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Polymer Clay Postage Stamp Jewelry“Love This! I imagine
you could use this with
pictures from magazines

On November 2, I posted an introductory preview clip for the Polymer Postage Stamps tutorial.

Today, the full version of this video lesson (Vol-030-1) is available for viewing at the Polymer Clay Members Library. Here is the link: Polymer Postage Stamps and Paper Treatment Technique

For anyone who is not yet a paid member, if you did not know, the cost works out to only $3.32 per month. This gives you 24/7 access to the full versions of my Friday video tutes. Plus you also receive four A-series color recipe cards. This week’s color is: Dry Grass (Vol-030-1A) from the Frosty Field Polymer Clay Color Palette.

Cindy, I am always amazed at how you even simplify what on first glance seems to be a simple process. This is why you make the mistakes so I don’t have to… so worth the modest fee of your site. Thanks for so many great tutorials. It’s the high point of my weekend! ~Sue-W

Rather than investing in books, get everything Cindy has in her library. You’d be much better off. The videos are always better than print and pictures. And Cindy’s prices can’t be beat. She is the best … wish I had found her before I invested in books that now just sit on the shelf. ~Carolyn-F

If you want to become a paid member, here is the link:
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Or if you are brand new to polymer clay, the best place to first learn all of the fundamentals is here: Polymer Clay Beginners Course

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Open Mic… Please use the comment sections of these Friday posts to discuss polymer clay challenges that you need some help with… success stories about your bead and jewelry projects… requests for upcoming video tutorials. In other words, it’s an open mic :-) .

Listed below are the topics that were discussed in the last Friday’s Open Mic comments:

  • Pumpkin tute is good for more than just pumpkins.
  • Resin problem solving
  • The @Reply bug finally fixed here at the blog.
  • Skinner blend shading.
  • Cane making basics.
  • Fruits & veggies.
  • Thanksgiving brooches.
  • Chinese lantern canes.
  • Fimo that has gone too hard.
  • Fimo Mix Quick.
  • Sculpey Diluent.
  • Sculpey MoldMaker
  • Food processors for softening clay.
  • Migraine headaches.
  • Christmas is not far off now.
  • And more…

If you need to catch up, here is the link to the article where last week’s topics were discussed in detail: Pumpkin Canes

Otherwise, you can use the comment section below to start talking about some new topics and ideas. Happy Friday!!!


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  1. Jeanne C., 05 November, 2010

    This is a fun and easy tutorial with lots of possibilities. I really like the idea of useing stamps but don’t have any (just USA) Any idea where to buy stamps from other countries? Hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

  2. pattw, 05 November, 2010

    @Jeanne C.: Try google: collecting stamps. That should get you to a site that sells stamps. Collectors use it for their stamps and so can WE.

    Cindy – your examples using the stamps are so clever. Thanks for the really usable tute.

  3. Jeanne C., 05 November, 2010

    @pattw: I did the search and found that ebay sellers have a lot of stamps from all over the world! Thank you for your help!

  4. pattw, 05 November, 2010

    @Jeanne C.: Your welcome -have fun !!

  5. Lupe Meter, 05 November, 2010

    Love this technique, Cindy! It is easy and the possibilities are endless. Now, I have to go through all my stamps and decide which ones I want to use!

  6. Tanya L, 05 November, 2010

    Wow, what a great technique (again)! This can actually take the place of transferring pictures to pc.. just print the pics or clip art, use this technique, and viola! Amazing work by both you and Doug again, Cindy.. Thanks so much!

  7. Cheryl Hodges, 05 November, 2010

    An amazing, simple tutorial with lots of possibilities. i love the pendant with the flower embellishment and the hammered metal back.

  8. pollyanna, 05 November, 2010

    Love it for transfer replacement…..less smudging. yippee

  9. Lawrence, 05 November, 2010

    Thanks for another great video Cindy & Doug. You made my Friday morning, again. I couldn’t wait to try this technique and it worked great for me. A stamp collector in my teens I still have all those old stamps.
    Thanks to pattw and Jeanne C. for the tips.

  10. Joyce M, 05 November, 2010

    All the holiday catalogs are coming out, might just find some paper jewels there. Great tute, may try it tomorrow. Thanks Cindy and Doug.

  11. Anna Sabina, 08 November, 2010

    I was at the Post Office a couple weeks ago and picked up a free catalog of specialty stamp collections. The cool thing is all kinds of specialty stamps are pictured, many of them are larger than postage stamp size. Perfect for this project.
    Anna- Des Moines, Iowa

  12. pattw, 08 November, 2010

    @Anna Sabina: Oh boy – a trip to the ole P.O. is afternoon. Thanks for the tip:)

  13. Phaedrakat, 11 November, 2010

    @Anna Sabina: Great idea! I’m sad I only just read it now…went to the post office yesterday, but didn’t go inside. I need to go to sleep now, but instead I’m wondering if they would’ve had those catalogues (and if I’d have thought the same idea when I saw them…) I’ll keep tryin’ to sleep — I’ll never know! ;D

    Thanks for a cool technique with a gazillion possibilities, Cindy!!! Good idea on the holiday catalogues, too, Joyce! So many cool ones…need to keep my eye out…

  14. pattw, 11 November, 2010

    @Anna Sabina: I went to the PO yesterday. They had just received the special stamp catalog. How pretty and it is free. Think I will get out the pinking shears and cut some out. Thanks for the idea,Anna !

  15. Cindy Lietz, 11 November, 2010

    IMPORTANT NEWS: Consider this your last Call to get your Facebook pictures posted for this round of the Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest. Click on the link by my name for all the details.

    When you get to the page, be sure read through the comments for some fun entertainment value… Elizabeth-S strikes again with her Witty banter about how she plans to stack the odds in her favor for next weeks grand prize draw.

    PS: Glad to hear that everyone is liking the polymer postage stamps tute :-)

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