Mica Shift Polymer Clay Beads and SoftFlex Trios Beading Wire

Trios Wire and Mica Shift Beads “Definitely would love more tutorials and ideas on wire jewelry designs.” ~Cheryl-H

Earlier this month I promised to show you some of the SoftFlex Trios Beading Wire projects I’ve been working on. Well here are a couple of pieces of jewelry I made using the Antique Brass and Coral colored SoftFlex wire, as well as my double-sided Mica Shift Beads (Watermelon beads is what I call them).

Today’s photo really does not do this necklace and earring set proper justice. They are much prettier in real life. But I decided to post the picture anyway to give you guys some more jewelry design ideas for the upcoming gift giving season.

The necklace is a versatile choker design, where you can flip the double-sided watermelon beads to show red or olive or a mixture of both. In other words this piece provides wearability options that can work with a variety of different outfits.

The handmade anodized steel clasp and jump rings make the choker adjustable to most neck sizes. And the over-sized, aged copper crimps (my dad uses these for fishing), bring a funky look to their function of securing the wire.

Because the Trios wire comes in such beautiful colors, I wanted to make sure the wire itself was featured. So I have large loops of it in each color crisscrossing throughout the choker, accented by golden colored glass beads.

To use up the wire scraps leftover from making the choker, I made some earrings to go along with necklace. They compliment the necklace rather than compete with it for attention. To keep the earrings from looking too matchy-matchy, I did not use any polymer clay beads in the design, and also changed up how the wire is looped through the glass beads. The ear wires are made of non-reactive Niobium metal.

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  1. Freda, 30 November, 2009

    What a clever necklace. Definitely can’t say it’s like all the other ‘just strung’ necklaces. Would like to see a closeup of the clasp since you say it would be adjustable and there are jump rings on both sides.

  2. aims, 30 November, 2009

    Love it Cindy! Again – more along my style – funky!

  3. DJ, 30 November, 2009

    It’s great the way you’ve combined the two colors of wire, I love that idea and the way the earrings compliment but aren’t identical.
    I’ve been scoping around for “fishing gear” findings too. My husband saw some of the things I was interested in, and he tells me he has lots of those in his tackle box!
    The cost is so reasonable and I know they’ll hold as well. I think it will be fun to experiment with, if it doesn’t work then at least I haven’t spent too much trying.
    The necklace/earrings are really beautiful – yummy warm tones. Thanks again Cindy for another dose of inspiration!

  4. Sue Werner, 30 November, 2009

    VERY CUTE! I’d love to see a close up of the clasp and other wire details.

  5. Peggy, 30 November, 2009

    WOW I agree with Aims more my style also. I would also love to see more of the necklace up close, or tutor video on the whole thing. I feel like I I see a lot of you in this necklace. Your talents shine again. Good thing all this wonderful delicious talent you keep feeding us isn’t rich in calories, I would way 500 lbs.

  6. Cindy Lietz, 30 November, 2009

    Thanks guys! The one added bonus to using fishing supplies is that they are definitely waterproof! :-)

    I’ll see about doing some close up shots of the clasp so you can see how it was done.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  7. LindaG, 04 December, 2009

    Great idea Cindy, I really love the “non” matchy-matchy earrings. I’m always fighting my hopeless-addicition-to-symmetry (sigh) so these are a wonderful inspiration to help me, LOL!
    I love the Trios wires too – what a great way to show off such gorgeous colors – you da’ best!

  8. Cindy Lietz, 11 December, 2009

    LOL Linda! Not everyone can be as ‘unbalanced’ as I am!

  9. Helen Sperring, 24 February, 2011

    Knowing you and Doug just can’t get any better. You both are THE BEST. It was such a great day when I found this web site and as a bonus, met two great people, CINDY AND DOUG. I was having the worst time in my life and like magic, you both were so kind and helpful to me. This sounds like I’m making it all up, but I’m not. I have a message book with all the help you both gave me. Plus the avatar, facebook, e-mailing pictures. I could go on and on, and on, but it’s 4:00 in the morning and I’m exhausted and hurting……I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. Will continue tomorrow Good Night, Cindy and Doug. Love you both and Thank You, Again…………….Honey

  10. Cindy Lietz, 25 February, 2011

    You are very sweet, Honey. Thank you for the very, very kind words. You have come so far!

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