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Using Wet/Dry Sandpaper For Sanding Polymer Clay

Video #768: Done properly, this finishing technique will make your smooth-surface polymer clay pieces, feel like silk.

How To Make Your Own Sanding Pads For Polymer Clay

Video #762: Sanding pads have advantages over using just the sandpaper alone, but they are expensive. Here’s how to make them yourself for… 11

PolyFast Sander for Polymer Clay

Video #752: The makers of this unique sanding tool from Belgium, sent me a demo unit to test out. Here are my initial… 35

A Sanding Trick For Gripping Small Polymer Clay Beads

Video #725: Low tech solutions are often the best way to go… as you will see in today’s polymer clay sanding demo.

Comparing New JoolTool Design To Previous Version

Video #568: More videos coming soon… on how to use a JoolTool with Polymer Clay. Let me know if you are interested…

Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild JoolTool Demo

Video #525: With much less effort than hand sanding techniques, your polymer clay pieces will become beautiful and shiny!

How To Get Shiny Polymer Clay Using Renaissance Wax

Video #456: Roadtrip #2-05 (WA): “Just Like Butter” (to the touch)… is the reaction you want to hear.

How to Buff Polymer Clay Using a JoolTool

Video #455: Roadtrip #2-04 (WA): “Bad JoolTool” is what Karonkay used to say… but not any more.

Polymer Jewelry Artist Cindy Peterson Follow Up Visit

Video #451: Roadtrip #2-01 (OR): Finishing skills have noticeably improved over the past year.

How to Polish Polymer Clay Beads in a Rock Tumbler

Video #363: Introducing a new polishing substrate to use in your polymer clay rock tumbler.

Using Gilder’s Paste on Your Polymer Clay

Video #360: So many colors to work with… Red Tulip, Damson, German Silver and many more.

Renaissance Wax For Finishing Polymer Clay

Video #358: This microcrystalline polish was originally formulated at the British Museum in the 1950’s.

Polishing Papers For Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

Video #346: A low tech sanding and polishing solution that will get the job done!

JoolTool Introduction | Buffing Polymer Clay

Video #345: A rotary tool that actually lets you see what you are doing… Ninja Style!

Sanding and Buffing Your Polymer Clay Is Worth It

Video #337: It feels so silky… almost like running your fingers across a piece of the finest satin that money can buy.

Faux Jasper Cabochons | Polymer Tutorials Vol-054

6 Videos #309 to #314: Take your $5 cabochons to the $40 level by following some simple and important advice!

Who Knew That Dogs Liked Polymer Clay So much?

Video #302: Roadtrip #1-07: “One of the (Dragons) I made, my dog decided to eat!” ~Dana Murphy

Celtic Heart Necklace Video | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #244: “Thinking of how to piece and design finished things together… help in this direction is greatly appreciated.” ~DJ

Vol-034 Mar’2011 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Rose Petal Beads; 2: Fill Bezels with Clay; 3: Wax Polishing Your Beads; 4: Grape Hyacinth Cane:

Finishing Wax as a Bead Polish | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Vid #196: “Is there any information about using Minwax with polymer clay? I tried it on a sample piece. It looks good now,… 97

Vol-026 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Butterfly Cane; 2: Rocker Beads; 3: Faux Dichroic Glass; 4: Micromesh Abrasives:

Micro Mesh Abrasives Video Polymer Clay Library

“I have been using the same Micromesh pads I started with over a year ago and they are still very usable. LOVE IT!”… 54

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