Russian Jewelry And Bead Artist Brings The World Closer Together

Lameta Bead Jewelry Artist From Russia

Her Name Is Lameta And Her Polymer Clay Work is Beautiful!

A couple days ago my husband noticed there was a steady stream of web visitors coming to the blog here, from Russia. Upon further investigation, we discovered that Lameta, a talented Russian polymer clay artist, had posted a picture of my mosaic tube bead, at her Polymer Clay Fimo Blog.

How cool is that!!! I just love how the Internet can bring international artisans together like this. So today I would like to give a big shout out to Lameta and suggest that you pop over to her site.

She has a huge collection of wonderful posts from several different polymer clay artists. And let me tell you, these Russian artisans are a talented group! Their work has a very unique style and the color combinations are stunning!

I can tell you that I’ll definitely be spending more time over there in the Russian blogosphere. The Google translation tool is helpful for interpreting the text, although it often comes up pretty garbled. You can usually get the gist of it though, especially when there are photos.

And by the looks of it, Lameta speaks and writes English well. So go ahead and leave her a comment if you wish. Tell her I sent ya :)

Then come back here and let me know what you learned or were inspired by. The world is glorious place!

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  1. Illaya, 03 February, 2009

    I went for a visit Cindy. Some interesting work over there. I sure wished my grandpa had taught me how to read Russian.

    Hope we get more of the Russian group to share their tips with us.

  2. Larissa Joonas, 03 February, 2009

    We have a lot of links to your site from our community at Your articles are very helpful.

    [ADDED NOTE: To visit Larissa’s site, you can click on her name link above :) ]

  3. Larissa Metsker, 03 February, 2009

    Thank you for your promotional post :) You made me blush. I want to make a small correction: the polymerclayfimo blog is not mine, I am just one of the writers there.
    And let’s cooperate :)))

  4. Cindy Lietz, 03 February, 2009

    @Illaya: Yeah too bad… Russian would be a great language to know. From what I hear it is a pretty tricky language to learn. (My husband studied it for a little bit and said there are a lot of rules for it, but unlike English it breaks very few of them!) I hope the Russian artists come and share tips here too! There is so much we can learn from each other!

    @Larissa J.: Thank you so much! Probably many of our visitors from Russia came from your links as well! I love what you guys are doing there! It is fantastic!

    @Larissa M.: Wow two Larissa’s! Is that a popular Russian name? You’re very welcome for the promo! I wasn’t sure if it was your site or a group of people’s since things get mixed up in translation. It would be my pleasure to get to know you better! :)

  5. Larissa Metsker, 03 February, 2009

    Actually the first Larissa is from Estonia :)
    The name is not very popular, it’s just a coincidence.
    I would be much pleased in having a chance to show you the russian world of polymerclayers. I don’t know what to begin with, may be it’s better if you ask questions?
    And you can find my personal blog if you click on my name link above

  6. Cindy Lietz, 04 February, 2009

    Larissa M. that is neat about your names being a coincidence. I have noticed that although Cindy really isn’t a very popular name anymore, there seems to be tons of us in the crafting industry. That is partly why I had to give myself the title Polymer Clay Tutor, so I wouldn’t get mixed up with all the other Cindy’s!

    I am curious about you. Where did the name Lameta come from? Is it a nick name? Also, is there lots of interest in polymer clay in Russia? Or is it a small group of artists?

  7. Larissa Metsker, 05 February, 2009

    Cindy, Lameta is a nickname, you know how difficult it is to choose a name when you try to register at some popular web resourse like yahoo or livejournal. It’s LArissa MEtsker plus some random suffix :)
    Much interest has been drawn to polymer clay recently in Russia (last 5 or so years). Our livejournal polymerclay community has 2500 members, not all of them write of course. We also have some regional communities, but this one is the strongest. But when we try to organize shows, it appears that people know nothing of this medium, it takes time to explain what it is. The reaction is different: from surprise to neglection: “Plastic :(“

  8. Eri Attebery, 05 February, 2009

    Hi Cindy!

    I went over to her site and saw some of the beautiful work. It is gorgeous.

    I sure wish I could read Russian! Don’t understand any of it but it sure looks neat.

  9. Cindy Lietz, 05 February, 2009

    @Larissa M: Wow 2500 members! That’s a lot! I know what you mean about people not understanding the medium, though I wouldn’t refer to it as plastic. More of a ‘modern art clay’ which can be manipulated in many exciting ways! Doesn’t that sound better than plastic? ;-) How do you say polymer clay in Russian, anyway? Doe the name refer to plastic in some way?

    @Eri: I know it is gorgeous isn’t it! If you subscribe to their blog in a RSS reader like Google Reader you can go into the feed settings and select “Translate into my language’ and it will translate it right in the reader. This really helps if you are following several blogs from all over the world! The translations aren’t perfect, but it is way better than guessing!

  10. Larissa Metsker, 07 February, 2009

    Cindy, the problem is that polymer clay is new for Russia and there is no such word. We use word-for-word translation, as it sounds good. But in most cases people call it just “plastic” and I don’t like it, because there is even a grammar mistake in the word :)

  11. Cindy Lietz, 09 February, 2009

    I know that can be a big problem Larissa. I wrote another post about this topic, asking for other readers to provide some suggestions. Click the link by my name to go straight there.

  12. Carla, 20 August, 2009

    Hi! Loved your site and interesting p.c. articles! I am a newbie who is looking forward tto developing my “style” and skills for a part-time, stay-home business.
    For the comment on international artists, their cultures, sights and sounds are inspiring. I especially love the Israeli artists and can’t wait to explore their sites for more inspiration. Alot of their decision in designs come from social boundaries – but are amazing, at that!!

  13. Cindy Lietz, 22 August, 2009

    Thank you Carla for the nice comment! I agree you can find some wonderful inspiration in exploring the art work of the International artists. The unique differences in culture make for fascinating differences in styles and approaches to polymer clay bead making and jewelry design. Glad you found this site. I hope you enjoy learning from here!

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