Christmas Ornament Bead Swap at the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild

Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament “How about showing us some Christmas ornaments you have made.” ~Freda-K

The Christmas decoration shown in today’s photo is for an ornament swap that is happening at the Vancouver Polymer Clay Guild Christmas party later this week. I will be attending as a guest of Linda Gross, and it will be my first introduction to the members of this local guild. So I am really looking forward to it!

As should be obvious in the photo, the beads were made using my Holly and Berry Cane Designs, which were also used to make a matching Christmas Necklace.

Just as in the necklace, the ornament also includes some messy wrapped wire work, along with a tassel and a swirly hook.

I know it will look great on the tree of whoever wins it at the upcoming swap, and I am excited to see what I get to bring home as my prize.

Unfortunately I have not had to time to organize a formal bead swap for all of you guys here at the blog. But as I’ve said before I would be happy to support one if there are a few of you that want to organize it. Silverleaf (Anna) brought up the idea in the comments section of this post: Fall Polymer Clay Color Recipes

If anyone is interested in participating and/or organizing a bead swap, please do post a comment below with your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. Ken H., 02 December, 2009

    I understand the concept but not sure of how they work, but I’d be up for it.

  2. Anna Sabina, 02 December, 2009

    I have participated in a few swaps through Polymer Clay Central. I appreciate how much time and effort Cindy spends giving us great color recipes, daily blogs and video tutorials. I am willing to help organize a bead swap but do not want to do it alone, especially since there are clayers here from all over the globe.

    Des Moines, Iowa

  3. Elizabeth S., 02 December, 2009

    Good morning, Cindy,

    Whoever gets this ornament will treasure it I’m sure. It’s beautiful and so unique.

    I love the idea of a bead swap, and would love to participate or even orchestrate if someone who has done it can tell me how to go about it.
    My recommendation though would be to take Silverleaf up on her offer to orchestrate if she is still willing.

    Silverleaf, I appreciate your concerns about postage. I can’t imagine that postage costs would be prohibitive, but you are right, it is an issue. Maybe others have thoughts or experience in how to address the costs. For me, it would be the coolest to have our beads traveling to all parts of the world–little tokens of the friendship generated here at the site (just my somewhat sappy opinion). I don’t know how many countries are represented now, but it seems like the number is growing all the time. Right, Cindy?

  4. Elizabeth S., 02 December, 2009

    Anna, Silverleaf, (or anyone who takes on the task of orchestrating),

    I am on board to help however I can.

  5. Arlene Harrison, 02 December, 2009

    I participate in swaps from time to time with PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy) and what we do is one person coordinates who all is participating, gathers the addresses and sends the addresses to the participants. For instance, we’re doing an ornament swap right now. I signed up for three ornaments so I get the names and addresses of three other participants to mail mine to and three other participants will mail an ornament to me. I can decide how many ornaments I want to send. Some just do one, most do three like me, and a few do more but it’s your choice. So far we have only had one occasion when a sender did not receive an ornament in return. In that case, the organizer volunteered to send an ornament but we’ve really had good success with them.

    All of that being said, I would love to particiapte in a bead swap — but after the first of the year, please! I’m so far behind just in reading email and blogs that it’s not funny! But I do love Christmas so it’s all worth it!

  6. Lisa Whitham, 02 December, 2009

    Count me in, I’d love to swap beads… :)


  7. Lawrence, 02 December, 2009

    I am game for a bead swap in the New Year. I just finished participating in our Canadian national group Clayamies ornament swap. I am looking forward to receiving my fifteen ornaments soon. I am also making an ornament for our Vancouver Guild Party swap. My fingers,toes and anything else are all crossed for the next three days in the hope I will get Cindy’s gorgeous ornament.

  8. Melinda, 02 December, 2009

    The swap sounds fabulous! I would definitely be interested and can help out with something. I’m not sure what but I would be willing to help in anyway I can.

  9. Peggy, 03 December, 2009

    Me too, but I also would like to wait to after the Holidays are over. I would also be willing to help if I can. Arlene’s way of doing this sounds good. Anyone signed up for the exchange would just have to take the chance of sending a bead to a different country. I think it would be worth the postage to have one of your beads travel the world. What a way to start the new year. I would love a list of with everyones name, location and even a little info – married, single, children etc. It would be nice to know this clay family a little better.

    Cindy your ornament is beautiful and Lawrence I will keep some fingers and toes crossed for you also. Good Luck lawrence

  10. Lawrence, 03 December, 2009

    Thanks Peggy ,but it is the luck of the draw in this competition.
    But our “Silent Auction” fundraiser is another story as those gals can get downright mean. I will let you know how I do.

  11. LindaG, 04 December, 2009

    Hey Lawrence, I have to let you know that once I saw Cindy’s gorgeous ornament, I started crossing everything in my house PLUS all my toes and fingers – so you’ve got competition, LOL!
    Cindy – you are so talented, I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they have a chance to see this in person.
    Peggy, I agree that having our beads travel in the new year would be a lot of fun!

  12. Cindy Lietz, 04 December, 2009

    Thank you everyone for the sweet comments!

    @Lawrence …looking forward to meeting you in person! Also can’t wait to see the ornament that you are bringing to the swap. Bet it is great!

    @LindaG – …very happy that you invited me to the party as your ‘date’! LOL Will be great to see you again!

    I look forward to revisiting this bead swap idea again in the new year. It sounds like there are some interested members here in making it work.

  13. Sue Werner, 04 December, 2009

    I definitely would be interested in a swap in the new year. I have never participated in one before, but I have seen a few results on blog postings, and often the swap will focus on a certain theme, color etc. I saw one where everyone made texture plates and swapped them. Is this how it is usually done, or is it a swap of a favorite bead…? Sounds like fun!

  14. Cindy Lietz, 09 December, 2009

    Yeah I think so Sue. Other than this Ornament swap, I haven’t done any myself. Seems like you could set it up however you wanted to and make up your own rules for one. It’s a neat idea. One way to see a variety of other artist’s work.

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