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Polymer Clay Texture Stamps by My Mandarin Ducky

Video #757: A product demo and review video, showcasing several of Aniko Kolesnikova’s unique Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies.

My Bead Style – Some Say It’s Like Singing Opera in a Biker Jacket

What Do You Think? One thing I often ponder, as many of you probably do too, is personal style. Who you are as… 18

Plastic Clay is the Literal Translation of Polymer Clay In Russia

So Does That Mean They Make Plastic Beads and Plastic Jewelry? You may not realize it, but this blog gets a lot of… 19

Russian Jewelry And Bead Artist Brings The World Closer Together

Her Name Is Lameta And Her Polymer Clay Work is Beautiful! A couple days ago my husband noticed there was a steady stream… 13

Valentines Jewelry Heart in Polymer Clay From Livvy Lu Design

“Polymer Clay Artists Are So Helpful And Friendly” ~Tracey-L

Happy Hanukkah to the Jewish Polymer Clay Artist Community

Best Wishes To All My Beads and Beading Friends And Readers Who Celebrate Hanukkah: Although I am not Jewish, I understand that Hanukkah… 2

Bead Making Tips To Build Your Confidence as a Polymer Clay Artist

Is The Fear of Making Mistakes Holding You Back from Making Beautiful Beads? Yesterday I made a commitment to discuss some of the… 9

International Polymer Clay Artists Coming Together to Make Beads

Pâte de Polymére; Polymeer Klei; Polímero de Arcilla; de Cerâmica Plástica: One of the most exciting things about the Internet is the connections… 36

Face Cane Designs for Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects and Pendants

Honing Your Design Skills as a Bead or Jewelry Artist… Be Proud of Your Accomplishments: Today’s post is about accepting where you’ve been… 7

Part 3 – Making Polymer Clay Beads from a Spring Color Palette

Go Figure… It’s Not Until the First Official Day of Summer that You Finally Get to See My Springtime Fuchsia Bead Collection: Even… 6

Stunning Polymer Clay Pendant Design by TooAquarius

Tips about jewelry making pendants from the works of a great Canadian polymer clay artist Elaine Robitaille: This Flower-on-a-Necklace pendant is a beautiful… 7

When Baking Beads, It’s OK to Sometimes Break Rules

How Long Do You Bake Your Beads? How’s that Working For You? Rules are sometimes meant to be broken. And when it comes… 93

Polymer Clay Artists – How To Discover Your Unique Artistic Voice

With Inspiration From Donna Kato, Christie Friesen and Tamara Shea: In the polymer clay artist community, there are always lots of discussions about… 10

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