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Polymer Clay Texture Stamps by My Mandarin Ducky

Video #757: A product demo and review video, showcasing several of Aniko Kolesnikova’s unique Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies.

Making a Miniature Enchanted Rose – Stem Construction

Video #753: See how I plan through the process of going miniature… in this StudioCam sampler (Beauty & the Beast) video clip.

Polymer Clay Zinnia Flower Cane Mini Tutorial

Video #749: Chrysanthemum Cane… kicked up a notch… using a shifted color blend, metallic accent and an easy feathering technique.

Playing With My Brand New 3D Printing Pen

Video #740: Definitely a learning curve… but perfect if you LOVE challenges… like me! Lots of fabulous design possibilities!

Miniature Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose

Video #739: It took about 4 hours to make… but finishing a project like this definitely gives you something to feel proud of.

A Million and One Polymer Clay Earring Designs

Video #734: If there is any technique that catches your eye in today’s video, just post a comment and we’ll get you the… 30

Review BeeSPutty Plastic Sculpting Clay

Video #729: A unique alternative to polymer clay, with much superior properties for fine-art sculpted projects and creations.

Fuchsia Flower Fairy Lights | Polymer Tutorial Vol-084

6 Videos #655 to #660: LED light strings decorated with translucent polymer clay flowers… adding some delights to your life.

Carrot Cake Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-082-B

1-B: Butter Yellow 2-B: Carrot Cake 3-B: Brown Butter 4-B: Fondant Leaves

Sugar Rose Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-082-A

1-A: Sugar Rose 2-A: Buttercream 3-A: Sugar Leaf 4–A: Gumpaste Hydrangeas

Christmas Sweater Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-079

6 Videos #597 to #602: A classic knitting or needlepoint pattern that never gets old. It just gets more nostalgic with each passing… 27

Fairy Doors | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-077

6 Videos #572 to #577: Enchanted miniature decor for the Gnomes and Fairies that may be scampering around your home.

Cymbidium Orchid | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-075

6 Videos #550 to #556: Sculpted polymer clay orchid flowers… perfect for pendants, headbands, brooches and home decor.

Minwax Polyurethane (Oil Based) on Polymer Clay

Video #535: Four month test results show that this varnish product is compatible with Premo Polymer Clay (so far).

Rainbow Teardrop Blend (Multicolored Skinner Blend)

Video #518: For those of you who need a bit more help going from a simple two color blend to a multi-color rainbow… 13

Foxgloves & Raindrops | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-071

6 Videos #502 to #507: Inspired by the saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, this Spring Tutorial has a little of both!

Crocus Bead Lariat | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-070

6 Videos #490 to #495: Spring is in the air with this refreshing polymer clay jewelry project.

Baking Polymer Clay on Corn Starch or Baking Soda

Video #463: A baking technique that works great with sculptural polymer clay items.

Inaugural Ball Polymer Flower Bouquet – Karon Cowger

Video #454: Roadtrip #2-03 (WA): Karonkay finally gets to share her amazing “Presidential” story.

Sculpted Treasures by Arvita & Ross Elam, Spokane

Video #299: Roadtrip #1-03: “There was something so real and sweet about the connections we made that day.” ~Cindy Lietz

Polymer Flowers, Karonkay Cowger, Spokane WA

Video #290: Roadtrip #1-01: “It all started with the Dogwood Flower Tutorial and a bouquet for my Mother.” ~Karonkay-C

Vol-050 July 2012 Back Issues | Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Mica Shift Mermaid Scales 2: Sculpted Ranunculus Flowers 3: Texture, Texture, Texture 4: Hand Torched Headpins

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