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Revolving Storage Bins for Your Polymer Clay Studio

Video #737: How to use less than 1 sq foot of studio space, to store over 4 sq feet of inks, finishes, paints,… 17

Ken Oliver Crafts “Best Ever Craft Mat” Review

Video #715: Looking at this product from a Polymer Clay perspective… some great features… but there is one issue you need to be… 14

Test Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Powder on Polymer

Video #619: My test sample has sat for a few months now, without any issues showing up in regards to polymer clay compatibility.

Fairy Doors | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-077

6 Videos #572 to #577: Enchanted miniature decor for the Gnomes and Fairies that may be scampering around your home.

Columbia River Oregon – Glittery Sparkly Black Sand

Video #570: Roadtrip #3-02 (OR): Bring something home from your travels to work into a polymer clay project… creating memories.

Shoreline Bracelet | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-072

6 Videos #512 to #517: Turning colored bits of clay, into a unique ocean scene. Jewelry for those long walks on the beach.

Journals and Altered Books | Polymer Clay Tutes Vol-068

6 Videos #468 to #473: As many creative choices for making these art journals, as there are artists!

Lisa Pavelka Poly Bonder Glue for Polymer Clay

Video #401: An instant set, bake-able adhesive… perfect for all of your stud earring projects.

Micro Mosaic Pins | Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-062

6 Videos #404 to #409: Tiny intricate mosaics are usually very tedious to make… not these ones!

Faux Flaking Rust | Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-056

6 Videos #327 to #332: Perfect for steampunk jewelry and rustic ephemera designs.

Mixed Media Artist Alisa Burke, Seaside Oregon

Video #303: Roadtrip #1-08: “She loves her family deeply, is crazy about nature, and sees inspiration everywhere.” ~Cindy Lietz

Lay-Flat Curb Chain | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #260: “Cindy, can I put in a request for some ideas on mixed media necklaces and bracelets? I’m thinking chains, cords, metal… 51

Fancy Rose Earwires Technique | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #235: “Please do show us all how you make ear wires, and please include some variations for the more advanced.” ~Martha-R

A Fun Paper Punch Technique | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #231: “Cindy, I am excited that you incorporate mixed media with your polymer clay tutorials. I’m a big admirer of mixed media… 43

Coppery Autumn Earrings, Polymer Clay Mixed Media

Gallery: “Rich and warm, these unique Fall art earrings have a earthy and substantial look to them… but light as a feather to… 12

Hammered Copper Bookmarks | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #210: “I have two grandchildren who absolutely love to read and will love getting these hookmarks.” ~Adrienne-L

Vol-036 May’2011 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Faux Metal Mokume; 2: Rolled Mokume Gane; 3: Wire Leaf Charm; 4: Add Clay to Leaf Charms:

Copper Foil Wrapped Pendants | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #199: “Don’t know how you keep thinking up these ideas, Cindy, but keep ’em coming! May we PLEASE have a tute on… 51

Tips For Filling Metal Bezels | Polymer Clay Tutorial [Video]

Vid #195: “Metal addsa little something extrato polymer clay. I think thesebezels are great and can seemaking little PC charms with them as… 41

Vol-032 Jan’2011 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Polymerized Cloth; 2: Faux Knit Technique; 3: Polymerized Fabric Roses; 4: Shaded Rose Cane:

Vol-030 Nov’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Polymer Postage; 2: Feather Canes; 3: Pod Beads; 4: Katiedids Bezels:

Polymer Postage Stamps Video – Now Playing – Polymer Clay Library

“Love This! I imagine you could use this with pictures from magazines too!” ~Jeanne-C

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