A Million and One Polymer Clay Earring Designs

Polymer Clay Earring Design Ideas - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #734: If there is any technique that catches your eye in today’s video, just post a comment and we’ll get you the link.

In today’s video I want to show you 1,000,001 polymer clay earrings… well not quite, but there are a ton! :)

Making earrings is one of my favorite things to do with polymer clay. The polymer medium is super light, so it is perfect for wearing on your ears, and it’s so colorful and versatile too. You can make it look like anything you like!

Being super busy right now, and not having a lot of time for making up samples for our (your) next YouYube video, I was looking for something to show today that was already on hand. And there on my windowsill, was the rack of earrings made with a whole bunch of different techniques. So I am taking the opportunity to talk about earrings… lots of them!

As you are watching this video, if there is a specific technique you want more information about, just post a comment and I will dig up a link for you.

Or… you could type the name of the technique that I refer to in the video, into the search box here at the blog website, and you will be able to find references that way too.

I hope this jam packed video gives you lots of inspiring ideas, so that you can start expanding upon your own collection of polymer clay earrings.

Do you have any suggestions for videos on tips, techniques or products you would like to learn more about? Let me know in the comments section below!

My goal is to help you to learn quicker and easier ways to bring up the professionalism in your polymer clay art.

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  1. Krithika P, 16 May, 2016

    I really enjoyed seeing so many earring designs one after another! Gave me many ideas on how to use the buckets of beads I have. I have been meaning to try some rose ear wires: love how they dress up a pair of earrings automatically.

    The funny thing is, I really like making large dangly earrings but I wear itty bitty ones myself! So I like seeing ideas for stud style earrings that I can make.

    Along the same lines as this video, maybe some necklace/pendant ideas would be helpful? I tend to go down the traditional path of using chain or beading wires for necklaces and glue on bails for pendants. It’d be cool to see some different stringing ideas and how to pick one for a certain style of bead. I’d love to learn some bail ideas as well: wire wrapped ones and maybe polymer clay bails? I know there are some innovative ideas in the back issues like the stamen bail, but seeing them all together would be great!

  2. Cindy Lietz, 16 May, 2016

    Thank you Krithika for the compliments and the suggestions! I knew it was something that I would appreciate seeing from another artist, and was hoping others would appreciate it too. Glad you did! Will have to put together similar collections like you suggested, and share them with you all down the road. Thanks again!

  3. Aims, 20 May, 2016

    I’m only part way through the video Cindy – actually at the blue and turquoise flowers at 6:45 – and I am so taken with all the different types of earwires you’ve made and that beautiful wrapping on top of the flowers – that I’m already asking for a video on that!

    BTW – think this is a marvelous video! I do love your earring cards. I make my own using old family photos – so the idea is almost the same. You’ve given me something to think about though with mine…

    K – back to see what else knocks me off my chair.

  4. Cindy Lietz, 23 May, 2016

    Thank you Aims! I can certainly add that wire wrapping that I did on the top of the Iris Bead earrings, to the list of future tutorial ideas. I do love combining wire with polymer clay. They are a real good balance to each other. Glad you liked the earring cards too. I did make a video on that some time ago. Here’s a link… Jewelry Display Cards

  5. Rindy O, 20 May, 2016

    Hi there
    Loved the faux labradorite! Please post a link!
    Thanks- great video!

  6. Doug Lietz, 20 May, 2016

    Here you go Rindy… Faux Labradorite Tutorial

  7. Marsha C, 21 May, 2016

    Hi Cindy! I’d love to see the Million Earring Design video. Please send me a link? Thanks so much!

  8. Cindy Lietz, 23 May, 2016

    Hi Marsha, this video is a collection of many different tutorials. Were there any particular designs that you liked? I could give you a link to it/them if I knew which one(s) you wanted.

  9. Patt W, 22 May, 2016

    Earrings are my favorite things to wear. I have short hair , so I can wear really long dangles. I have a ton of earrings made from your various tutes. Thanks for showing so many in your tute. Naming them brings happy memories………….grin

  10. Cindy Lietz, 23 May, 2016

    Thanks for saying that Patt! This video brought back lots of good memories for me too! :)

  11. Kathay Iskrzycki, 22 May, 2016

    what size wire do you use for your home made earring wire where do you buy it? I love all the earrings you made….you are so talented

  12. Cindy Lietz, 23 May, 2016

    Hi Kathay, the best wire to to use for earwires is 20g or 21g half hard wire. Although I often use copper wire for my own use, there are some people whose ears turn green with copper. The best bet is Sterling silver, silver filled, gold filled, niobium or enamel coated wire (but make sure to only use high quality enamel wire, because cheap stuff chips). All this info is in the Vol-021-4 Handmade Earwire Tutorial.

  13. Kathay Iskrzycki, 24 May, 2016

    Thank you for your quick response and your great lesson, so much detail…

  14. Marsha C, 22 May, 2016

    Hi Cindy!
    I wonder if you would tell me where to buy a bead cap I saw on your video.
    It was a pr of e’rings that was a simple ball with bead caps (Purple? Blue?).
    Do you know which ones I mean? It was a bead cap with leaves. I’ve been looking
    everywhere for these. Who makes them, and where might I find them to purchase.
    I love everything you do; you are an amazing and phenomenal woman?
    Thank you so much

  15. Cindy Lietz, 23 May, 2016

    Hi Marsha, I bought those caps years ago from a seller that was going out of business. They were sterling silver. These are not the same, but there are some similar ones at this Amazon link if that helps.

  16. Terrie B, 28 May, 2016

    I always enjoy everything you do. Thanks for all the knowledge you share!

  17. Tammy H, 04 June, 2016

    Can I get the iris and sweet pea directions! They are gorgeous

  18. Tammy H, 04 June, 2016

    Could I have the directions for the sweet pea and iris earrings? They are beautiful

  19. Cindy Lietz, 05 June, 2016

    Sorry Tammy for the delay in getting this to you. Here are the links to where you can buy the Sweet Pea and Iris Bead Tutorials.

    Sweet Pea Earrings
    Iris Beads (in a set with three other tutorials)

  20. Gay Gann, 08 June, 2016

    Hi Cindy, thank you for the video! I got a lot of new ideas from it. I was wondering where the Iris video is? I looked through the back issues and can’t find it. They are truly beautiful among all the others you have. I have learned so much from you and I can’t wait to see your new videos.

    Thank you!

  21. Cindy Lietz, 08 June, 2016

    Hi Gay the link is in the comment above. It is in Vol-37, part of a set that has 4 tutorials in it. Thanks for the kind comments!

  22. Dixie Ann, 16 July, 2016

    Somehow I missed this video and in going back over wanted to let everyone know about a little tip I use when making and working with wire for earrings, headpins, eyepins, etc; A lot of times I use the 3 loop decorative headpins for earrings and other things. It requires the same exact loop each time when using the needlenose pliers. I use to mark them with a sharpie but after doing 2 or three the marks wear off quite fast. I discovered if I use a piece of washi tape around each side I get perfect loops and it takes a long time to wear out the tape and it is easily removeable. I hope this helps some of you! :)

  23. Nat C, 17 April, 2017

    Hi again guys,
    Just wondering if you could shine some light on a subject im having trouble with, my daughter uses ear gauges and has asked me to make her some from polymer clay, but i cant find any information on what glaze to use, ive heard that clay will absorb the bodies natural oils, or moisture if unsealed and should only be used on fully healed ears etc. i really appreciate tutorial like you offer for newbies like my self, and here in Australia i have alot of trouble finding any real help, so thankyou so much for your proffesional advice.
    Cheers from Aus.

  24. Nat C, 19 April, 2017

    anyone have any ideas?

  25. Cindy Lietz, 20 April, 2017

    Sorry Nat, things have been really busy around here!

    I have some concerns about using polymer clay for ear gauges. The problem with polymer clay is that although it is a non-toxic plastic, because it is in clay form, it has little air pockets and tiny pores that can trap bacteria/oils/dirt etc in it, which is difficult/impossible to properly clean. That is why you can’t use polymer clay to serve food in.

    In theory you could seal it with something that would be safe for the skin, but that is easy to make a mistake with… missed spots, flaking finish, scratched surface, that kind of thing. Because ear gauges are held in by force basically, the skin is stretched really tight over the polymer clay and in full contact at all times. If there are any tears, scratches in the skin, you could get an infection.

    So, although I am not an expert in this particular application, I personally would steer clear of making ear gauges where the skin had full contact with the polymer clay. However, I think there is some sort of skin safe silicone rings out there that you could have go around your polymer clay ear gauge that would be a buffer between the clay and the ear.

    If I were you I would look into resources for something like that. Be careful though… just because some person sells polymer clay ear gauges on Etsy or something, it doesn’t mean it is a safe thing to wear. I myself would not want to be responsible for someones health.

    Hope that answers your question.

  26. Nat C, 20 April, 2017

    sounds like good advice, thankyou so much! i dont have alot of experience with polymer yet so i wasnt sure what to believe on different youtube tutorials so wanted to make sure, because yes i dont want to be responsiable for others health either. best of wishes for you and thanks heaps again.

  27. Kim Hughes, 17 April, 2019

    I love watching your videos!! I’m a newbie to polymer clay, I have all the supplies and I’ve watched a thousand videos, but still trying to get my nerve up to actually make things ????. I have been making bead and wire jewelry for a few years and I’m always trying to find new ways to display my things, can you give me more information on what you used to make your earring cards? I’m now excited to combine my wire techniques with the clay … you inspired me!! Thank you!!

  28. Cindy Lietz, 19 April, 2019

    Thanks Kim for your kind comments! Just do a search at the top of the page for earring cards. You should be able to see a video on how those were made. Thanks for popping by!

  29. Taryn D, 11 July, 2019

    Hi, I’m struggling with getting the clay the correct thickness for earrings. I have a pasta roller. Do you normally use it right out of the roller and then cut then cut the shape out? Or do you do it thicker? It seems like it’s super thin when it comes out of the pasta machine. Thanks!

  30. Cindy Lietz, 12 July, 2019

    Hi Taryn, in regards to the thickness of earrings, that is really just a matter of taste and the design you are making. I have made earrings that were thinner than the thinnest setting on a pasta machine and thicker than the thickest setting. If you would like your earrings to be thicker than your thickest setting and stack two or more sheets together to make the clay thickness you want.When you cut them out (especially if you are using a cutter) then the layers will all fuse together and look like a single thickness. Hope that is helpful for you!

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