Website Upgrades – Project Update

Web Site Renovations Update - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #714: Although our new site renovations are taking longer than expected… today’s video will show you why this is a good thing.

This video is for all of you who are paid subscribing members of the Polymer Clay Tutor Library. It is an update on what is happening with the launch of our new site, why it has been delayed and why this is a good thing.

Plus… we have included some relevant videos from previous posts, that will provide you with everything you need to know in one place. Like… how to see which videos are still being added to your library, even during this extended period of downtime..

Video #685: The clip just below will provide you with some more information about what you can expect in the new library site once it launches.

Video #686: The clip just below will show you how to look up which videos have been added to your Polymer Clay Tutor library account.

Video #697: The clip just below will show you how to access the new Studio Cam videos, if you are qualified to see them of course. (9 more hours of Studio Cam Videos have just been added, so all of you wonderful Studio Cam members now have a total of 15 hours of behind-the-scenes footage to watch and learn from!)

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  1. Fran Vainas, 04 January, 2016


    Wow, you guys are up to your ears in this project!

    For your sake (and mine) I am sorry it’s been such a long agonizing process, but -like you- I know it will be worth it in the end. I for one can hardly wait…. I am really jonesing here, have been peeking every day to see if the new site is up, so I was thrilled to see this update today. I do feel like a junky, anxiously awaiting my fix….

    Never fear, though, all of us loyal fans are behind you 100%….. And if there is any way I can be of help, besides being patient (did I say patient? ha!) …. need beta testers?…..


  2. Cindy Lietz, 04 January, 2016

    Fran, thank you so much for your support! It means so much to both Doug and I that you would come in here and say such kind words of encouragement. It has been frustrating and a lot of work, but like I said in the video, it will all turn out for the best. Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy the new videos in your library!

  3. Chris Creeden, 04 January, 2016

    Thanks for the update on the new website! I like Fran have been peeking everyday to see if the new website & videos have started!! It sounds like you and Doug have been up to your eyeballs getting the new site launched but I know its going to be fantastic. I know your hard work will be worth waiting for the new features will definitely be so worthwhile. You are very thorough in everything you do and even though it’s taking time I appreciate that you want to get the website done the right way. . . we will all benefit from your results!

    Behind you 100%


  4. Cindy Lietz, 04 January, 2016

    Thank you to you for saying that Chris! It is refreshing to have someone with such a positive attitude. Doug and I are very grateful for your support and hope that 2016 is filled with great things for us all!

  5. Karen S, 04 January, 2016

    Hi Cindy!

    Well, all this just makes me think of the saying “Good things come to those who wait.” I truly believe that is going to be true of the new website! In the update video you mentioned the studio cam videos and how they’ll be organized. Once the new site is up, will they still be only available to those who have the entire library? Am a bit confused on this point. Otherwise, THANKS for the update! Consider me one of your cheerleaders cheering you on to bigger and better things :) I love your site and what can I say, it’s changed my life. We are learning and growing together.


  6. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Thank you Karen for your kind words of support! As far as the changes to who will get access to what in the new site, we are still working that all out. We’ll let everyone know what the changes will be as soon as we can.

  7. Catalina, 04 January, 2016

    Wow! I bet you are getting anxious to get this off the ground! I like the printable videos (aka, PDF’s)! I think a lot of people will really benefit from it. So, are you saying about another three months before the new site is launched? I wish I could help you somehow. I guess being patient will help for now, right? :) Good luck!

  8. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Hi Catalina, yeah we are getting extremely anxious to get this project off the ground! As you know we have been working on it feverishly since we saw you way back when. As far as ETA of the launch goes, all I can say is, we are working as fast as we can to get this new site up. Thanks so much for your patience! It will be worth it in the end! :)

  9. Dawn B, 04 January, 2016

    I’m so excited about this, Cindy and Doug! I’m jealous of how much you guys must be learning while going through the process. And, of course, best wishes to Willow and her fiancee. My oldest is also getting married this coming summer. Where do the days go? Waiting patiently… Dawn

  10. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Thanks Dawn! I’ll let Willow know about your well wishes. Time has really flown by! I can’t believe our first post went out back in 2008. Seems like only a moment ago!

  11. Anna Sabina, 04 January, 2016

    Is that on the cover of the Where Women Create Magazine?

  12. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    If you mean is that me on the cover? The answer is no. I just have been reading that magazine for inspiration for my new studio and where I want to take my creative life. It is so cool that there is so much interest out there now for building and working in creative spaces that there is even a magazine dedicated to it! It is like flipping through the pages of kindred spirits. I used to feel like I was a bit of a weirdo having dreams of making a living and a life as an Artisan. Now with all you guys here and the others out there with similar dreams, I feel as though I have found my Tribe! ( Well that was the longest explanation of the answer No.) :)

  13. Marion Rayner, 05 January, 2016

    Hi Cindy & Doug

    Wow, what fantastic news!! I am one of those patient people who is excited about the new platform. Being a website writer myself I can sympathise completely with what you’ve been through, and I think in fact that the most patient people of all are the two of you! How frustrating to go through so many disappointents. I am looking forward so much to your new website, but I’d like to ask a couple of questions:

    1 – Product call – great idea, this will be so helpful, but I wonder if you can include whether the product under discussion is available outside the USA? Or if there is an alternative. For eg. I contacted Penny, who runs Clayaround in the UK to ask if she could stock PYMII. She contacted the American supplier but wrote back that they won’t ship less than 40 crates!- and added “I just don’t have the space”. This sort of disappointment happens too often with some items, esp. liquids, that cannot be shipped. Also our ‘dear’ Post Office charges an £8 administration fee before they even start to assess the duty on anything that costs more than £15 to ship. This puts a lot of things outside my financial limits, being a senior with a meagre pension. I often wonder, ‘what can I use instead of PYMII’?

    3 – Organised Studio: this will be esp. useful to me, working as I do in a ‘broom cubpboard’.
    BTW – many congratulations to Willow!

    4- Musings and news: another great idea! You’ll soon be not only the PCTutor but also the PCNews Team – fast on the heels of Cynthia Tinapple! I hope this will be on YouTube, it’s bound to attract a lot more members.

    Thank you both so much for taking all the trouble to produce a fabulous PC website. Your names will be in lights yet!


  14. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Hi Marion, thanks so much for your fantastic comment! It is wonderful to have your support and excitement towards the future of our PcT Community! As far as your questions go here are the answers:

    1. Product Hauls – It is a little tricky for me to know all the places where products will be sold worldwide, but if I do have that info I will try and share it. I know that it must be frustrating sometimes to have me show a product that is either impossible or very expensive to import into the country that you are from, but that is the nature of commerce. There are often products that European artists are talking about that are difficult to get here in North American, so it happens no matter where you live. The internet is changing that to a great extent though. If you find that there is a product that you would love to have but haven’t been able to find, maybe we can start some discussions to either have the products imported or to find alternatives in the locations that people are in? The key here is to communicate and share with each other, and we’ll all be better for the knowledge!

    3. I do hope these Organized Studio Tips will be helpful no matter the size of work space people have. And I’ll let Willow know about your well wishes!

    4. :) Well that would be nice! Thanks again!

  15. Marion Rayner, 07 January, 2016

    Thanks very much Cindy. I will be happy to do that, but with the liquids only available in US I still don’t see how they could be shipped. Perhaps the thing to do is ask everyone if they know of an alternative, such as for PYMII for eg.

    Many thanks for everything you do, have done and are doing!

  16. Chelsea H, 08 January, 2016

    Hi Marion and Cindy,

    I thought you both should know that PYMII is available in Europe now.

    You can get it at Happy Things. Here is a link directly to the PYMII. The seller is currently shipping to all 27 countries in the EU as well. I truly hope this helps you with getting some PYMII, Marion. I am uncertain how this price measures up to the US price, but I was able to find this info for you through a couple different channels. In this case Ginger at the Blue Bottle Tree posted about this product becoming available just recently and I was really happy to read about that because I realize how hard it has been to get for European residents.

    I hope this helps!!

    All my best,

  17. Cindy Lietz, 09 January, 2016

    Thanks Chelsea for sharing that info!

  18. patty jorgenson, 05 January, 2016

    hi.. Boy. Interesting video… 714 on update. so nice of you to have to explain everything. to be honest. You have so much information so far, so many wonderful tutorials. that I would have so many projects to do until the new site is up. cannot say enough wonderful stuff. I like the jewelry techniques that you show…… Have you ever been to Newport Idaho, Karen Snyder and her hubby Dale. in their gallery in Newport, have shown or consigned some polymer things but …. I think they are open to showing even more. …. again wish there was a local area group here. I know you mentioned the gal in Deer park. . Whenever I see an empty building and there are lots, I think it would be fun to open a polymer artist haven…..

    Thank you for all of your hard work and exploring and developing. its like watching a movie. Keep healthy. Congrats to Willow… love hearing reg your own personal life. Its very personal.

  19. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Thank you Patty for your sweet words of encouragement! I have never been to Newport Idaho. It sounds like a lovely place. I will let Willow know about your congratulations. That is very kind of you. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of our polymer clay family!

  20. Dixie Ann, 05 January, 2016

    Great update Cindy! Hate the wait, but loving all the stuff you are going to have on the new site and a whole new Studio to boot! I had to chuckle watching your eyes light up when you mentioned the new studio and all the goodies we get to view along with you.
    Not to worry, we’re all going to troop along behind the Pied Piper when she leads us to the new website. I love all your ideas. Willow is getting married! when did all that happened! My goodness she grew up right before our eyes, imagine that. Give her our best! (((hugs)))

  21. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Hi Dixie-Ann, we hate the wait too! It will be all worth it in the end though. We have been at it for over 8 years now, so I guess what is another few months, to get things right, Eh? Loved the Pied Piper thing! :) Bet you didn’t know I used to play flute quite well, so I can picture myself playing and marching along… though it has been so many years since I played that I am afraid, the tune would be riddled with mistakes! But what else is new, right? LOL

  22. Sandra j, 06 January, 2016

    Thanks heaps for the great update. You guys are really onto it. Congrats to Willow too. Can’t believe how time has flown. Also, thanks for being patient with your fans (me ????) too.
    I’m out of wifi forr a bit, so am really looking fwd to vowing the studio cam when back into it.
    Heaps of hugs to you

  23. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Heaps of hugs back to you too Sandra! See you when you get back! :)

  24. Sandra j, 06 January, 2016

    Thanks heaps for the great update. You guys are really onto it. Congrats to Willow too. Can’t believe how time has flown. Also, thanks for being patient with your fans (me ????) too.
    I’m out of wifi forr a bit, so am really looking fwd to vowing the studio cam when back into it.
    Heaps of hugs to you

  25. Cindy Lietz, 09 January, 2016

    Thank you so much Sandra for your support and your kind words to Willow! Time definitely has flown by very quickly. Hope you’re not away from your WiFi for too long or you might go through withdrawal! :)

  26. Hermine R, 06 January, 2016

    Wow! you guys are really into starting the new year with a bang! Curious to see the new platform.
    You heve been the best from my point of view doing polymer clay video instruction. I love the variety of tutorials all interesting., besides you are Canadian! for me that is a plus for me!


  27. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2016

    Thanks Hermine! What a kind thing to say. Both Doug and I really appreciate having you here too. Happy New Year!

  28. Betty Bolerjack, 06 January, 2016

    Wow, Cindy! Great update and very exciting! I was just watching the Studio Cam videos a few days ago while working on a project (which I hope to have up on my blog in the next couple of days) and was thinking that I need some more to watch while I work! Sure wasn’t expecting NINE, though!

    I am very excited about the new website and all that is coming with it. I know it seems to be taking forever, but I’m so glad you realized early on that the first developers weren’t going to work out and you were able to move on. I’m also thrilled that you were able to find a platform that is going to be perfect! These kinds of things always seem to take longer than you think. There is so much involved. I think a lot of people think you just throw up a website and hang out your shingle and your ready for business, but there is so, so much more to it! It really is a LOT of work! Better to take your time and get it right than put something out there that doesn’t function any better than the old one.

    I’m also excited about all the new things with the Studio Cam videos, especially getting to watch you build your new studio! I’m still trying to get mine organized and, while it’s basically just a closet now (I do kind of spread out a bit!), I could use some organizing tips and there will come a day when I will be taking over either my 96-year-old mom’s room or my teenage daughter’s room when she moves out! She’s growing up all too fast! Speaking of growing up too fast, I can’t believe Willow is getting married… congrats to her!

    Well, I think I will go watch another Studio Cam video while I patiently wait for the new website!

  29. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Thank you so much Betty that means a lot to hear you say that!

  30. Chrissie F, 06 January, 2016

    To use an old idiom, “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”

    Your “thing” is eminently worth doing and you are going through a hectic time to ensure it is being done well. So what if it takes longer than anticipated? No-one can allow for all the potential speed bumps along the way. You are doing the best you can with what you have to pull all this together.

    Fret ye not, we can wait! Our Fridays will soon be Cindy Days again :-))

  31. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Aww thank you Chrissie! :)

  32. Cheryl H, 07 January, 2016

    Thanks for the update Cindy and I the video cams. Do not get a chance to watch all of them – I’ve got this viral throat thing and think I’m losing my voice so I am not doing any music or teaching today but will catch up watching the videos.

    I understand how much work goes into creating a website with all that you will be putting into it. I’m sure it will be just wonderful when it’s ready and I can’t wait till its ready!
    I am still in a lot of pain from the fall which will be 3 years now in March and it has slowed me down. I’ve lost a lot of strength in my hands specially the left hand which is hard for me as I’m a pianist. I have not been working much and I have to see what I am going to be able to do regarding work. It’s been a real down time for me the last year.

    Congratulations to Willow. Can’t believe how fast they grow. My son got married last July.

  33. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Cheryl I am so sorry to hear about your throat! I hope that it is not painful. Yes time goes by so fast! Congrats on your son’s marriage! I think Willow and Tristan will wait a while before they get married… they are still quite young. But we are happy for them and it will be exciting when the wedding plans begin. Everything in due time…

  34. Maria C, 07 January, 2016

    Oh my goodness. Little Willow is engaged? Where has the time gone? (My three kids are now also all in their 20’s and I still can’t believe they’re adults.)

    Congratulations Cindy and Doug!

    Count me in 100% with all of your other loyal backers of this most favorite blog site!


  35. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    I know, crazy huh? It wasn’t that long ago when Willow was making the checklists for the road trips. She has grown into a beautiful, smart, capable woman and I am very proud of her! Thanks so much Maria for your continued support! We could not do this without wonderful people like you! :)

  36. Patt W, 08 January, 2016

    I will wait FOREVER – if necessary~. You are THE BEST !!! I have been using my down time wisely, teehee.

    You have taken such a hug step forward. You too, must be frustrated with the time line. Hang in there – the finish is in sight!

    Congrats to Willow ! What a wonderful surprise.

    And YOU WILL HAVE A NEW STUDIO. That’s part of what happens with the little birdies leave the nest!

    Love and Hugs !!

  37. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Patt that is the sweetest, kindest thing to say! I love having such a positive life force around here like you! Thank you!

  38. Donna L., 08 January, 2016

    Thanks so much for the update! I love that I will be able to do a print off of the videos, that really helps my poor internet problem.
    Everything you are doing sounds fantastic,and I can hardly wait!


  39. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Thanks Donna! It is people like you that we are making those printable videos for. I am glad that you are looking forward to them!

  40. Brenda M, 08 January, 2016

    Hi Cindy,

    I am excited for you getting a new craft room! I cannot wait to see what you do. Right now I work in a small area with LOW lighting. I SO… need a solution to that. The small shop lamp just does not cut it.

    Still peaking in time to time to see what is happening here. So Exciting!

  41. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    I am looking forward to building the new studio myself Brenda! I hope that there is lots of helpful info in those videos for you. Glad that you’re excited!

  42. Karen R, 08 January, 2016

    Just…..WOW! Ha! I had a mixture of shaking my head in disbelief, laughing, gasping, and saying “wow” or “oh yay!” throughout your video. :-). You guys are rock stars. Seriously.

    What an undertaking, I can’t imagine. It sounds like such a wonderful time of change and “rebirth”, with a new studio, a new website in the works, an engaged daughter (congrats to all of you by the way!), and new offerings. Upwards and onwards for all of you and how exciting!

    Cindy, you are the best teacher. You’re clear in your directions, thorough, encouraging, inspiring, and very patient when us pupils have questions, concerns, frustrations, and special needs. Doug, the quality you provide in those videos is superb, and behind-the-scenes of a website is hard and tedious work.

    A big thank you to both of you for all of your hard work. I’m so excited for what’s coming that I nearly peed myself. Whenever the website launches (you’ll need to have a party complete with champagne!), it will be magnificent and I’ll be here with bells on whenever that happens.

    Don’t forget to take a breath and some well-deserved relaxation during this process. :-). Oh, and I love your hair long, Cindy!

  43. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Please don’t pee your pants on our account Karen! LOL I am really glad to hear that these upgrades are going to be exciting for you. It makes me happy to know we have the support of wonderful members like you!

  44. Michelle A, 08 January, 2016

    Thanks for the update, Cindy – AKA the Pied Piper of Polymer Clay, lol. I got wide eyed when you mentioned all the studio cam videos. They inspire me to venture off the beaten path and try some of my own ideas, can’t wait. It’s all going to work out and all your hard work will certainly pay off. Send Willow my best wishes on her engagement, congratulations to you all!!!

  45. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Thank you Michelle for your kind words! You have always been such a positive energy here in our sweet little polymer clay family. I am glad that the Studio Cam Videos are so exciting to you. I am coming to realize that this community is more than just a great collection of tutorials… its a place to come and learn, bond, grow and enjoy a creative life together. All the things that we do in the Studio are a big part of that.. I am so grateful to have you here!

  46. Michelle A, 12 January, 2016

    Awe, thanks Cindy, I’m grateful to be a part of all this too. I was just thinking about when we’re able to post videos (if that’s still part of the plan), maybe we can do like a “studio hop” and get a little peek into where everybody plays in the clay – mess and all, lol.

  47. Doug Lietz, 12 January, 2016

    Hi Michelle – yes the feature for allowing you to share videos, IS still in the dev plan. It may not be available right from the get go, but I know it will be an invaluable learning/communication tool.. so I’ll definitely be pushing for it.

    Btw…here is an FYI specifically for you. Your comments have been going into the moderation queue because you only have “Michelle” listed as your name in the name field… instead of “Michelle A”.

    On your next comment, if you type “Michelle A” into the name field, then your comments will no longer have to be moderated. It may take a couple more comments for the change to “stick”, but after that, you’ll be approved for instant posting :-)

  48. Michelle A, 17 January, 2016

    Oh, I didn’t know that, I’ll try to remember to do that from now on. Thanks Doug.

  49. Peggy F, 08 January, 2016

    It sounds like the new website is going to be a huge improvement over this one and I’m excited to see it! The only thing I wish we could have done, while we were waiting, is to be able to choose our own free videos. I really have no use for the ones that were added on to my account but I also understand how overwhelming all of this must be. Just a suggestion if there is a next time. I do appreciate that you gave us something for our money while we waited, though. Thank you for the updates and the great classes!

  50. Cindy Lietz, 08 January, 2016

    Hi Peggy, I doubt that the videos that were added to your account were “of no use” to you. Even if a project isn’t of your particular taste, there are many things that can be learned from doing them anyways. As we all learned back in school, it isn’t always the assignment that matters, but the knowledge that is gained along the way.

    I would encourage you to do the techniques and tutorials that you don’t like. You will not only develop new skills, but you will also be able to recognize what it is that you don’t like about the project and change it to your liking. These types of challenges, stretch us as artists and make us greater than what we were before.

    That being said, there will be more options for choosing your own tutorials in the future platform. But I won’t be getting into that right now.

    Thank you so much for sharing your opinion on the matter. We appreciate you and are glad that you are enjoying what you have learned here!

  51. Christine Hanley, 09 January, 2016

    Hi Cindy, wow. Cannot wait but fortunately I have the patience of a saint and I know that good things come to those who wait. I’m still watching all the new videos, so much more fun than having to go to work in the morning. Jobs seriously cut into clay time..ugh!

  52. Cindy Lietz, 09 January, 2016

    :D You are a doll Christine. Thanks for saying that!

  53. Linda C, 09 January, 2016

    Oh this is all good news for me. I just joined and am enjoying it all. I watch almost daily and learn and learn and learn. Keep up the great work — I have always enjoyed watching you Cindy. You inspire everyone to try things.

  54. Ken Hamilton, 10 January, 2016

    I can’t wait, the best things are worth waiting for. I have friends that work in IT and a project NEVER goes according to plan or runs in the expected timeframe.

  55. Doreen Neilley, 10 January, 2016

    Hey, Cindy and Doug,
    I am quite sure that the majority of us are more concerned that the new web site is right than we are about it being *right now*. :) I read something recently that said that if God closed a door on you, stop banging on it, because whatever was behind it wasn’t meant for you. You two obviously follow that, because you have found another way out of the room onto a new, BETTER, path! I have sooooo many techniques from my back issues waiting for me to try already!

    I am REALLY looking forward to the pdf versions, because, as you know, I have been doing screen captures and creating something similar for myself. I am one of those who doesn’t take her computer into my studio. While I LOVE the videos for a complete oversight of the technique or project, I find that it is easier for me to have a printed copy beside me as I work, so I can go back and forth easily when I am not quite sure of how something is meant to work.

    Maybe there is a way, in the News Tab, to include a map or list, or something, so that those of us who wish to can let the other paid members know where in the world we are. I would so love to find another Lietz Junkie in my region! :)

    Congratulations to Willow, and to her proud parents. I have a new grandson, born on January 3!

    You may or may not remember that I was asking about using PayPal. My subscription comes due the 16th of this month and my online use credit card has been hacked twice in the last year. Is PayPal available yet or not until the new web site is up and running? If not, I will email you and see if we can work something out to get my payment made.

    Thanks for the update, and the exciting news about some of what is going to be available to us.

  56. Chelsea H, 10 January, 2016

    I love the idea of a locale map that would show where other members are! Members could opt in to have their location pinned on the map to show where they are located that way others could see where they are in conjunction with each other. I would sure love to see if there are others near me!

    I am not sure that I would put this in the news area though as this (I think) would be open to anyone and everyone perusing the site. It might be better to have something like this where we would be revealing a little bit of personal information (even if it is a general location) located in an area that is accessible only once we log into our paid members area.

    I still think the idea is fabulous, Doreen, as I would love, love, LOVE, to meet other creatives in my area. I moved about 1500 miles away from my family and friends a couple years ago and it has been hard to meet people for me here so it would be a welcome addition to the other things that I try to do to meet people! I hope it is something that is considered in the suggestions for the new site.


  57. Doug Lietz, 10 January, 2016

    Will see what we can do about doing some sort of a members map. We did actually try that a while back when new first started going out on the summer road trips… but for the concept did not get off the ground like we were hoping it would. but… we never say never around here :-)

  58. Doug Lietz, 10 January, 2016

    Doreen – in regards to PayPal, just send us an email about that kind of customer support stuff.

  59. Doreen Neilley, 10 January, 2016

    Hey, Cindy and Doug,
    I *think* I heard Cindy saying that we would be getting another set of back issues added to our subscriptions due to the web site change taking so long. If I misheard, I apologize. If I didn’t, how often should I be checking my Membership information so that I am able to download the colour recipes from my new to me back issues, before you go to the new web site and I miss out on them? You gave me a set on July 19 and a set on Oct 18. I’m not trying to be pushy here, I just don’t want to miss out on those recipes! LOL

  60. Doug Lietz, 10 January, 2016

    Back dated volumes are added on or around the date of your quarterly billing… or on around the date that your quarterly billing would be if you are paying annually. So as you can see in your case… July 19… Oct 18 … Jan 15 (roughly each 90 days).

  61. Nixie L, 10 January, 2016

    I know there is a LOT of things going on with this project, I was just wondering if the blog will get an upgrade as well so when I go to look for say something on Kato Poly Clay that it will allow me to sort the results by last entry date. Just a suggestion.

  62. Doug Lietz, 10 January, 2016

    I’ll see what we can do Nixie

  63. Marie Lilley, 13 January, 2016

    Hi Cindy and Doug,

    Thanks for the update and a great update it was, it does all sound so exciting. Looking forward to watching the videos of your studio build to see if I can get any ideas for my craft room. I’m fortunate there is just me and my dogs living in a two bedroom bungalow I’ve turned the second bedroom into the craft room which I recently re-organised and bought some of the really useful drawers they make and sell over here in the UK, but they are now over flowing so if I buy something new I’m having to think about a reshuffle. Nixie’s suggestion of being able to search the blog is a good one, it would also be quite nice to see some pictures of what others on the blog are doing so being able to upload a photo or two would be cool.
    When do you think your new platform will be ready, have the new developers given you any idea of a possible go live date?
    Anyway we are looking forward to it.

  64. Cindy Lietz, 13 January, 2016

    Hi Marie, no date yet as to when the site will be ready. Just know that we are all working on it as fast as we can.

    Just so that you know, the search box at the top of this page is a very handy tool for searching out the information you need on this blog. We have a lot of great content here, so definitely use that search box when you need to find something.

    We will try and put a members gallery on the new site but for now, you can upload any photos that you have on our Facebook Page. Here is the link where you can post them if you wish at our Facebok Members Gallery Page

    If you don’t have a facebook account and you don’t want to set one up, Doug has some info on how to create a Dropbox account that you can post pictures to and link to in the comment section. Mor info here… Dropbox Photo Linking

    Thanks so much for your comment!

  65. Denise Osborne, 13 January, 2016

    I just have to say wow. I’m so glad you’re taking the time now. I have no doubt it will be worth the wait. Thanks for the update and the 9 hours of studio cam. I play them when I’m working out on a project or just creating. So much better than what’s on TV. Sort of a clay day without leaving the house.
    Happy New Year
    Denise (Peppermarie)

  66. Cindy Lietz, 14 January, 2016

    Thank you Denise for saying that! I am so glad that you are enjoying the Studio Cam Videos. I hope the end up giving you a lot of value for your time. Thanks for popping by!

  67. Fran Vainas, 18 January, 2016

    Cindy, I have been having a great time viewing my “new” videos, some of which were made before you went to the system of one unified set of videos for the first Friday.

    And I am finding that I really like both ways of presenting techniques and projects. The older style, where you presented a different video each week of the month, can add lots of variety without sacrificing depth, while the newer style gives us the opportunity to see one project all the way through–making findings, putting the whole piece together, etc.. Every time I watch one of your [newer] videos I am so aware of how complex the process is for you to create and film the whole series.

    I, for one, would not at all mind –in fact, I think I would like it– if you occasionally slipped in a month of 4 separate videos. There are scads of techniques you could teach us without needing to design an entire project around it. I am wondering what you and others think of that idea. Would the variety in the creative process work for you, Cindy, or would it be boring, or is harder to find non-integrated material for 4 separate videos?

    I would love some feedback from all you here in the PCT family!


  68. patty jorgenson, 18 January, 2016

    HI Fran. Oh I kind of agree. but then I love to get videos of any kind from Cindy and Doug. Ive noted some projects that make kind of a lace deal where you take play doh and form clay around it in tubes of clay or tubes of PD. and then after bake wash it out so it makes like a lace effect. Does that make sense. that could be neat. also any more regular canes. of any kind and reducing using registration lines. or if wanting to reduce bulk up ends and surrounding sides and then reduce making sure registration lines are kept .. if that makes sense. I think Cindy was a pioneer in these teaching sites and so many others have now followed suit. She gives the most bang for your buck. Very generous indeed. so…… if I never ever used another tutorial site I would be happy with just hers. Thanks Patty

  69. Chelsea H, 18 January, 2016

    I like both formats as well and would love to see more on surface techniques. I sometimes wonder if having to make a full tutorial for every project slows Cindy down from being truly creative. Like “Ahh I got this great thing I want to show people how to do. But, man, I also got to show them how to work it into a bracelet or necklace or earrings, etc.” Don’t get me wrong. I like those too. But sometimes I just want to play with clay. *wink* ~Chelsea

  70. patty jorgenson, 18 January, 2016

    its fun seeing peoples comments. I like the request above but I have never had wonderful tutorials that also show how to use make findings. very generous tutorials. I think she has been feeding so many of us with stuff. maybe certain links when you do a project…. lI think you already do a little bit of linking. amazing stuff.

  71. Dixie Ann, 18 January, 2016

    AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL MEMBERS: Being a long standing member of Cindys and owning all her videos I have come to realize what a marvelous Teacher she is in the true sense of the word. A Teachers goal is to help us through all the basics so that we can spread our wings and fly onto the next creative endeavor we enjoy. She is doing just that. In her earlier format she crammed so much into those videos as she could but a point was reached where she had to let us fly so a new format developed that would help us fine tune everything we have learned and that is what she has been doing. Helping us fine tune our creativity while new members join to start over with the basics. Now she wants to take us farther by gathering all of us up and including us in the actual building and thinking process of her creativity. Her and Doug are developing a new website in hopes of having the ability to do just that. But at this point I have build enough confidence in myself where I can reach out and begin to also learn new concepts and designs from others and yet always knowing I can reach back and review from my teacher when I run into trouble. Cutting the cord so to speak is unthinkable to me. Remember Cindy is also growing, and learning and being so much more creative in her Teaching. She is also learning from her students as any good teacher would. I don’t think it’s fair of us to ask her to suddenly throw in 4 weeks of short projects like she did in our earlier training. We are beyond that, leave that to the new members. It takes a lot of planning, filming and developement each month to bring us a complete project now. She is giving so much inbetween not only of herself, but she is constantly bringing us new knowledge of products, how they work, if they will work and so many tips to help us continue our path to exploring every facet of our craft. There is so much knowledge in this Search Engine she doesn’t have to show us every time how to make ear wires. She can link us to the video as a reminder. We already got that in our basics. Let her lead us on to better and more creative things in the future without backtracking. I don’t know Cindy, I have never met her, but, I know a good teacher when I have one and I treasure that more than anything.

  72. Catalina L, 19 January, 2016

    I agree, Dixie Ann! I was having trouble keeping up sometimes with a new video every week. Plus, you need to practice the technique for awhile before moving on. The current format is perfect for just that. I always tell my students not to learn too many techiques too fast. You can get confused or run into more difficulties.

    I have been very blessed to have met Cindy and Doug this past summer! They are so down to earth and are an amazing couple! The process of teaching is difficult enough, let alone put it in a video format via the web, is a huge task, to say the least! I know they are both working very hard to get this new platform off the ground. They are open to everyone’s ideas and suggestions but in the end it is their business and they know what is best.

    Cindy has such an amazing talent as a person and a teacher! Her passion shows through in every video! When my husband and I met Cindy and Doug, he told me he now understood why I was so excited to take some time out of our vacation to meet up with them. It felt like we had been friends forever! Her videos make you feel like she is right there with you talking only to YOU! So, it seemed natural to want to meet her!

    Keep up the good work Cindy and Doug! I’m here for the long haul!

  73. Cindy Lietz, 20 January, 2016

    Thank you so much Catalina for saying those things! You are very sweet! Doug and I really enjoyed meeting you and Jose this past summer. It was so fun to spend time with someone who understands the addiction of polymer clay. Thanks for you feedback on what we are trying to do here and for your awesome support! You guys (and others like you) are the reason we work so hard to bring you our best!

  74. DJ, 18 January, 2016

    Both you and Doug have so much on your plate Cindy, with all the changes! I’m really excited about the lifetime access to videos. It’s been a few years now…if I ever feel I need a lift or some inspiration – reviewing the past issue videos helps a lot. Getting a dose of visual candy along with your presentation style always helps : ) Knowing they’ll always be accessible is awesome! Sounds like many positive things ahead with the new web platform and all; I love the studio cam clips too. I’m so grateful for all the hard work you both put into your tutoring/website to ensure a good experience for members and non-members. Thank you for all your effort – here’s to a smooth, productive transition in 2016!!

  75. Cindy Lietz, 18 January, 2016

    Fantastic input Fran, Patty, Chelsea, and Dixie Anne! Thank you so much! Dixie Ann hit the nail on the head, in regards to myself growing as a teacher right along with you. My ultimate goal is to help you to discover your own creativity and run with it. It is not good enough for me to just teach you something… you must grow from it as well. So with that we must change and grow as a company as well.

    Teaching reminds me a lot of Parenting. At first you do things for your child (like how I test out products and techniques so that I can be the one to make the mistakes rather than you).

    Then as your child gets older and more independent you teach them how to do it themselves (like our tutorials teach you how-to do techniques and make projects, for example).

    Then as your child matures, you give them sparks of inspiration so that they begin to think for themselves and collaborate with others ( this is where the Studio Cam Videos come in.).

    As a Parent, the end goal is to nurture capable, independent, free thinking adults. (In the PcT World our goal is to create a tribe of creative, talented, free thinking artists/creatives who grow and learn from each other’s creativity and knowledge, myself included.)

    And just like a real family of members at different stages of development, so must our PcT Family. I have always tried my best to create an environment where the people just starting out have just as important part of the group than the most experienced ones. And where the Teacher learns as much from the Student as the Student from the Teacher, as well as the Student from their Peers.

    Dixie Ann is right about moving forward yet still having a foundation of skills to go back to. This is key. It would be a mistake for us to go back to the old ways, when it is there to go back to whenever we want. And Chelsea is right about there being a freedom in being able to quickly pass along a tip or technique with out having to make a full blown tutorial out of it.

    It is time to move forward… but, it just so happens that in moving forward some of the things we learned in the past, have been brought forward with us. For example, the shorter more prolific videos we once had are now happening in the Studio Cam Videos.

    The New Studio Cam Videos are just jammed packed with quick videos, showing cool tips, great products, sparks of inspiration, developing ideas, successes, failures, discussions, organizing tips, stretching yourself as an artist, living a creative life, etc., etc.

    And there aren’t just 4 of these videos a month either! In fact I have filmed over 400 short videos already that are getting added to the Studio Cam Video Library bit by bit and I am filming new ones almost every day that will get added as we go. These videos will stay in the Library too, so no matter when you join us, there will be a wealth of amazing information for you to learn from and participate in, as you go on your own creative journey.

    So there is some very exciting times ahead for us all!

    Thank you so much everyone for being part of this community and helping us all to move forward and become better artists and to live more creative lives!! Without your input, support and wonderful sharing, we would have nothing to build upon. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

    I would love to hear from more of you too, so make sure to speak up, if you have something to say! :)

  76. Cindy Lietz, 18 January, 2016

    Just a quick note to thank DJ as well! Your comment must have gone up while I was typing mine. Thanks for your kind words!

  77. Cindy Lietz, 18 January, 2016

    Oh and one more thing… DJ brings up and excellent point! The new platform will not only have the benefit of being easy to navigate, look better, have more stuff and be more user friendly… but it will also give you lifetime access to the tutorial lessons that you have purchased in the past… without the risk of losing them, should you ever decide to cancel your subscription membership.

    On our current library platform, once you quit, the computer removes your access to previous content, which for some people is a lot of stuff. The new system has been set up differently so that you will always be able to keep access to any tutorials that get added to your library account over time.

    This alone is a HUGE advantage in the new platform, to look forward to. Thanks DJ for bringing that up!

  78. Katy Alexis, 19 January, 2016

    I’m just a brand new member, so I don’t have the perspective that many of you do. I can tell you from my short time with the paid tutorials and seeing some of four separate techniques and some of one project, it’s all great to me! I don’t mind at all if Cindy says that she’s shown us a technique before in a previous video that I haven’t seen, because to me it’s just exciting to know that’s one more video I’m going to want to purchase when I can. At the same time, I don’t mind a little review if she goes over something in multiple videos. A little review is always good. For example awhile back I had watched one of Cindy’s free tutorials on the mica shift technique, and I’ve done a fair bit of it so I got a little comfortable in my ways and I guess I sort of assumed I knew it all. (a sure fire way to get stuck in a rut!) However in one of my quests for another piece of Cindy gold on YouTube I wound up watching that video of hers again and realizing I had sort of forgotten the tip about sticking the piece to a round surface before slicing. I think when I first watched it I had thought I was doing fine slicing it on a flat surface but when I watched it again one of the things she said was that this will keep the little fragments you cut off from sticking to your piece, and that had been a problem I was running into sometimes. Seeing it again is the only thing that reminded me of that tiny but very helpful bit.

    Anyway, I’m delighted with all the videos I have so far and I can hardly wait for each new back issue I can buy! I’m sure that however the site and format of videos changes and grows, it’ll be a wonderful journey of growth that I’m thrilled to take… Wherever it may lead… It’s all just too much fun!

  79. Cindy Lietz, 20 January, 2016

    Thank you soooo much Katy! You have been an absolute delight! You are eager, open hearted, talented and giving. You aren’t afraid to just go for it and get playing in that clay. Because of your attitude, you are learning and progressing at lightening speed. It has been our pleasure to have you here in our sweet little polymer clay family. Thank you so much for your input and we hope to have you around for many years to come!

  80. Katy Alexis, 20 January, 2016

    Well that was so incredibly sweet of you! And it’s a good thing you feel that way because you’re sure not getting rid of me very easily. I’m shooting for a life long membership. After all, we can always learn, no matter how great we get at something. And I’ve got awhile to go yet before I get to great. ;) So back to my lessons while the Fordite bakes!

  81. Chelsea H, 19 January, 2016

    Cindy and Doug,
    Has there been any thought to opening the Studio Cam videos to the newer members at some point as a fee based add on? I realize right now that they are sort of a bonus to members who have all the content since they are not receiving newer content. This is their new content. But for members like me who are newer members (I think I have been with the community around 18 months or so) I am just unable to go back and purchase the entire library.

    Now please do not think that I am belittling the content that is in the library. I am not. I think it is worthy content to have. There is just a lot of it. I added up the cost of it for myself and it isn’t feasible on my income. Disability only stretches so far.

    After the new site launches, will there be a way for members to maybe see those videos by paying an add on price? (in lieu of having to purchase the entire library first)

    Thank you kindly,

  82. Doug Lietz, 19 January, 2016

    Yes we are putting some serious thought into this, Chelsea. Of all the private communications we are receiving (many many email messages), this is by far the biggest bone of contention. So… we are definitely looking at ways to make it possible for all subscribers to have access to the Studio Cam lessons.

    Personally, I think this “Fly-On-The-Wall” content is going to become a fundamental component for helping everyone to achieve “success” (however it is that you define success), with your polymer clay projects.

  83. Chelsea H, 19 January, 2016

    Thanks so much for communicating that with us, putting consideration into this as well, and always listening to us as we ask questions. Transitioning is really exciting for everyone, but it can also be really scary too with all the unknowns.

    I agree with you, I truly think the content in the Studio Cam videos are going to become really essential. I look forward to a time when I too will be able to see them!

    Thanks again for all the hard work you guys do! It is your hard work and dedication that keeps me (and I am sure most of this community) firmly planted.

    Regards, Chelsea

  84. Cindy Lietz, 20 January, 2016

    It our pleasure Chelsea! Thank you so much for your support and kind words!

  85. Anna Sabina, 21 January, 2016

    I have already seen some great changes in the back issues I love that there are 2 options, one to click on if you want to buy the back issue and a second to take us right to the issues we have alreay purchased. In the past I had to figure out which back issue I was looking for and then go to a different link and scoll and scroll and scroll until I found it. I also LOVE having the color recipes right there too. My computer desk top is just covered in links to the recipes those recipes I have saved. I would pop them into a folder but they were never in any sort of order. My husband is going to like this feature too.

  86. Yong R, 22 January, 2016

    Cindy and Doug, it’s okay to take time with the website. All of us have SO MANY video tutorials to work on – since the beginning (before the HD) to the latest, and the studio cam videos.

    Then there’s so MUCH HELPFUL INFO on blogs, website that all of us can review. TKU for all the tutorials. Enjoying it greatly.

    Also, HAPPY & HEALTHY New Year. You’re GREAT people to know & GREAT teachers.

  87. Cindy Lietz, 22 January, 2016

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Yong. Doug and I really appreciate you. Happy New Year to you too!

  88. Chris Creeden, 12 February, 2016

    Cindy and Doug,

    I too share Chelsea H.’s sentiment on the possibility of opening up the Studio Cam videos to the newer members on a fee based process. I am a new member and would dearly love to be able to see these videos, it sounds like so much fun and tons of information to be learned through them.
    I have purchased some back issues already & currently have a “wish list” of others I want to buy, I am formulating my list on the videos I think will suit my particular interests. I also share Chelsea’s comment that the content of all the past videos are certainly worthy and would really love all of them but for me to purchase all would be hard on my budget.

    Anyway, just wanted to share this to let you know there’s another member hoping you might consider opening up the Studio Cam videos!
    As always I love what you do and have learned so much. I can’t wait for the new website to be up and running!!


  89. Cindy Lietz, 12 February, 2016

    Thank you so much Chris for your kind words and input on this topic. We will take your thoughts into consideration.

  90. Vickie S., 12 February, 2016

    Add me to the people who are all for making the studio cam videos available. I’m happy to pay for something like that. I had just gotten into polymer clay and found your site I think less than a month before you made this announcement about changing to a newly formatted website so it would be way too expensive for me to go back and buy every back issue. I have purchased a number of them but I still have so many more to go that the cost is too high to purchase all of the rest. I agree that it was a great plan to offer them for free for your long term members who have been with you from the beginning but it would be nice if they were available for other members to purchase. By making them completely unavailable to the rest of us it kind of feels like we are being punished for either not finding you earlier to join earlier or not having enough money to purchase the full library all at one time. I had never even heard of polymer clay until about a month before I found you on the web and that is how I did find you – while doing research on the subject. I do think it’s entirely fair to put them as a purchase option for people who do not own the full library tho – I think most people like me would think that is reasonable and fair. So hopefully you will consider making that available in the future. Just putting my vote in. Thanks!

  91. Jan W, 12 February, 2016

    Hi Cindy and Doug. CONGRATS on the engagement of your daughter!!!! I’m sure you are excited beyond words. Thanks again for all you are doing!!

  92. Tracey Lowe, 13 February, 2016

    Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for your super informative update. I’m looking forward those little extras you read off…They’ll be very valuable lessons too!….

    I have a question in regards to the paid Videos. I have a Samsung Tablet and use it for other tutorials (not Polymer Clay related) as it’s easier to access in my studio. I am having difficulty accessing you videos on the Samsung. It requires a flash drive which Samsung Tablets cannot down load. I can access the YouTube ones, but not the actual paid lesson.
    I am wondering if you or Doug or any of your subscribers would have any idea how I can access these videos on my Tablet? It just would make life so much easier.

    Thank you so much


  93. Chrissie F, 13 February, 2016

    G’day Tracey,

    This may or may not help but I’ll tell you how I view the tutorials on my tablet. I don’t have a Samsung but I use an iPad so it may be similar in terms of viewing.

    All I do is open the browser (Safari) and log into PCT just as if I was using the laptop. They open perfectly (I can even see them on the TV screen via Apple TV!)

    If this doesn’t work for you I’m sure one of the other subscribers or our techie expert extraordinaire Doug will come to the rescue :-)


  94. Doug Lietz, 14 February, 2016

    Hi Tracey,

    The earlier videos in the library from Vol-001 to Vol-034, were published before mobile devices became popular. These earlier videos are using “flash” technology which does not play directly on any of the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android (Samsung Tablets) devices.

    With the new site, all of the videos will be converted to a format that will play directly on all mobile devices… and for now… there is a work around App that you can use.

    I provided links to App over at this thread.

  95. Tracey Lowe, 16 February, 2016

    Thank you both, Doug and Chrissie. I really appreciate your help.

  96. Doreen Neilley, 09 July, 2016

    It seems as though it has been several months since the last time the new website was mentioned; the last posts I see here are from February. I am just wondering if Cindy and Doug have any news for us on how it’s going?

  97. Cindy Lietz, 09 July, 2016

    Hi Doreen,

    Unfortunately, things are taking much longer than we anticipated, with the new website renovations. Moving and updating 8 years of content is one huge undertaking :-O … but we will get it done… that you can be sure of :-)

    In the meantime, hopefully you know that with each quarterly payment you make, we have been uploading 3 (new-for-you) Back Issue Volumes to your library account.

    In other words, we are making sure that you are still receiving your monthly “fix” of video tutorials, even though things are taking longer than expected with the current renovations.

    When we have updates to announce, about the new site, we will definitely post that info in the Email Newsletter which gets sent out each Friday.

  98. Linda Cronk, 09 July, 2016

    Hi Cindy
    I am not sure if I am getting anything uploaded to my library where would I find that? I have bought quite a few which is fine with me however maybe I am missing out on some really good stuff :-)) and do not know where to find it. I am looking forward to the new website and yes 8 years a huge undertaking WOW. Keep up the great work

  99. Cindy Lietz, 10 July, 2016

    Hi Linda… I just sent you an email about this :-)

  100. Candice Dear, 31 August, 2016

    I was just wondering if there’s an update as to the new website. Thanks.

  101. Doug Lietz, 31 August, 2016

    Hi Candice,

    Unfortunately, things are taking much longer than we anticipated, with the new website renovations. Moving and updating 8 years of content is one huge undertaking :-O … but we will get it done… that you can be sure of :-)

    In the meantime, hopefully you know that with each quarterly payment you make, we have been uploading 3 (new-for-you) Back Issue Volumes to your library account (this goes for all paid subscribers).

    In other words, we are making sure that you are still receiving your monthly “fix” of video tutorials, even though things are taking longer than expected with the current renovations.

    When we have updates to announce, about the new site, we will definitely post that info in the Email Newsletter which gets sent out each Friday… and here at the blog as well.

    Thanks for being a valued member of our PcT community.

  102. Candice Dear, 31 August, 2016

    Thanks for the quick response Doug. I guess I was just concerned because I don’t have access to the studio videos that I was out of the loop.

    I love the videos — thanks.

  103. Elfie Shotts, 04 September, 2016

    Hi Cindy and Doug,
    I was just reading about how you were adding 3 back issues each quarter for us. My question is what about those of us who have purchaced all the back issues already? I bought all the back issues from you at the end of last year.
    Will be so happy when the website goes live!

  104. Doug Lietz, 04 September, 2016

    Hello Elfie,

    For everyone who already owns all of the back issues (such as yourself), we decided to go a bit overboard by uploading over 3 hours of Studio Cam clips each and every month (33 hours is the total to date… and counting). Our “normal” commitment to paid subscribers is one hour’s worth of videos each month.

    The Studio Cam clips follow a different format than the regular Back Issue Volumes. And one of the big benefits, is that they allow Cindy to speak more candidly about the things that don’t work… as she works her way through the process of getting to what does work. This is the kind of teaching that most students never get to see from other instructors. It’s a perspective that will provide tremendous creative value for you, if you allow it.

    Plus of course, you continue to have 24-7 access to all of the 85 Back Issue Volumes. When re-visiting these lessons from the past, you may just end up surprising yourself about how far your skills and creativity have advanced since the first time ’round. You will also very likely hear and see things that did not sink in when you originally watched the videos.

    Btw… when you do experience any of those “aha” learning moments when going back through your library of videos, please do let us know.

    Thanks for being a valued member of our PcT community.

  105. Elfie Shotts, 04 September, 2016

    Thanks Doug! I really need to start looking at the studio cams more often. I appreciated the quick response to my question too!
    Have a great weekend,

  106. Becky Mizell, 06 January, 2017

    Hi, I wondering if you are really going to get your website up and going again with new tutorials or if you have decided to let it lapse. I am trying to figure out what I want to do in the future.

  107. Cindy Lietz, 06 January, 2017

    We’re working on it Becky. We have sunk a lot of time and money into it so far, so we are not going to just let it lapse. It has taken WAY more work than what was expected. If I had a magic wand I would be waving it right now. It has been a heck of a year!

  108. Ginny M, 01 May, 2017

    Cindy I wanted to say that I appreciate the behind the scenes StudioCam videos, sometimes I end up ordering stuff, hahaha… easy to do :)

    Take care,

  109. Cindy Lietz, 01 May, 2017

    Thank you Ginny… I appreciate you saying that.

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