson, 14 October, 2011

    you can get the water transfers at polymerclayexpress.com they have four or five different sets. Also the blank paper you can print on.

    K&K Artistic Expressions (KELLI)

  8. Cindy Lietz, 25 October, 2011

    Shh… if you don’t tell anyone, I actually just filmed a tute for Hand Tinted Photo Transfers that take black and white laser printed photos and make them colored. It will air the first week in November. Hope you guys like it!!

  9. pollyanna, 26 October, 2011

    oh my goodness…..what fun!!!!! I have been delaying trying this because I wasn’t sure what I was doing. A natural state for me…..:). I want to make earrings with my gds pics from school. whaaaa hooooo!

  10. Marion, 01 September, 2011

    How organised you are Cindy! And such a good example for all of us who get muddled with too little space for everything. When I saw those little boxes in the previous ‘tour’ video it was such a good idea, I went and got myself some at Rymans stationers (in the UK), they only have 16 boxes to a pack but they can be mounted on the wall in the same way. Great to see Doug too, what a great team you make! This beading video site is such a good idea! All we have to do is watch! Such luxury.

    As for video requests, I’d like to ask how to put an ‘object’ on top of polymer clay so that it can’t be knocked off. For example, I’ve seen a lovely polymer brooch with watch gears mounted on the front, and I’d love to incorporate some of the workings of my late mother’s watch on a polymer clay item. Do you cover it with resin afterwards?- or is there some other way to achieve this effect?
    Many thanks again Cindy, as always you come up trumps!

  11. pollyanna, 01 September, 2011

    I thought I had found a different blog when I noticed we were going to check ‘you’re little drawers’ lol . I am not an organized person so this was great to see. One of my grandson’s is good at this so, I think he can help his granny. Have to get some more drawers first. thanks so much to you and your ‘handsome hubby’ !

  12. Phaedrakat, 13 September, 2011

    Funny lady, Andrea!

  13. Hope M, 01 September, 2011

    Thank you for sharing your storage idea! I love it and can’t wait to go out and get one to start organizing my stuff too.

  14. Teresa D, 01 September, 2011

    Yeah, we get to get into our teacher’s drawers! (hee hee)
    My request for a tutorial is faux blown glass beads. Pretty please.
    Another one is how to build/design our own canes. Thank you for everything y’all do.

  15. Fran Y, 01 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy. Loved all those draws especially for the clays. What a great idea. You could have been describing my situation. My clays are currently in a container all mixed up; many half opened, wrappings looking all messy – you get the picture. :-) Now I know what storage solution to use. Off shopping yet again.

    I sometimes see flat pendants or other pieces with stripes or circles or different shaped sections that are all beautifully butted up together. The joinings all look so seamless and perfect with no wobbles or other strange things happening along the joining lines. Therefore I’d like to see a tutorial on how this is achieved. I’m sure there must be some tips, tricks and hints.

  16. Phaedrakat, 13 September, 2011

    Hi Fran, I agree with your tute request…Cindy’s gotta have some tips or pointers on this topic! Count me in on a “joining” tutorial, Cindy!

  17. Lupe Meter, 01 September, 2011

    Wow, Cindy! Thank you so much for this particular video. I do have a few storage units (2) like the ones that you have, but I keep all my findings/components in them. I did have to label them because I don’t always put them back in the same order (not organized as you). But I like the fact that your storage units are bolted to your wall. I didn’t even think about it. My units rest on my table since I only have two. I bought mine at Harbor Freight. Looks like I am going to need a whole lot more. I like the idea of using the storage units for clay. I have shoe size storage bins where I keep my clay, but I like your idea better. I think it is time to revamp my studio a bit…so now I have ideas thanks for you! Thank you so much, Doug and Cindy!

  18. JoyceM, 01 September, 2011

    Very interesting indeed, Cindy. I searched the web for the cabinets/60 drawers and found that they have some at special Ace Hardware Stores in my area of Florida. I’m not quite ready to buy yet but will call before going as the closest store to me is some ten miles away. The room I use for my crafting/sewing/claying is an add-on so no wall to hang the cabinets on without a lot of expense as my hubby cannot do that kind of thing for me anymore.
    I store my clay in scrapbook cases that will hold 12 x 12 paper. It holds 7 rows and 16 2 oz packages of clay. It gets a little heavy and I’m working on making separaters that will stay in place when the case is not full. I have them organized by colors, metalics etc. but like your idea of neutrals together. I keep the clay in the wrapping as I don’t know if the cases are “clay safe” but will test that out soon. I use the cling wrap for the clay when the packaging gets to the point of being unusable. This is portable and useful when I want to take things into the main house in the summer time. So hot this summer the cost of running that airconditioner would be astronomical. It hasn’t been a summer for claying but fall is coming soon and I know I’ll be back there with all the wonderful tutes you’ve come up with.
    Love everything you show us and these little trips around your work area are an inspiration to apply organization to my area. Thanks for all you and Doug do in making claying so much fun. Looking great, Doug. What a pair!

  19. Samone, 01 September, 2011

    So good to see you and Doug. Wonderful lesson on organization. Just wondering when you store your metal findings do you keep them in plastic bags so they don’t tarnish as fast?

    Take care – Samone

  20. Cindy Lietz, 07 September, 2011

    I haven’t been. I haven’t really noticed much of a problem with tarnishing, so maybe they are protected enough in these little drawers. You could put them in little bags if you wanted to. Whatever works best for you.

  21. pattw35, 01 September, 2011

    Everybody loves your drawers ………………hmmmmmmm. I ,too have some storage containers. I needed more -they are now dis-continued. Figures. So , I think a trip to Harbor Freight is NECESSARY !!!! LOL . Of course you need a wall. That could be a problem…..My wall space is tiny. So got to move something, but what ? My problem, right ? Clay is most important -so there will be SPACE. What to get rid of…………hmmmmmm

    What a pleasant surprise today . Your cute face smiling at us !!! So much information, how fun is that . Thanks for sharing. And your hubby too, Doug – we need to see more of you, too.

    Guess LOTS of people will be on their trips – to get Cindy’s drawers. Love it

  22. j frederick, 01 September, 2011

    love your work area mine seems so spread out i try to keep it organized but you know how that goes. i seem to have so much scrap clay how do you keep
    it to a minimum. everytime i start a project i need more of a certain color
    next time it isn’t enough how do you handle that?

  23. Cherie, 01 September, 2011

    Wow Cindy, you are so organized. I don’t have a dedicated work place now; work off the table in the living room becaus eof light , space etc. However, I have to keep clearing it off when we have guests so it can get really tiring for me more because of the pain I have in my arms and back. I could be doing a lot more jewelry if I did not have to keep putting things away. We are moving to our new home Oct 14th and i want to get myself an organized workplace. Those wall units are awesome. Where are they available? What is the name of the company that makes them so I know the drawers are clay safe. I’m going to be shopping for those units so I can get rid of all my cases I have to carry around.

  24. Cherie, 01 September, 2011

    For a tutorial I would love to know how to make faux lampwork and faux blown glass. Writing on clay too – i have experimented with scrapbooking marker pens. I have written on baked clay and then rebaked. Would love to know how you did it on that beautiful sculptural leaf bracelet. Would also love a tutorial on a poinsettia flower – a 3d flower, not a cane. I have painted many and could make one but I’m sure your tutorial would make it so much better.

  25. Bette L, 01 September, 2011

    How nice to see “what’s in the drawers” and to get a peek at Doug!
    I did a little on-line research, and found a 64 drawer (polypropylene drawers) cabinet made by Akro-Mils. The best price including shipping is from Anazon.com, about $33. It is possible that True-Value hardware stores carry it also. I will have to check it out at our local store. Anyway, the frame is of polystyrene (the kind that reacts with poly clay) but the drawers are “safe” polypropylene. Hope this is helpful to people looking for “your drawers”!

    All of the suggestions about new tutorials sound good to me!

  26. cara L, 01 September, 2011

    Just had to reply to this video. Loved seeing your organizational skills- puts me to shame. Also great to see Doug after all these years-
    Cindy I just love your videos and have learned so much.
    In fact I am sitting on an island off the coast of Queensland Australia. It is a national park island- so no shops, roads etc- We land on the beach in our 4wd and set up camp.
    We have remote internet access and I have been watching your studio tour while surrounded by bush, beautiful beach and dolphins!!!
    And I am still thinking of polymer clay! How crazy is that!
    Thanks again
    Cara L

  27. Cindy Lietz, 07 September, 2011

    Fantastic story Cara! I wish I were with you, hanging out on the beach in Australia. We could make and bake our beads in the sun! (Don’t think that would work… but it makes a nice picture in my mind!) :-)

  28. DawnB, 01 September, 2011

    That was great! I so have studio envy. We had our house redone last fall and I set myself up a little studio. Trouble is, it’s the FRONT room. LOL So, I got creative! I got a pair of media cabinets and a tall bistro table and chair that matched the dining room funiture. If “company’s coming” I can close it all up and set a vase of flowers on my work table… voila, living room. Most of the time though, there’s clay and tools all over the table and cabinets along with the dremel workstation.

    Love the pendant you’re wearing in the video.
    Is it the polymerized fabric?

    Hi Doug!

  29. Cindy Lietz, 09 September, 2011

    Yes it is the polymerized cloth technique I used in that pendant. Good eye!

  30. Catalina, 01 September, 2011

    So cool to see the whole video before Friday!! Great organization! Best thing about the drawers they are keeping everything dust free!
    Thanks for sharing Doug! So he really does exsist!! :) Now, maybe the kids next? Or at least their projects? With the teacher at their beck and call they should be experts by now :)
    It was great seeing you, again!!

  31. Roberta W, 01 September, 2011

    I am speechless Cindy! That is one fantastic way of organizing! I have so much trouble with all the plastic wrap pieces everywhere. Re-wrapping, unwrapping, etc etc. It is so annoying. I wish I had more space. I’ll have to think about what I can get rid of in order to make room for a smaller version of what you have.

    Very nice and thanks for sharing!

  32. Elaine Faulks, 01 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy and hallo Doug, (you look exactly how I pictured you!) Well as Summer DRAWS to a close and Autumn approaches the nights will DRAW in. Cindy, do you have to climb onto you work counter to reach your top DRAWERS?

    I have to climb onto dining room chair, then dining room table and have DH there to “catch” my storage boxes. I started off getting the Video and CD, coloured flat-pack cardboard boxes (two different sizes) the ones with metal edge protectors and little metal lable holder. Have a set of 10 large and 6 med in a brown tweed. All at bargain prices (buy 2 get one half price)

    Next I spotted pale pink and cream ones so got 5 small ones of each. Then saw bright green snakeskin effect so am collecting them at present. They stack on top of my bookcases and are a bit of a pain to climb up to retrieve, but they hide all the “stuff” and are tall enough so that tall containers can stand upright. I made cardboard dividers to hold them in place when I haul them down. My tools are mostly stuck in various glass jars and large tins that I painted and wound coloured string round. Not the ideal storage as would love my own workspace but hey I can dream.
    So clever of you Cindy to give us a 5th Friday early. Although I was looking forward to a new tute I am busy turning most of my “Cindy” canes into buttons and my old clay into dolls house food, and mixing up new colours for all the ideas that float into my head after watching your library.
    I was reminded today, as I went into my local bakers and saw cute pirate cup cakes. No I wasn’t tempted to buy, just got a “tiger loaf” but PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE CINDY when are we going to have a tute on your great PIRATE CANE. These would be just great for Halloween and you DID say you would teach us soon.
    Also the macrame “Man bracelet” using hemp string as we do love the variety of learning other ways to showcase your brilliant cane- type beads. As always, thanks for taking notice of our requests but beware of the Wicked Witch of the North Wind or if ignored I might turn you into a pumpkin!! (Just joking) or am I ??? xx

  33. Angela M, 01 September, 2011

    Hi everyone :) I loved seeing how you use all your drawers, Cindy.

    I currently have three stacking sets of drawers that have three drawers in each. They are the kind you store scrapbooking papers and supplies in. These hold all my cutters, powders, foils and those types of things.

    Then I have a separate scrapbooking case that holds all my wrapped and ‘good’ clay in. My scrap clay is kept in plastic sandwich or snack sized bags in a metal container covered with a plastic grocery bag to keep out dust.

    Next, I have 10 plastic shoebox-sized boxes that hold my non-polymer clay beads and findings (which are stored by type in emptied and cleaned prescription bottles), glues and adhesives, wires, tools, bead rollers and other things.

    I don’t have a craft area so I use my old dining table to work on. My storage is stacked on a sofa table that is against my dining area wall for easy access when I’m claying. Eventually, I’d like to hang a floor to ceiling curtain to hide this stuff from the living room, which the dining area is part of. Until then it’s in open view all the time. Hopefully someday I’ll have a craft room of my very own.

    Of course, this is only my clay stuff. I have shelves and boxes full of quilting fabrics and supplies, too. These are stored in the bedroom. I also have tons of quilting, claying and cookbooks which are in a bookcase in my living room.

    I know this is a bunch of stuff but, on the days that I’m in too much pain to craft, I get a lot of pleasure in looking at my stuff and perusing my books to come up with new ideas to record in my ideas/sketch book.

    Now, off this subject-I’m hoping someone can answer this for me. What is a good size for a pendant? Especially, what is the optimal depth a pendant should be for looks and also for durability? Thanks for the help.

  34. Cindy Lietz, 09 September, 2011

    What size a pendant should be is a pretty tricky question to ask. I have seen paper thin pendants (with uv resin coating for strength) and I have seen pendants made of beads or cabochons that are more than an inch thick. There are also polymer clay pendants out there that are the size of a dime and ones that almost cover your whole chest.

    That is the beauty of polymer clay, and all jewelry for that matter. You can make it to suit whatever tastes and styles you want.

    You just need to learn the properties of the material, how to properly construct the pieces for strength and how to bake and finish it in a professional manner, in order for you to make a durable product in the design of your choice.

    Once you know those things, you can make your pendants whatever size you want!

  35. Natalie H, 13 September, 2011

    I also use clear pill bottles for finding . But I also use the bigger ones to store finished beads that are the same color combo. That way I can take one bottle when working on a project. These bottles are great for storing round magnets that I use on my magnetic white board to hold up pins when displaying my projects
    I have all my friends saving these bottles for me.
    Natalie aka Safti

  36. Angela M, 16 September, 2011

    Storing color combos together in these bottles is a good idea Natalie. While I was reading your reply it suddenly occurred to me that used and very clean pill bottles would be a good place for me to store canes, providing they are clay-compatible. I’m going to test them to see. I wonder how long they need to be tested. Cindy tested her drawers using raw clay I think she said for a couple of days. I wonder if a week would be long enough?

  37. Tantesherry, 17 September, 2011

    hi- ck to see if the triangle on the bottom has a 5 inside — if so it’s safe for raw clay-sherry

  38. Natalie H, 18 September, 2011

    Thanks for that idea..that’s easier than contacting every manufacture!

  39. Shirley Rufener, 02 September, 2011

    Thank you! I especially enjoyed the clay idea by color in small drawers. Your video timing is so perfect as I am about to sort through my entire craft room before we buy a home. Then, I will be organizing but I want the boxes to be weeded out and ready to be put in their place. I do a different craft monthly for a morning show so I have sooooooo many different crafts, but my specialty has always been polymer clay and my challenge has always been keeping my areas clean and organized. The last two 5th Friday videos have helped so much, you are very generous to share with so many!!

    God Bless,
    Shirley R.

  40. Toni Fine, 02 September, 2011

    GReat video. Thank you so much. My family tease me mercilessly about having “containers to hold containers” but hey, that’s my comfort zone! And apparently yours too…… I’m wondering if Costco has similar units or whether they will be too expensive metal ones.
    Regards from UK

  41. Toni Fine, 02 September, 2011

    More thoughts….I guess not many of us have the plain usable wall space you have and on second thoughts I realised that you also need DEEP counter top to be able to accomodate the depth AND have a reasonable work space in front of the units. One way to get around it is to have good storage underneath the work top. I use several “alex” wide units from Ikea. I dont think they are cheap BUT because they are on casters they are very useful as extra worksurface or resting place if needed….easily pulled out….. The drawers are shallow so allows for easy access to jewelry findings, inks, powders etc. Mine take quite a beating but are so far sturdy and very useful.

  42. Stephanie Bargelski, 02 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy and Doug! So nice of you to share with us, how you stay organized. I have a whole room in my house that is my art studio. I shared pictures a few months ago on facebook. I should share them again on my blog. Every wall space in my studio is covered with something. My art tables are 7 foot long. I have 9 stacking sets of drawers in front of where I sit. I have 2 pasta machines and my oven on my right side. Under the table in a stackable cart with 5 big drawers for tools and unopened clay. I had to get organized ealry on.When my Mother passed, I received about $5000.00 worth of beads. The beads are all stored in units with drawers and also those plastic boxes with dividers. I keep all of my finding in the same kind of boxes.My scrap clay is stored into zip lock bags. My 2 grand daughters get to play with the scrap. They LOVE to make things with Nana!!

    Thanks for sharing your Art with all of us. When I get around to updating my blog I will write and give you the address!!
    Thanks again
    Stephanie/Auburn Wa.

  43. judy, 02 September, 2011

    thanks for the tour of your studio. You gave me a lot of ideas about how to organize my polymer clay area.

  44. Ken Hamilton, 02 September, 2011

    Fantastic, when the day comes to set up a studio, I am SO GLAD i’ll have these videos to refer back to, organization is not one of my virtues, but I’m working on it.

  45. Marlene C, 02 September, 2011

    Wow, and I thought I had things organized! Fantastic!

    BTW to all. Just a reminder, I have a BEAD SWAP organized, and per Cindy’s suggestion the link below will take you to the details. It will start as soon as I have enough people to get it going.

    Bead Swap Details & Instructions

  46. Marlene C, 02 September, 2011

    @Marlene C:
    If you are on Facebook, that is the best way to contact me for the swap. Go to me, Marlene Cupo, make me a friend, and then send a private message to me with the info I need.

  47. Kim H, 02 September, 2011

    I really enjoyed the tip on how to know if the bins are safe. I bought a storage unit from Harbor Freight and I do not believe it is safe for polymer. It was also nice to see Doug, you two are a great team! I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

  48. Christl Pelikan, 02 September, 2011

    Cindy, what pleasure and joy it must be to work in such an organized environment! Thank you so much for sharing and for your valueable infos. Unfortunately, my work space is right in front of a large window, so no chance for hanging those wonderful drawers on the wall. However, what is working well for my unfinished flat pieces, sliced canes and/or conditioned PC sheets, are two high CD-towers. Between each of the slots I place same size cardboard or thin wood sheets. As far as Tutorials are concerned, I would love to learn more about transfers and working with liquid clay.

    Also Cindy, it could be most intereresting, if you would ask your huge Fan Club, to contribute PC related ideas and solutions they discovered themselves or came across, no matter how crazy. For instance, I still surprise fellow clayers (customers also love to hear this), who don’t know about making a pendant out of every pin or brooch. All you need to do is cut a piece of a drinking straw or even better, a clear tube, which stores selling aquariums carry, slide it over the pinback, close it and thread a silk or leather cord or a small silver or gold necklace through. Works beautifully. I am sure, everybody has a few of those simple solutions up their sleeves. Thanks again, all the best to you and your family (now we know you and Doug, waiting for the kids …..) ,
    Christl / Bavaria / New York

  49. Irene P, 02 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy! I’m very envious of your system for stocking your supplies! I think I’m going to go to Cdn Tire here in Alberta and see if I can pick up a couple those giantic 60 drawer units! I haven’t gotten arount to trying out polymer clay yet, but I have most of the supplies I need already including a toater/convection oven to be dedicated to clays.
    Thanks for all the tips and tricks you supply free! It sure helps me as I like to fully investigate each phase of jewelry processes I’d love to try.
    Thanks again Cindy! BTW Nice to see your too Doug!
    Have a good one eh?

  50. Irene P, 02 September, 2011

    oops…. sorry for all the spelling mistakes… it’s either too early in the morning or too late a night… Thanks again Cindy!

  51. Cassie C, 02 September, 2011

    Thanks Cindy. I loved seeing whats in the drawers. I have tons of space but I am a nomad. I do some things in 1 room and then have to go to another to…etc. That may be why I have such a hard time completing things. Your organizational style has got me thinking. My nomadic ways will probably not change but maybe I could get something that rolls and has a lot of little drawers, so everything is at my fingertips. Thank you for the food for thought.

  52. Carole Holt, 02 September, 2011

    Wow Cindy what a fantastic storage system it’s so nice to see a real professional at work.Just wondering how long it took to tidy up as it looks so clean and unused ,but we all know what miracles you produce week in and week out.
    I also agree on all the suggestions for tutorials and as usual can’t Waite for Fridays

  53. Trudy M, 02 September, 2011

    Incredible perfection, Cindy. I love that the drawers are situated over the workspace. The organization of items is brilliant. For this disorganized jewelry creator, organization always seemed impossible. I’ll be looking for these types of units soon. You and Doug are great models of generosity. Thanks so much for all you do!

  54. Judy Echols, 02 September, 2011

    Awesome Cindy and Doug, just awesome! Smiles

  55. Tantesherry, 02 September, 2011

    I’m kind of in the same boat as Cherie-having to put everything away every day- My clay area is our kitchen table :) BUT I did rcv a wonderful b-day gift from my DH a few years back it’s a Craftsman dbl decker toolbox on wheels :) (one of his favorite teases is to tell guests that I have a better tool box than he does). We live in a home with less than 1000 sq feet, but does have 2 bedrooms- the extra bedroom has never been a bedroom it is Many things-pantry,file room,the kitties potty room ;} cleaning supplies…But one whole wall has extra sturdy shelves top to bottom just for me :D
    Thank you for sharing so much with us and thank you for having such a comfortable place for us to visit and enteract with others-Sherry

  56. Carol Carnes, 02 September, 2011

    Cindy, I love your idea of storing clay…I live in Oklahoma where the temperatures are often in the 100’s throughout the summer, I am having a problem of storage, I wrap them in Glad Press and Seal, which seems to be working out…I would love to have mine organized like your set-up
    what I am wondering is do you have a problem with your clay getting hard or brittle by being unwrapped? Mine gets crumbly and unusable…
    Thanks for your wonderful tutorials.

  57. Karen D, 02 September, 2011

    Thank you for all your great videos. Love your organizational tips. I’d like to see a tutorial on creating those perfectly round shaped/smooth bangles that are always out there. I’ve also seen some clay that has been drawn on that I would like to learn to do. Can’t wait for the next lesson.-K

  58. Dixie Ann Scott, 02 September, 2011

    Cindy your drawer setup is awesome! I can see it really took organization skills to get it all together. What amazes me is the amount of items you have in such a small space. Your talent as a polymer clay artist is exceptional and the ideas you come up with are wonderful! Your comfortable homey style really does endear your subscribers. I would only make one change in your introduction. Instead of saying “Hi Guys” why not say “Hi Everyone” since a lot of us are women and are a little gender conscious. I noticed the polyrmerized cloth necklace you were wearing and it is very pretty. The glasses really flatter your face and you should really think about updating the photo in your ad because you are much prettier via video and the old photo does not do justice to your profile. It was nice to meet Doug and please let him know he does an excellent job as a camera man. I really enjoy the blog but not a twitter fan. I would love to see photos of other subscribers creations where they could upload photos of their work. Is this possible? Also I would like to see more videos of polymer clay beads and wire working together.

    For example, the interchangeable pendant you created from wire was so clever and when I made the sculptured Iris flower I put it on the wire and closed it off with a bead dangle on the bottom. I called it “Iris on a wire” and everyone I show it to wants one. Thank you Cindy for sharing your talent, your ideas and most of all your time. (((hugs))) Dixie

  59. Cherie, 02 September, 2011

    Does Canadian Tire have these storage units with 60 drawers and are they polymer clay safe? Is there a particular company that makes them?

  60. Carolyn Fiene, 02 September, 2011

    @Cherie: Yep! Cindy said she got hers at Canadian Tire [if I’m not mistaken]. I do know for sure that she said they are perfectly safe for polymer clay.

  61. Linda K., 02 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy. Nice to meet you, Doug! It’s so nice to see you both in person.

    I’m one of those people who is either totally organized or in complete chaos…there is no in-between. My studio is already filled up with painting, sewing, and clay supplies, and I don’t like to go out there when my husband is home. So I do most of my beading at the dining room table to be spend time with him. Unfortunately the table is now in the chaos stage.

    I am absolutely crazy about how you’ve organized those boxes, Cindy! I can’t wait until we can get out of town so I can check the hardware stores for those boxes. Currently, we’re trapped in our Vermont town by roads that were washed away by Tropical Storm Irene. But, we’re safe and we now have power, cable, internet, phone, and plenty of food and water. Life is good.

    I organize my clay, pearlex, foils, cutters, etc. in a couple of stackable 3-drawer units. Almost all of my unopened clay blocks are standing on their sides in rows in one drawer. When the new colors came out, they overflowed that drawer and are sitting on a table. My opened clay is stored by color or canes in zipper snack bags in a separate drawer, but I have to shuffle through it all to find what I need.

    My findings, wire, tools, and non-clay beads are organized in zipper snack bags in plastic shoe boxes. Three shoe boxes fit into one of those “green” supermarket bags. It’s good if I want to move them around, but I have about 6 bags that are all over the dining room floor. We won’t talk about the time my dog took a hissy fit when I went out without her and got into the boxes and ripped up the bags. What a mess.

    Could those of you who find these clay-safe boxes please let the rest of us know where you bought them (and in which country) and how much they cost? Thanks!

  62. Joyce Folsom, 02 September, 2011

    @Linda K.: So glad to hear that you are safe in Vermont. What destruction your poor state is suffering. I love Vermont and have visited there many times being a native of New Hampshire. Florida is now home, with all its uncertainties and sunshine. Oh I didn’t mention the humidity but for me it beats the cold. I love the beauty of the snow and the fall foliage but one can’t have it all.
    I did a search on Google for the sixty drawers cabinet and this is what I found: Size: 14.9″ L X 6.4″ W X 18.5″ H
    Description: Contains 60 medium drawers contemporary HD cabinet with
    wide frame for additional strength and rigidty.
    Extra strong horizontal & vertical supports increases cabinet strength and
    improves drawer action.
    UPC Code: 082901215103
    Made USA, Distributed by Stack-On Products Co.

    Hope this helps someone. Ace Hardware carries them but not all stores.
    I think there may have been a “Where to buy” on the web site but not sure.
    I have not bought any of these yet, need to organize somewhat to see if they will work for me. Love the looks of them.

    Happy claying/crafting.

  63. Carolyn Fiene, 02 September, 2011

    @Joyce Folsom: Thanks for researching and giving us the info. I can’t utilize them now in my tiny motorhome, but I do use the Snapware for all my findings. I have an Art Bin ‘box’ which holds 2 deep and 3 shallow 15X15 ‘drawers’ with hinged lids. This all works quite well for me, except I’ve added to the Snapware and now have ‘towers’ along the ‘kitchen’ wall. I also utilize the passenger seat for more storage in big bins. It works for now, but oh how I’d love Cindy’s system. I just wanted to crawl through the computer and claim it as mine! No, Cindy, I am not a thief, but sure do hope that ‘someday’ I can get out of this motorhome and then I know just how I’m going to set up my studio!!!!

  64. Linda K., 03 September, 2011

    @Carolyn Fiene: So good to see you back and posting, Carolyn. You’re story is really amazing. Sounds like a miracle to me!

  65. Joyce Folsom, 03 September, 2011

    @Carolyn Fiene: Carolyn, it is so wonderful to hear from you. My heart goes out to you not being able to return to your home in Lake Tahoe when you want to. It has to be a very difficult situation but you must know that you will reach that goal in the future, hopefully not too far off. I will join you and yours in prayer. I also love to travel and have many places yet to visit if it is meant to be. Looking forward to more comments from you. Isn’t this clay family great, thanks to everyone, Cindy, Doug and the “kids”. Hugs!


  66. Linda K., 03 September, 2011

    @Joyce Folsom: Thanks for your well-wishes, Joyce. Now that we have our connections back to the outside world we see that there are people in neighboring states who are also recovering from the storm. It’s so sad how many people have lost their homes and worldly possessions…and most people in the mountains don’t have flood insurance.

    I appreciate the information on the cabinets. I can’t wait to get some!

  67. Rolanda Taylor Enroth, 02 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy,
    Great job at organizing your studio!
    My tutorial request is using canes on wine glasses. I really like that look. And if the same principles of sanding, etc would apply.
    Thanks so much for taking the time for showing us around your great space.

  68. Michelle A, 02 September, 2011

    Hey Cindy, fun tut, I luv it. Cute video guy you should marry him, lol. I like having the 5th Friday tut on the first Friday of the month that way it’s out of the way. I’m always sad at the end of a 5th Friday month and there’s no tut from Cindy.

    Hi Linda, I’m in Schenectady and as you know we got hit too. Cool to know there’s fellow PCT fan in my neck of the woods. Anyhoo, my prayers are with you.

  69. Linda K., 03 September, 2011

    @Michelle A: Hi Michelle, I hope your family and friends are safe and your homes undamaged. Too bad we didn’t live closer together, I’d love to have a clay friend to spend time with!

  70. Lesley Symons, 02 September, 2011

    Have to agree with Carolyn … a tute on polymer transfers would be awesome! I joined fairly recently and am LOVING the tutes! Cindy has such a great way of explaining her techniques, and I’ve had great results so far. Friday mornings are such a treat -thanks Cindy, you have a real talent for teaching!! @Carolyn K.:

  71. Carolyn Fiene, 02 September, 2011

    Cindy, Be honest with us … does your work top always look that bare? Even in this tiny rig I find some things just get kept out while I’m working on something. Or are you just between creativities [that may be a new word!]

    I noticed that your pasta machine was on you left up here in your studio. You use it on your right for the tutorials. Are you ambidextrous or what?

    Thanks for being so specific about how you test your plastics for compatibility with pc. So far I’ve been rewrapping and rubber banding because I’m not sure about these Snapware units … and I have a gazillion of them … mostly for findings and tools, but I do use one for the opened packages of pc. In my Art Bins I keep only the unopened pc. I’d take pictures again but things don’t look quite so nice after living in this rig for over a year!

    FYI to those who don’t know what I’m talking about … Id was on a 3 month motorhome trip – all by myself in a small van conversion Pleasure Way. When I got to Santa Cruz on the CA coast I ended up with emergency lung surgery for pneumonia and empyema. I was in a coma [not drug induced] for 10 days and then miraculously came out of the coma the day they were going to ‘pull the plug’. There is now quite a bit of scar tissue on my lung and I need oxygen even here at sea level. So far I can’t go home to Lake Tahoe because my home is at 6500′ and the wire is too thin. I am regaining strength and am mostly beyond having to relearn the ADLs. So there you have 9 months of my life in a nutshell.

  72. Cindy Lietz, 02 September, 2011

    Great comments guys! Thanks for sharing your tips, ideas and places to find great storage for your studios and workspace. I am sure everyone is finding it very helpful. Would love to hear from a few more of you… I know you’re out there. Come by and say Hi!

    Yeah it was about time you all met Doug. He is a bit of a character… maybe we can get him to show his face more often?

    Also love hearing all the great suggestions! Just so you know, I did an Image Transfer Tutorial way back. Click the link by my name for more info on that. There are other methods of doing it, however, so I’ll add those to the list.

    I wish I could chat with each and every one of you personally, but I would never leave the computer to make dinner for my family if I did. So I will just address the few questions that came up. Hopefully I don’t miss anyone.

    @j frederick: Just type ‘scrap clay’ into the search box at the top of the page and you should be able to find lots of ideas for using up your scrap clay if it is piling up. I rarely have leftovers, since I tend to use all my scraps to make accent beads.

    @Cherie: Sounds like you missed it, but I mentioned in the video that I bought the bins at Canadian Tire. There are made by Mastercraft and they are polymer clay safe. If you go to the post I wrote in the last Studio Tour, scroll through the comments and you will find I linked to the actual product online.

    @Shirley Rufener: Hi Shirley, it is so great to hear from you again. I have watched a few of your TV segments and they are excellent. Do you have a blog I could follow? I didn’t see one at your site.

    @Dixie Ann Scott: Thank you for your beautiful comments! When I say “Hey Guys” I don’t mean ‘guys’ as opposed to ‘girls’, guys to me is an endearment I used when I was a kid when I would talk to my friends. For me that term keeps things casual and friendly. Also since crafting and jewelry making is a predominantly female obsession, I like to make the men that are out there, feel welcome as well. So hopefully you understand, because it is a term that comes so natural that I will need to stick with it. (Otherwise I will get all mixed up!) I appreciate your comments about my old picture on the top of the blog and in my Gravatar. Doug and I are doing a big upgrade to the blog next week (hopefully it all goes smoothly) and the picture will be changed. So look forward to a new look around here! As well, we are looking into options for posting pictures at the blog, so stay tuned for that. I love your idea for Iris on a Wire. Sounds pretty. Would love to see photos of those!

    @Carol Carnes: Your brittle hard clay sounds more to be an issue with the heat you experience in your area, than being unwrapped. I do not experience any hardening with the unwrapped packages in the drawers. If heat is a problem for you, you may want to consider storing your clay in the fridge during the summer months.

    @Carolyn Fiene: It is such a pleasure to have you back around. Our little clay family would be broken if we would have lost you. Good eye on the pasta machine. Makes no difference to me which side the machine is on. I guess I am a bit ambidextrous. It is always more about whether the handle is in the way or not, as to where I place my machine. And yes my workspace gets messy every day. But with the set up I have, everything does have a place, so it doesn’t take too long (maybe 10 min) to clean it up and have everything put away. I try to completely clear the space between each tutorial, so that I can think clearly without too many distractions. It would be fun to do some time lapse photography of what that workspace looks like over the course of a week. Would be a bit of an eyeopener for you all.

  73. Phaedrakat, 13 September, 2011

    Wow, how awesome it is to see further into your organized workspace! Those drawer units are awesome…so happy to finally “see what’s inside” them. These 5th Fridays have been extra fun — awesome video extras will do that, of course!

    So cool to see Doug after all this time. He’s a handsome fella…hang on to him, Cindy. A guy that can handle technical matters, take beautiful photos, film video tutorials, and doesn’t mind “clay on the brain” — a real catch, LOL!

    Your comment about taking time-lapse photography of your weekly “take the clay out & put it away” really says it all (about your work ethic.) I’m sure it really WOULD be an eyeopener for us. We’d see just how much hard work you put into creating video tutes for us, not to mention the pieces you show for inspiration… I think you put TONS of work into it, and I’ll bet I’m still “under”-guessing! You probably work even more hours. So, I just wanna say it again…I appreciate all you do!!! Thank you, Cindy!

    BTW, I always say “you guys” to everyone — guys & girls, women and children, etc. It’s a totally common, laid back greeting. I feel no less a woman when you say, “Hi Guys!” LOL ;-D

  74. Cindy Lietz, 13 September, 2011


  75. Jan W., 02 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy and Doug {nice to meet you!},

    Once again I am very envious 8-P. I so wish I had the room to have an organized studio like yours. One of these days I will! I love the drawers and your way of organizing. I may have to look for some of them to move all of my clay and jewelry making supplies into anyway.

    As for tutorials; I love mystic topaz and would love to see an easy way to make them. {I have tried your opal tut, no success with that one. I made a gooey mess and then couldn’t dent the piece with sanding.} I also would love to get some information on making boxes, maybe making your own bails, maybe……..

    Thanks for all of your great tutorials and really enjoyed your tours!


  76. Kathy G, 02 September, 2011

    Yay!!!!! we finally got to see what Doug looks like! You two are too cute! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing you storage secrets with us. I am very impressed with how clean your work surface is….mine rarely looks like that. Perhaps we should all take pics of our work spaces and post them on the FB page….

  77. Cindy Lietz, 09 September, 2011

    Yes!! You can definitely post pictures of your own work spaces and post them on our Facebook Gallery Page. Great suggestion!

  78. Kerri C., 02 September, 2011

    I so needed this video! I’m terrible at organization so with this video I now feel I know what to buy to help me get things better organized. Being organized will help me get more clay time. Thank you for taking the time to give us this great video lesson.

  79. pamagela, 02 September, 2011

    Grazie Cindy, per la tua condivisione sei un esempio da imitare.
    Molto molto bello sei una brava Maestra
    un abbraccio

  80. Pat Griffin, 02 September, 2011

    Thank you Cindy for the look around your workshop. It is so organized. I love the stacking drawers and I liked the tip about testing your polymer clay with different plastics. Thank you for showing us Doug I was wondering who was filming the tutorials, you are doing a good job Doug. Keep up the good work Cindy it is so much nicer now that we have seen you in person. Thank you so much for all the tutorials, and the wealth of information that you give us.

  81. Andrea R, 03 September, 2011

    Cindy thanks for sharing with us whats in those drawers, I also have lots and lots of drawers, mine are the larger type but I sure like the neat organized smaller drawers you use and I am thinking when I can I wish to have more of those. I have small and larger ones on the bottoms like those and I have the 5 stack small drawers by Sterlite and the 3 stack ones I stack one on-top of the other so I have 5 on top, 5 on bottom with a shelf in between for support and a space along the lower ones for my organizer boxes like for my canes, beads, findings that I want more organized etc.. certainly have been inspired by your neat studio space. Thanks again. Andrea

  82. sam miller, 03 September, 2011

    So nice to see Doug after all these years. I believe that the super organization leads to Cindy’s ability to think clearer and focus on giving us great tutorials. Now if we all had the time and space to accomplish that…sigh maybe when I retire! I would also like a video request for the lampwork style bead. It would be fun to incorporate that into so many of the other projects that we have already learned.

  83. Rachelle, 03 September, 2011

    Love the video! Organized is one thing I can only aspire to be! A question on your cane bins. From our view it didn’t appear your canes were wrapped . Were they & if so, with what?

  84. Cindy Lietz, 11 September, 2011

    Good eye Rachelle! No I did not wrap my canes that were stored in these drawers because the plastic the drawers are made of is clay safe. If you need to wrap your canes, make sure to use a clay safe wrap. I did a video about it some time ago.

    Clay Safe Cling Wrap

  85. Carol Thurston, 03 September, 2011

    Cindy, your studio is amazing! PLEASE tell me your kitchen and rest of house are not that clean and organized….please!
    Also, it was great of Doug to let us meet him….thank you Doug; you do awesome work.
    Also wanted to let you know I made the ghost cane from last week; It turned out beautiful; I know I’m not the only one who is inspired by the weekly tutes.
    My first show is the 1st of October and I am a wreck! What if nothing sells??!!
    Best to you and your family.

  86. Yong R, 03 September, 2011

    Cindy & Doug – thank you so much for MORE INSPIRING IDEAS for an organized artist’s studio. I’m not a professional crafter, not organized as such – so I don’t have anything to positively contribute in this area.

    But I am learning so much from you, Cindy (and thanks Doug for excellent film footage) and it amazes me how you can spin out new techniques or your original takes on established technqiues, new color combinations, new styles every week. I am still following your older e-video tutorials and still have to revise the PC basics. Well…TKUVM for inspiring tips and lessons that gives me (and ALL OF US) something to look forward to so much every Friday/weekend :-)

  87. DJ, 03 September, 2011

    Thank you Cindy for taking us on another tour…the drawer mystery is now put to rest. Thanks Doug for making an appearance too – he really does exist!! ;0)…you two are adorable. Wow, a new blog look, looking forward to that too.
    You’ve struck the perfect balance in keeping things accessible but out of the way. I’m finding it tricky with all the “bits” from new jewelry findings, beads, supplies, scrap, etc. Because I’m visual I like to see the things in front of me for ideas, inspiration and experimenting with combinations. But things get cluttered pretty quickly. One thing I’m trying (instead of labeling) to help me keep track of items in larger drawers is to place samples of what I’m storing inside, into one of those teeny plastic zip lock bead bags (I keep them after I order, have seen them in $ stores too). Then I tape across the top to the front of the drawer. It’s quick, can be more easily changed if stock shifts and for me it’s slightly more recognizable than a label.
    Recently I came across an old dishwasher tray used for holding silverware. It is perfect to hang tools on, to place items inside, and I like the divided sections. I’m sometimes nomadic with where I work too. The tray is great to pop into a bin or bag with other things if I need to tidy up…I’m trying to cut down on the time this takes.

    For potential future tutorials, I would love to see anything on these topics:
    * faux lampwork
    *your take on color transfers and beads made from these
    *coiled wirework and/or coiled w.w. beads
    *creating our own custom cutter shapes
    *your famous pirate cane…arrrhh!

    Off topic: Sooo glad to hear those of you within range of tropical storm Irene, are doing OK…safe and sound.
    Carolyn, we knew something about your ordeal during the past year, but the recent post sheds a bit more light. It really is a miracle, your story. Hope to see a lot more of you around here and that you fully heal soon!!

  88. DJ, 03 September, 2011

    Forgot to add that my Canadian Tire flyer has the Mastercraft – 43 drawer units on sale for $20 until September 8th. It’s a variation of what Cindy has, I bought some yesterday.

  89. Lisa Watkins, 03 September, 2011

    I would love a tutorial on how to store wire. When I unwrap smaller gauged wire it pops out into a big ball of mess.

  90. Mary, 03 September, 2011

    Thanks so much for showing us more of your studio: I love your hundreds of little drawers all neatly arrayed, their contents known to you at a glance. You are some organizer, Cindy! It was most enjoyable meeting your hunky cameraman at last, thank you for introducing us to Doug. What fun it must be there, working together as you do.

  91. Jackie R, 04 September, 2011

    Thank you for showing your studio, it was most interesting.I shall have to look and see if I can find any of that awesome storage over here in England

  92. Lisa H, 04 September, 2011

    Just watched your tour video. I was wondering if the drawers are made of polypropolene. Being Labor Day weekend it would be nice to organize things!

    Also I want to thank you for the free looks at your tutorials. We are so impressed by what you offer and will be officially joining you. I have learned so much and so many of my questions have been answered. I had no idea what could be done with polymer clay. My favorite thing was alway embroidery floss and now this runs a very very close second!

    Thanks again

  93. Cindy Lietz, 13 September, 2011

    You know Lisa I don’t know for sure what kind of plastic my storage units are made of. I looked everywhere on the packaging so I could pass that on, and it didn’t say. All I know is that they are clay safe.

    Thank you for your sweet comments! It is great to have you as part of our clay family and I hope you do join in on the fun of getting the tutorials. I am sure you will love it even more!

  94. Maria, 04 September, 2011

    One thing I’ve done recently is made sheets of each color of clay, wrapped them in Cling wrap (for ease of removal from the bag) and then popped each into its own labeled ziplock bag. I keep them in one of those plastic salad boxes you get in the supermarket (very handy things). Then when I’m making one of Cindy’s recipes I just cut out however many pieces of clay are needed for each color. (Each sheet is rolled out at the same pasta machine setting)This method has allowed me to do about 50 backlogged recipes in a much shorter period of time (vs. taking out a piece of clay, conditioning it, rolling it out, cutting it out, putting it back into its designated box…) I love looking at the rainbow color chips I have accrued.
    I have about 10 Sterlite Clearview 12 x 12 drawers (come 3/set) that I use for my various jewelry findings and clay. When I do sell at my church, I find I actually need access to these things (ie jumprings, earring wires) and so I bring several of those drawers with me. My husband came up with a cool trick – we set them on the display table with the drawers facing me and have them covered up with a tablecloth – this gives height to my displays and allows me access to the stuff I need on my side of the table.

  95. Linda K., 04 September, 2011

    Ooooh! I love the new look–it’s so much easier to read. Is the Search feature gone for good? How about the list on the right. I always used that so that I could read new comments from where I left off.

  96. Bev Ellis, 04 September, 2011

    Thanks for sharing. Clear drawers are the secret. I used to buy opaque large storage boxes. Using smaller storage drawers makes it easier to find. I am always rummaging thru the large boxes trying to find what I want even thought they are labeled. There are just too many boxes. I have so many craft supplies, so I try to keep them in subject areas, i.e. quilting, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking, dollmaking, silk ribbon, and jewelry making. I like them to be at my fingertips, but that is impossible with the amount that I have accrued. I now have a storage shed and am moving boxes out there, but concerned with the temperature/moisture change of my various craft supplies. So many supplies have shelf lives and temperature maximums posing a problem when storing.

    It is so refreshing to see a couple work so well together. Keep up the good work.

  97. Linda K., 04 September, 2011

    Oh, my goodness! I must have come here in the middle of the update, before everything was complete. This is wonderful!!!!!

  98. Kerry, 05 September, 2011

    Yes, you did. You caught me with only about 10 minutes of work started. Doug and Cindy have been working with me to get it just right for you all. Glad you like it. Enjoy!

  99. Linda K., 05 September, 2011

    What an awesome job “you guys” did!!!!

  100. Cindy Graveline, 04 September, 2011

    I love the new look of the site :)

    It was nice to meet Doug in the video!

  101. Joyce Folsom, 04 September, 2011

    How nice to be greeted by both of you, lovely picture. New format looks good also. Way to go Guys!

  102. Elizabeth K., 05 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy and all, well so far I havent seen the #2 video as something is wrong, I am getting buffering and streaming,on all my videos at the moment
    I have tried all the usual things to fix, but no luck just yet.
    I came here today, and what a lovely surprise I got.
    Love your new header, I can even see Doug now with you Cindy, just so nice.
    Look after him Cindy, he’s the tops
    I’ll get to see your What’s in the Drawers?, but maybe I shouldn’t, as I know I’ll never be as organised as you.
    Looks good,
    Keep up the good work.
    Elizabeth K.
    I like this concept in the new Comment column,
    I can really see what I am doing, maybe no mistakes now,
    as long as I proof read properly !!!

  103. Anna Sabina, 05 September, 2011

    I love the new picture of you and Doug and lay out of your site. I like it when you say “Hi Guys” because i say that all the time-male or female, guessing you do the same.

    It seems our house is always in the process of some re-molishing project, I’ve been going with my husband on his supply runs. So, I have had the opportunity to sneak around Menards (like Home Depot ), Northern Tool, Harbor Freight and Ace Hardware looking for those cool storage boxes-no luck so far. My studio is once again in the process of being moved and it never seems to recover before I am moving it again.

    Marion– I have mounted watch gears and parts to clay. You have to anchor them in the clay with a little piece of wire bent into a U shape, work best if you make a little hook on one end so it does not pull out. May want to mount the gear in more than one place, depending on the size. I also put a small amount of liquid Sculpy on the clay under the gear or what ever you are attaching. Another option is to gently push the gears into the clay, after baking pop them off and re-attach with Super Glue. At the International Polymer Clay Retreat, We learned how to use a deep bezel and UV resin with watch parts.


  104. Elaine Faulks, 05 September, 2011

    Hi Guys!!!!
    (Well what else would you say?) Your greetings are just perfect, no need to “update”.

    Not sure how I feel about the new look as loved the original but hey (like a pair of new shoes) after wearing them in I’ll get comfortable, but loved the new photo of the pair of you.

    First time I’ve had the chance to “get on board” and catch up in a few days.

    Thanks Cindy for your kind words and you are so welcome to enter (my world) although at present it is a little chaotic. My poor puppy dog is so confused. I keep baking all this “food” but she doesn’t get to share any of it!! I had a wonderful weekend as DH cooked me some great meals (and washed up afterwards) Don’t you just love em?

    I, meanwhile, made plates of sandwhiches, sausage rolls, waffles, pumpkin pies, pork pies, cinnamon rolls, cornish pasties and croissants. All 1/12 size and very tasty and smelling good as used allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon.
    I promised DH he could have the “real thing” once I have done the first craft show in three weeks time. He said he was not sure he could wait that long, but he IS supposed to be on a diet, Might make him a big gooey chocolate cake. Have a great “healthy” recipe using yogurt so think he deserves it.

    Well it,s 5 am here in UK so had better get a few hours shut-eye.!! Have the next couple of days off to play with clay. Been reading all your great tips Cindy, (so helpful.) Although I have done any number of craft fairs in the past this will be my first one using polymer clay and not a single item of jewelry, but have sneaked in plenty of “Cindy” beads, well youv’e just gotta aint ya? Night all xx

  105. pattw35, 06 September, 2011

    LOnggggggggggggg scroll down here BUT it was worth it. GOOD NEWS!!! Stateside – I found something very similar to Cindy’s DRAWERS> STACK-ON Gray Plastic Storage Cabinet /60 drawers. The drawers are polypropylene.! The drawers cost about $27.00 +-, depending on where you buy them. I could not find them local -Tucson Az -. Not at Home, Depot, Lowe’s. Wal-mart, Tru Value or Ace Hardware. SOOOOOOOOOO, they are available on line. Amazon.com.,Northern Tool, Mills Fleet Farm etc. I ordered mine from Fleet Mills for $16.99 plus $9.95 shipping. Grand total $27.94. GOOD LUCK everyone…………;D

  106. Dixie ann Scott, 08 September, 2011

    Oh you both look so cute in your new photo! The new look is fabs! It’s bright and cheery and so inviting. Okay Cindy, you win…..I’ll be one of “your guys”
    cause I’m sure liking all the tutorials. Am still trying to get through all the old ones and find myself waiting for Friday to get here….too! Dixie

  107. Natalie H, 11 September, 2011

    First off, I love your new hair cut….You are an inspiration to someone like me who needs go get more organized. I remember you once mentioned about using fishing tackle boxes to store polymer clay.. Since I am using the back of my family room as a work area(no wall space–lots of windows) I have been using the fishing tackle boxes to organize my clay and smaller ones for my canes..I make plugs out of the canes so they fit into the small space.
    What is the name of the 60 section store units that you use. I might be able to stack in on top of my work table and have my hubby anchor it from the bottom. That’s what he did with my lamp.

  108. Natalie H, 11 September, 2011

    I did some pendants using Katidids bezels….My clay has not fallen out of the bezels since I put a head pin in them before baking…..my only question is…how I should sand them while they are in the bezel or should I just lightly buff them( my hubby is going to order the buffing part for his dermal so I can use it. I then thought I would just use the Future shine on top until I learn how to use resin..Am I on the right track?

  109. Cindy Lietz, 14 September, 2011


  110. Barb C, 12 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy :

    I know I dont post often , I do read about everyday and rewatch videos, I am learning so much, each time I watch the vides I pick up on something I missed. I like seeing you in your studio and the storage unites. I looked every where for them online where I found them rather expensive anywhere from 25 dollars to 45 dollars. We have a new K-Mart that opened , my daughter and I went for a visit. Found the storage bin there by Stack-on 60 drawers for 17.95 bought three of them and plan on going back and getting more. I want a wall of these bins like in your video. I Would like to see more of you and your family.

    Thank you Barb

  111. Barb C, 14 September, 2011

    In my previous message I forgot to add that the drawers are rated a number 5.


  112. Janice W, 12 September, 2011

    Hi Cindy and Doug,
    Your room is wonderful. The drawers are fantastic. I will look in my area for the same. I have a couple of smaller ones like it we found at WalMart. I noticed Ace has something like it. I have a K-Mart here but do not know if they have them. Will go to the one in another county about 20 miles. They normally have more. If I find any I will let you know. Can’t wait to get my room ready. Keep up the good work and I love your videos every week.
    Thank you from all us crafty people.


  113. Natalie H, 13 September, 2011

    Hi Everyone
    I called up Stack On and asked them if there products (especially the 60 drawer unit) had any plasticizes in it. They just emailed back that their products DO NOT contain any plasticizes..so they are great for polymer clay…I’m going to check out the KMart by me to see if they carry them.

    Also, I called Articusstudiodesign.com and asked them about their Pin Back with Bail if they contained any lead. I did not want to make something that might be given to a child is it had lead. Well, Corrine, the owner , contacted her supplier and she emailed me that there is NO LEAD in the these products.This product makes the pins I make or you make more versatile….can be a pendant or a pin. and they are fairly reasonable in price. She also carries converters that are put on the back of a pin that you have already made and turns it into a pendant….That is so cool. I can add them to the pins already made or sell it as a addition to the pins already made. She was very helpful and a lovely person to talk to. I told her all about Cindy and her tutorials.

    Hope this info helps others with their projects

  114. Cindy Lietz, 14 September, 2011

    Thank you for passing this info along!

  115. Natalie H, 18 September, 2011

    No problem…that’s what this web site is all about…everyone helping each out.

  116. Tantesherry, 17 September, 2011

    Natalie– thanks for the link to Corrine’s site–must have spent over an hour looking around and browsing–Did you see a search panel there? I’ve saved her site to my favorites bar, she has quite a few tips too– I liked to personal touch she gave her shop :)

  117. Natalie H, 18 September, 2011

    Just type in what you are looking for…I think that’s how I found what I was looking for. You could call her up…she is very helpful..she works out of her home. Mention my name.

  118. Natalie H, 14 September, 2011

    Does any one have a good site to look for Rotary Rock Tumblers. I saw the Chicago Electric 3lb Rotary Rock Tumbler on sale at Harbor Freight Tools for $39.99. Has anyone used this one or is there any that most of you would recomment.
    Sale ends soon..then it goes up to $49.99

  119. Jocelyn, 14 January, 2012

    I’d google this manufacturer for forum across the net and comments here, start with the search here which directs you to comments where the item is mentioned. Especially important when you pay good money, and expect the machine to work and be maintained properly when a brand is not the known. I use Lortone, and I forget the name of the vibrater (boy, that sounds bad….). LOL!

  120. Dixie Ann Scott, 15 September, 2011

    Hi All, Cindy thanks for sending me the link to post on the blog. I knew I had posted before but could not figure out how to do it again. My son travels a lot and he is my computor tutor so when he is gone I bravely go where many have gone before me and it is scary out there. I really enjoy this blog and the community of clay people. It’s really nice how they all help each other out. I noticed on the main page that my son bookmarked for me it says to subscribe to an RSS Feed. Can someone explain what that is? Should I subscribe? I see also some of you have such nice photos. How do you put a photo on the blog? Sorry for so many questions, I’m new here and am struggling with some of it. Thanks for any help. Dixie Ann

  121. Cindy Lietz, 21 September, 2011

    Hi Dixie, an RSS Feed is a way of subscribing to blogs and reading them all in one place. I use Google Reader and subscribe to all my favorite sites, even this one, and then every morning I go into my reader and see whats new. When you follow tons of blogs, it makes it a lot easier to read the new posts at once rather than going through all your bookmarks.

    That picture beside your name is called a Gravatar. I mentioned how to Add a Gravatar Image to Your Comments in a previous thread if you want to go there and learn how. Can’t wait to finally ‘see’ you!

  122. Dixie Ann Scott, 22 September, 2011

    Thanks for the help Cindy. I don’t know if I did anything correctly but tried to follow the instructions. I guess we’ll know if we don’t see my picture! LOL

  123. Cindy Lietz, 24 September, 2011

    It is wonderful to finally SEE you Dixie! You’re so cute! What a sweet smiling face. You feel like a long time friend!

  124. Dixie Ann Scott, 24 September, 2011

    He-e-ey did I do good or what! (patting myself on the back) I couldn’t believe it when my photo showed up in front of all my comments! Your new picture is just adorable too Cindy. I love the little purse video. I hope you come up with more charms in the future. I tried the torn paper bead technique this week and wow, are they really neat. I also did the Crackled Faux Raku and used it with the silver spoon video. Just waiting to get the UV Resin thingy now but it is gonna look gorgeous. Thanks so much for all the help. You are awesome!

  125. Malena S, 07 October, 2011

    Hi, Cindy, this is my first post, as I am really new to polymer clay (only discovered it this year!). I love all of your tutorials, although I am usually late in trying them out, as I live in Argentina and i can only get my tools and supplies by ordering them online in the US. Just seeing all your clay together (not to mention those beautifully ordered drawers) made my mouth water!. I would really like to see a tutorial on round bracelets, those with elastic cord running through a hole in the middle.

    Thanks for bringing polymer clay techniques so clearly to those of us with no possibilities of taking face to face lessons! Please keep them coming!


  126. Cindy Lietz, 09 October, 2011

    Hi Melina, welcome! It is wonderful to have you here, all the way from Argentina! Thank you for your comment and the tutorial suggestion. I’ll put it on the list and see what I can come up with.

    You really have pinpointed an important aspect to our virtual classroom teaching concept. The Internet has now made it possible for people like you who may live in rural areas or foreign countries that don’t have access to live events. It has become a global learning environment, instead of just a local one. There is so much we can learn from one another. I am so glad to have you as part of our clay family!

  127. Pollyanna, 09 October, 2011

    Hi Malena, Welcome to the group. We have all learned so much from Cindy and each other. It is a fun gathering from around the world.
    I would also like a ‘Cindy take’ on using the elastic for beading. I can’t get the elastic to not show or it comes undone.

  128. Linda K., 25 October, 2011

    Pollyanna, Tie your stretch cord with a surgeon’s knot, put a drop of GS Hypo glue on the knot (it will actually melt the knot into itself), cut off the ends, tuck the knot inside a bead.

  129. pollyanna, 25 October, 2011

    Thanks, Linda, I’ll try the glue next time. don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

  130. Kelli N, 14 October, 2011

    HI Cindy
    I just watched your studio tour, showing the use of the storage drawers..AMAZING AMAZING!!!!! I actually have the same drawers in my studio, BUT I didnt know you could store unopened clay in them. I am going to re-organize TODAY :) :) Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas and tips, tricks and techniques….. I do know MENARDS in St. Croix Falls WI is having a great sale on those exact storage drawers right now October 14,2011……
    Again you have been such a great inspiration, I have used a few of your techniques (new to the site) and I cant even get the pieces priced or packaged before my teenage daughter and her friends want the new pieces….. I always know where to look if I cant find a particular item..Ha Ha
    Again I cant wait to watch the rest of your videos..I have alot of back issues to watch yet..

    Your Site is the best thing since they invented polymer Clay…. I cant tell you enough how much more I have learned, watching you, than I did in the actual class I took and I paid ALOT more..I even showed the instructor your site, She was excited to subscribe also..

    K&K Artistic Expressions (KELLI)

  131. Cindy Lietz, 26 October, 2011

    Thank you for your sweet words Kelli! It really means a lot to me to hear you say that. How cool you already had these drawers. Have you put your clay into them yet? How’s it working for you?

  132. Klay Kisses, 28 October, 2011

    I have changed my craft room around so many times that I cannot find anything anymore. We will be moving in June/July next year and I WILL have a room for my crafts again and I WILL set it up like yours. Finally something that will work for me and is in my budget. I cannot wait. In the mean time, I am getting the drawers and filling them. I will be able to get rid of so many other containers that are all different shapes and sizes and my room will look a lot neater and cleaner. What a fantastic idea. Thanks Cindy. As usuall, I am very impressed. I truley feel sorry for anyone that does not have your tutorials. They have been so helpful to me. Anyone that likes polymer clay and does not have you, well…..I just feel bad for them. They do not know what they are missing. I, for one, am so glad I found you!! Have a happy day!

  133. Cindy Lietz, 29 October, 2011

    Wow Klay Kisses, it is so nice to hear from you! It has been awhile! Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot coming from someone who has been with us for so long. I am so glad that you are enjoying and getting great value from the tutorials. It isn’t always easy to come up with new projects and techniques week after week, but it is a pleasure knowing that you are learning from them. Thank you for your continued support!

  134. Monique U, 14 December, 2011

    It’s always a good time to get organized! Storage cabinets similar to Cindy’s are on special this week @ Canadian Tire. They are a little smaller, but I like them because there are a couple of larger drawers at the bottom (good for extruders, bead rollers, cutters, texture plates, etc.) Just ask “Santa” for more than one LOL. Also picked up the Mastercraft (store brand) rotary tool kit @70% off. We have been pleased with the quality of their brands in the past. Merry Christmas everyone!

  135. LindaKay, 30 December, 2011

    Cindy, I look forward to your videos every week and I have learned so much from you. This past year has been a very bad one for me due to heart and heart issues. I am determined to make it a better year this year despite those issues. I loved seeing your studio and I must get my studio back in order which is a challenge because I do so many different types of crafts from cards to children’s clothing.

    One thing I haven’t seem from you or you may have shown it and I missed it is where you see your jewelry, do you have a store on ETSY or ARTFIRE. I would love to see your store setup and have some hints on pricing.

    Thank you so much for all you do.

    LindaKay of Vineyard Creations

  136. Cindy Lietz, 13 January, 2012

    Hi LindaKay, thank you for your comment! The best answer to your question was addressed in my most recent gallery post: Gemstone and Polymer Aurora Borealis Necklace.

    Hope that helps!

  137. DebyP, 19 January, 2012

    Hello Cindy and everyone =)

    I again want to thank everyone for your helpful comments…I am not great on computers sometimes and don’t daily access a computer so I just want to let everybody know how greatly I appreciate all they advise and support! I have now become a member and am really excited! Hopefully by summer I will be able to purchase a D.R.E.A.M. machine, and on a side note for anyone in the US looking for the great stack on cabinets I found them at a company called “Rural King” for $19.00 (I was SO EXCITED) this is a store for horse and farmers for those who aren’t familiar hopefully this will be useful information for anyone still searching. Also Cindy, I am not sure how to put a picture up next to my name in the message area as I would like to add a picture of my DD & her horse… Have a terrible cold as we have nasty cold and snowy weather, so staying in and trying to rest and get over it. Hoping all of you are having a safe & happy Claying Time! =)

  138. Monique U, 19 January, 2012

    DebyP: Just click on https://en.gravatar.com and the site will set you up. That is a great idea, to save up towards a D.R.E.A.M. Machine! I keep going to their website to drool! LOL

  139. DebyP, 20 January, 2012

    Hello Monique ~ Thank you so much it worked!! I was able to install a picture of a few of my favorite things, like feathers, flowers and sea shells…Thank You So Much! =) Hope everyone has a blessed and safe weeked ~ we are having a Huge Snowstorm!! Blessings to All! Deby P

  140. Anna Sabina, 06 January, 2013

    I recently bought three of storage units and they work great. I found the first one at a K-Mart Store. Local stores stopped carrying them so I bought the other 2 at K-Mart internet site. Shipping to the closest store is free or if you purchase $50.00 shipping if free . They were $19.00. Today I saw them at the Northern Tool Store on sale for $15.99.

  141. Faye Austin, 23 May, 2015

    I was price checking clay and ran across something that might interest you, I recall you stated you were utilizing the last bits of your discontinued Premo! colors and hoped Sculpey would decide to revive some of them. I saw Premo! In old packaging on Polymer Clay Express. One pound beige 5092, 2 ounce 5063 cobalt and 5072 zinc yellow were the only ones i saw, Even the page with the one pound and two ounce option has the picture of the old Premo! Packaging. Who knows, they might have so,eh random bits that were in such low quantity they opted to leave them off the website.

  142. Dixie Ann, 24 May, 2015

    Hi Faye, Polyform still makes those old colors but you can only buy them from online dealers that why you saw it at Polymer Clay Express. There are a few others who carry it also.

  143. Joan Vargas, 06 November, 2016

    i live in Maine and dont have alot of choices i have been to all my car part stores but draws are to small to hold clay packs is there a link for the containers ? i want the one for the clay packs please

  144. Cindy Lietz, 07 November, 2016

    Hi Joan, I just answered this in another post so I will give you the same answer here too: I got mine in Canada but I found one on Amazon that is the same. Here is my affiliate link, if you’re interested…

    Stack-On DS-60 60 Drawer Storage Cabinet

    Hope that helps!

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