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Polymer Clay Video Tutorials Volume 45Video Tutorials:
1: Celtic Hearts
2: Faux Wood Cane
3: Faux Wood Veneer
4: Celtic Heart Necklace

Well another month has gone by and the Volume-045 Back Issue Videos have now been added to the Polymer Clay Library. If you missed your chance to see these tutorials as they were released each Friday during the month of February, now is your chance to add them to your collection as a convenient bundled package.

Today’s photo shows thumbnail images for the 4 videos included in this Vol-045 Package:

Video-045-1 Celtic Hearts: The Celtic knot represents the eternal love or togetherness of two lovers. What could be more romantic than that? Learn to make a Celtic Knot Bead that looks like it was carved from real stone or wood. And since it is made with polymer clay, it is a much easier technique to master!

Video-045-2 Faux Wood Cane: If you love the look of wood beads and pendants, but don’t really want to become a woodworker… then make your own custom Faux Wood Cane from polymer clay. You can use it to make almost anything look like wood. With the techniques you learn in this tutorial, you can go on to mimic any type of wood. The possibilities are truly endless! (How many times have I said that!)

Video-045-3 Faux Wood Veneer: In a similar way that veneeers are used with real wood projects, thin slices of polymer clay veneers can also be used on your beads and jewelry. In this tutorial you will learn the tips and tricks for adding faux wood veneers to the Knotted Celtic Hearts that you created in the Vol-045-1 lesson. These techniques will bring your skill level up a few notches, and make you a more confident, competent clayer.

Video-045-4 Celtic Heart Necklace: Once you have gone to all the work of creating a well made and sometimes complex polymer clay piece, such as a Faux Wood Knotted Celtic Heart, why not give it a the professional finish it deserves. So many beginners quit working on a piece, just short of greatness… when only 10% more effort would take it from amateur to professional. In this lesson you will learn techniques to create a beautifully finished Celtic Heart Pendant Necklace, to give to ‘the one that holds your heart’… even if that one is yourself!

Pink Rose Polymer Clay Color Palette

Also included in this Volume-045 back issue package, are the A-Series recipe cards from the Ivy Leaf Palette.

To read feedback from members who have already benefited from the videos and recipes in this Vol-045 back issue package, click here: Celtic Hearts | Faux Wood Cane | Faux Wood Veneer | Celtic Heart Necklace

And, Sneak Peak Preview Clips are available for viewing here:
Polymer Clay Tutorials [Videos]

If anyone else would like to add a review for any of the videos or color recipes in Volume-045, I would love to hear from you. Or if you have not yet purchased this back issue and have a question, ask away. In either case, use the comments section below.

Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. Lawrence S, 28 February, 2012

    WOW !!! What a month it has been with four great tutorials along with what will probably be my favorite colour palette.
    The Lietz team has done it again.
    What a bargain.
    For less than $4.00 we got a practical and fun project along with a number of techniques in 50 minutes of video and a great colour palette .
    I’m left speechless. Where is an Academy Award for Polymer accomplishment and Doug’s cinematography ?

  2. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 28 February, 2012

    Thanks Lawrence for the accolades! Maybe they could hand out an Oscar or Grammy type of award, and call it a Poly … sculpted from Polymer clay of course. LOL!

    My goal in producing the videos for you guys is to create a visual experience that simulates as close as possible, what it would be like if you were sitting right beside Cindy, learning right in her studio.

    So… when details need to be emphasized or highlighted, I create high quality, full motion closeups that overlay and match what Cindy is saying in words.

    The other important thing is to flip between broad based shots and close ups, so you always get proper context.

    Unfortunately there are far too many blurry tutes floating around the internet these days, that look like they were filmed on a camera phone. Here at PCT, we strive to be better than that. And we don’t charge an arm and a leg for it… as you implied in your comment above.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the February series… and thanks for being a member. You are one of the veterans around here!

  3. Phaedrakat, 29 February, 2012

    Lawrence said it…this was another fantastic month of wonderful tutorials. Cindy & Doug, you definitely deserve an award…or recognition of some sort for the amazing content you produce. Thanks so much for keeping the cost of the videos low, and the quality SKY HIGH!!! ~Kat

  4. Dixie Ann, 29 February, 2012

    Well guys, I just tried the Gilders paste Cindy used on her Celtic
    pendant and I must tell you it is nothing short of fantastic. I filled a bezel with premo blush clay and imprinted a small rose pattern stamp. I took a foam wedge (I get these in the makeup dept at Wal-mart) and covered it with the color Pinotage which is a deep rust colored red. I immediate wiped it off with a dry paper towel and the luster you get was instant. All of the high areas look like they had a gloss applied to them! I was so impressed with this product I bought 6 more colors. The nicest thing about the paste is if it gets too dry you can add a few drops of mineral spirits and mix it in and it will last forever (well almost). Just one thing, if you order the German Silver color, it is not silver but rather a glossy soft gold. It was so hard to decide which colors to get but you will not be disappointed with any of them. It will take about 12 hrs for it to dry completely and you can still add a topcoast or you can even add and mix the colors for other variations.

  5. pollyanna, 05 March, 2012

    This was great info, Dixie Ann.Thanks so much for posting.

  6. Shelly N, 02 March, 2012

    Hey Cindy and Doug (of course) – Keep up the good work. Scratch that, keep up the GREAT work you guys do.

  7. Paula M, 04 March, 2012

    I told my two sisters about your library videos and they also have a subscriptions now too. Thanks again for your fabulous contribution to the polymer clay community.

  8. Molly J, 06 March, 2012

    Cindy, LOVE all your Videos. You are the BEST! – my Friday evening BFF. Always claying.

  9. Chrisse B, 10 March, 2012

    Love your videos and many thanks.

  10. Sue S, 13 March, 2012

    I love the way you explain everything in such great detail – it’s like you’re sitting in the room with me – great job!

  11. Mary D, 05 April, 2012

    Thank you so much for your information Cindy. As a beginner, I look forward to trying this wonderful new Polymer Clay craft, and am so glad to have found your inspiring, clear on-line site and video’s.
    With kind regards

  12. Debra G, 03 June, 2012

    Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for helping with getting my payments straightened out. This means a lot to me and you know how much I love your program and I have learned so much. I really appreciate you and we have been together for a long time and I will remain with you for a long time. You’re the best out there and I don’t think anyone can compare to the quality of your videos and the variety of tutorials that you offer. Thank you again Cindy!!

    Debra aka clay junkie

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