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Baking Curves Into Your Polymer Clay Pieces

Video #773: Those old burnt-out filament light bulbs you’ve been hoarding will come in very handy for this technique.

Sutton Slice Polymer Clay Tips and Techniques

Video #746: If you’ve ever had trouble doing the Sutton Slice… Or if you’ve never attempted it… I have some must-have tips for… 30

A Million and One Polymer Clay Necklace Designs

Video #741: Well maybe there isn’t exactly a 1,000,0001 necklaces in today’s video, but there are sure are a lot… and I wear… 20

Miniature Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose

Video #739: It took about 4 hours to make… but finishing a project like this definitely gives you something to feel proud of.

Silk Screen Stencils From Create Along Brand

Video #735: A quick demo and product review of some new silkscreens that work beautifully with polymer clay.

Closet Tote Hanger, Studio Organization Tips

Video #726: You don’t have to store all of your craft supplies on shelves or in drawers… hanging stuff on hooks can work… 8

A Sanding Trick For Gripping Small Polymer Clay Beads

Video #725: Low tech solutions are often the best way to go… as you will see in today’s polymer clay sanding demo.

Screw Eye Findings For Polymer Clay Pendants

Video #724: Have you ever lost a jewelry charm because the eyelet came loose? Well… today’s video addresses that problem!

Sabertooth Tiger Beads – Halloween Costume Jewelry

Video #703: Polymer clay is the perfect art medium for adding authenticity to any costume… Cosplay enthusiasts take note!

Nautical Anchor Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-085

6 Videos #668 to #673: This fun sailor themed project will have you right on trend with the latest in fashion… Ships Ahoy!

Graffiti Style Street Hearts | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-081

6 Videos #622 to #627: Valentines Day is coming… Time to take your Sweet Hearts to a whole new level of fun… Introducing… 50

Smooth Rounded Edges on Flat Polymer Clay Cutouts

Video #620: All you need is some plastic wrap and a cookie cutter to get professional looking edges every time.

Faux Fordite Wire Weave Pendant | Polymer Tute Vol-080

6 Videos #609 to #614: Also known as Detroit Agate, Fordite is a now scarce byproduct from the vintage automotive industry.

Christmas Sweater Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-079

6 Videos #597 to #602: A classic knitting or needlepoint pattern that never gets old. It just gets more nostalgic with each passing… 27

Cymbidium Orchid | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-075

6 Videos #550 to #556: Sculpted polymer clay orchid flowers… perfect for pendants, headbands, brooches and home decor.

Reptile Hollow Lentil Bead | Polymer Tutorial Vol-074

6 Videos #539 to #544: In this tutorial I demonstrate how to use the Sculpey Hollow Bead Maker Tool Kit… like a pro!

Shoreline Bracelet | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-072

6 Videos #512 to #517: Turning colored bits of clay, into a unique ocean scene. Jewelry for those long walks on the beach.

Crocus Bead Lariat | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-070

6 Videos #490 to #495: Spring is in the air with this refreshing polymer clay jewelry project.

Faux Labradorite | Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-057

6 Videos #338 to #343: So real looking, it may just even fool Mother Nature!

Vol-045 Feb’2012 Back Issues | Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Celtic Hearts 2: Faux Wood Cane 3: Faux Wood Veneer 4: Celtic Heart Necklace

Celtic Heart Necklace Video | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #244: “Thinking of how to piece and design finished things together… help in this direction is greatly appreciated.” ~DJ

Polymer Clay Sculpted Dogwood Flower Pendant

Gallery (10 pics): “These are just stunning. I can’t believe how real they look.” ~Elizabeth-S

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