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  • Believe it or not, even with an awesome search tool like Google, one of the most common questions we get here at the Polymer Clay Tutor is, “Where to buy polymer clay?” So I thought I’d put together a resource for you, listing all the places I know of to buy polymer clay.
  • Beside each of the vendors listed, are the names of the polymer clay brands they sell. These stores carry tons of other polymer related supplies as well.
  • Michaels Arts and Crafts (USA & CAN Retail Chain) – Premo Sculpey, Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey III, Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic, Fimo Effect, Craft Smart, Sculpey Elasticlay (Mold Maker), Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Sculpey Bake and Bond, Super Sculpey, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey III Granitex, Sculpey SuperFlex, Sculpey Ultralight and some of the Specialty clays including air dry clays.
  • Polymer Clay Superstore (USA Online) – Premo Sculpey,  Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey III, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey III Granitex, Sculpey SuperFlex, Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) and more.
  • Polymer Clay Express (USA Small Retail store in New Market MD and Online) – Premo Sculpey,  Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey III, Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic, Fimo Effect, Kato Polyclay, Kato Liquid Polyclay, Kato Poly Paste, Kato Repel Gel, Making’s Clay, Sculpey Elasticlay (Mold Maker), Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Sculpey Bake and Bond, Super Sculpey, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey III Granitex, Sculpey SuperFlex, Sculpey Ultralight Studio by Sculpey and some of the Specialty clays including air dry clays.
  • Hobby Lobby (USA Retail Chain and Online)  – Premo Sculpey,  Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey III, Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic, Fimo Effect, Kato Polyclay, Kato Liquid Polyclay, Making’s Clay, Sculpey Elasticlay (Mold Maker), Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Sculpey Bake and Bond, Super Sculpey, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey III Granitex, Sculpey SuperFlex, Sculpey Ultralight Studio by Sculpey and some of the Specialty clays including air dry clays (Products vary from retail to online).
  • Fire Mountain Gems (USA Online) – Kato Polyclay, Kato Liquid Polyclay.
  • Rings & Things – (USA Small Retail in Spokane WA and Online) Kato Polyclay, Kato Liquid Polyclay, Kato Repel Gel.
  • JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts (USA Retail Chain and Online) – Premo Sculpey, Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey III, Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic, Sculpey Elasticlay (Mold Maker), Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Super Sculpey, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey III Granitex, Sculpey SuperFlex, Sculpey Ultralight, Studio by Sculpey, and some of the Specialty clays including air dry clays.
  • Poly Clay Play (USA Online) – Pardo Professional Art Clay, Pardo Jewelry Clay, Pardo Mica MagicSculpey Regular.
  • Shades of Clay (CAN Online) – Kato Polyclay, Kato Liquid Polyclay, Kato Repel Gel, Kato Poly Paste, Makin’s Clay, Premo Sculpey, Premo Sculpey Accents, Fimo Liquid Deco Gel, Fimo Professional, Fimo Affects.
  • Polymer Clay Canada (CAN Online) – Premo Sculpey, Sculpey III, Sculpey Model Air Dry, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Sculpey Bake and Bond, Sculpey Mold Maker, Sculpey Ultralight, Super Sculpey, Living Doll Clay, Original Sculpey, Pluffy.
  • ClayAround (UK Online) – Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic, Fimo Effect, Premo Sculpey, Premo Sculpey Accents, Studio by Sculpey, Kato Polyclay,  Kato Liquid Polyclay, Fimo Liquid Deco Gel, Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Sculpey Bake and Bond, Sculpey Mold Maker, Sculpey Ultralight, Super Sculpey.
  • Amazon (International Online) – Premo Sculpey,  Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey III, Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic, Fimo Effect, Kato Polyclay, Kato Liquid Polyclay, Kato Poly Paste, Kato Repel Gel, Making’s Clay, Cernit, Sculpey Elasticlay (Mold Maker), Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Sculpey Bake and Bond, Super Sculpey, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey III Granitex, Sculpey SuperFlex, Sculpey Ultralight Studio by Sculpey, Pardo Professional Art Clay, Pardo Jewelry Clay, and some of the Specialty clays including air dry clays.
  • Munro Crafts (USA Retail and Online) (Bulk Purchasing) – Decore Epoxy Clay, – Premo Sculpey,  Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey III, Fimo Soft, Fimo Classic, Fimo Effect, Kato Polyclay, Kato Liquid Polyclay, Making’s Clay, Cernit doll, Sculpey Elasticlay (Mold Maker), Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS), Sculpey Bake and Bond, Super Sculpey, Sculpey Bake Shop, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey III Granitex, Sculpey SuperFlex, Sculpey Ultralight,Pluffy Sculpey and some of the Specialty clays including air dry clays.
  • Dick Blick (USA Retail and Online) – Making Clay, Makin’s Clay, Original Sculpey, Premo Sculpey, Premo! Sculpey Accents, Sculpey Bake & Bend, Sculpey Bake Shop Oven-Bake Clay, Sculpey III, Sculpey Moldmaker, Sculpey UltraLight Clay, Fimo Classic Polymer Clay, Fimo Effect Polymer Clay, Fimo Puppen Polymer Clay, Fimo Soft, Super Sculpey, Super Sculpey Firm, Super Sculpey Living Doll, Translucent Liquid Sculpey.
  • Clay Alley (USA Online) – Apoxie Sculpt, Air Dry Clays, Cernit Doll, Kato Polyclay, Living Doll, Premo Sculpey, Premo Sculpey Accents, Super Sculpey.
  • Clay Factory (USA Online) – Fimo Classic, Fimo Soft, Fimo Effects, Fimo Air, Cernit, Makin’s Clay.

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Where is your favorite place to buy polymer clay? Please share in the comment section below… especially if you are from outside of North America. I know I will have missed some resources in the list above.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Cindy Lietz SignaturePolymer Clay Tutor
  1. Sarah Wood, 09 May, 2013

    Hi Cindy!
    Your link to Munro crafts has an “e” in it and it does not go to the site. Thanks for all the resources!

  2. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 09 May, 2013

    Oops… thanks for catching that… all fixed now.

  3. Louise S, 09 May, 2013

    Creative Wholesale has a lot of Sculpey products based in the US I’ve ordered from before.

  4. Hermine R, 09 May, 2013

    I try to buy local so here it is for Québec at least those I know,

    DeSerres has Fimo and Sculpey III(only). More expensive.

    Avenue des Arts in Montreal has premo clay any size you want.Great prices.

    Ted’s Hobby shop in Pointe Claire has Premo and Sculpey products. Great prices

    L’oiseau bleu has some Fimo. Better to phone them to make sure. They are also on Facebook.

    Ugarit is online and sells Fimo products.

  5. Monique U., 09 May, 2013

    I would LOVE to buy locally, but a 6-hour round trip to the nearest craft store makes that difficult. I buy 90% of my clay (Kato) from Shades of Clay. If you buy the larger blocks (354g), there are additional discounts 10-20%, you just have to ask. Here in Canada they ship by Purolator, which is super fast and reasonably priced. I noticed they had recently added some Premo, unfortunately not the Pearl colours, which is the only Premo I buy these days (LOVE those mica colours). I have also ordered Kato from FMG and PCE, which both gave great service. Thanks for this exhaustive list, Cindy and Doug!

  6. Maria C, 09 May, 2013

    As a teacher, I’ve been pleased to get discounts at Dick Blick’s store. I’m not sure though if it also applies to online purchases though … Joannes also has teacher discounts …

    Is anyone as disappointed as I am usually at the paltry selection of Premo at Michaels? I don’t understand them sometimes …

  7. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    Dick Blick’s does have a program for teachers, Maria. And I am quite disappointed with Michael’s and JoAnn’s here…but then I am in a Polymer Clay backwards area of the country, LOL. I myself would have never know what it was but for Fire Mountain catalog last year. By the way, Fire Mountain has Kato as their only brand of clay.

  8. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    On Dick Blick, look at the bottom of the order page. There’s a button to click if you are a teacher. I think they set up your account that way so it’s always automatic.

  9. Gloria C, 10 May, 2013

    Several of us get together and place an order from Munro Crafts. They have wonderful discounts based on your total order. We get our clay and other products for 50% off and free shipping with a $200 (retail total) order. Smaller orders receive smaller discounts.

  10. Barbara L, 10 May, 2013

    While my local Michaels has the largest selection I also buy clay at A. C. Moores (also a great craft store).

  11. elaine faulks, 10 May, 2013

    Here in the UK I normally buy on line from Penny (spend £50 for free postage) so buy the big blocks of Premo. There are also shops listed on Amazon UK and ebayy but I have crossed a couple off my list that sell clay that was old.,hard and crumbly but quite reasonably priced and again postal charges are fair
    But mostly I read about a new product and have to buy online from Canada or US which puts the price of postage way up. I also have had to pay unexpected customs duty.

    There were three small businesses that carried FIMO but in the kiddies section and again not well displayed and a woefully small selection.The nearest Art shop in my town closed down, he was very good and always gave me a 10% discount. We have a chain hobby store but it’s too far for me to get to but it is quite expensive there, last time I looked they carried FIMO
    Our town is known for all the artists who live there’ but mostly work in oils’ water colors and Acrylics. So that side is well catered for

    In the summer we have an Art trail” if your work is accepted it is displayed in all manner of different shops that take part in the main Broadway and it is a tourist attraction that was started a few years ago and now (like Topsy) it has grown.

    So you see’ all you peeps that live across the pond’ when it comes to your PC new products and supplies’ they are much cheaper than here’ you have so many choices and REAL shops to visit and browse. Buying online is OK’ but if you want something NOW’ you canget it. To keep postal costs down it can sometimes take a couple of weeks for stuff to arrive. To get it next day or !st class post (usually three days) you can treble the postal charges. I think a lot of online companies wait till you put your order in and pay them before THEY order your stuff from their supplier. I cannot blame them is they work from a shed or garage at their home’ who wants to store tons of PC in a hot shed in the summer months

  12. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    I can see your problem, Elaine, from this side of the pond pointing at you. My things come in super fast and shipping is minimal so its by far the best way for me. I think here in the States it’s going in the direction that most people will end up buying online. Department stores are a disaster…prices always slashed to 50%, etc, and quality is getting awful. Penney’s had a big to-do recently. They were trying to get a hipper look going but the older customers (sixties and up) made a big fuss and want it to go back. I can understand that but from Penney’s angle they have to stay with the times because the older customers just aren’t going to be there in a few years. Retail! SO complicated and it’s a crap shoot. That’s why I understand the craft stores here not having much…it isn’t an artists heaven around here for sure.

  13. elaine faulks, 10 May, 2013

    Sorry, the phone has been red hot in the last couple of hours (never knew I was so in demand!) You must excuse the typos as was again in the middle of editing. What, oh no not again, but good news as DH should be back home from hospital after the weekend so had better tidy up. The ending to the above post should have said, If I win the lottery I would open a craft shop in town, stock all the hard to get stuff, hold free workshops and get the local people as passionate about this medium as I am…………cheers xx……………….

  14. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    P.S. Glad DH is to come home. Hope all goes well. That’s a grand dream. I hope you get to do it.

  15. Jocelyn C, 10 May, 2013

    Wow! Now that is an informative list of suppliers and supplies, thanks Cindy! Would also like to have folks continue to add to this thread if they hear about sales or discounts in the future.

  16. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    Hi, Jocelyn—

    The way I do it is I sign up for everyone’s newsletter so that I get their sales notices without worrying about it. I only do it with the handful I mention so it doesn’t get out of control and also because I’ve “time tested” them and they have the best deals, products and services for me. Then, if more than one has a sale, I compare and see which is the better deal and/or if I need certain supplies I can only get one place or the other. That way I make the most of the purchase. Free shipping is a big plus for me, too. I have not been disappointed yet.

  17. Steph S, 10 May, 2013

    I would love to order on line but I prefer to test the clay I am getting because sometimes its a brick!! How do I work with hard clay? So I like to test the corner and if i can squeeze it then I will buy it! Thank you, the video was so cute!! I love your enthusiasm about this craft!! You get so excited!! Love that!!

  18. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    That’s why I buy online, Steph. Locals had hard stuff, old packaging, etc.. Shopping there for me was a total disapointment. So much happier now.

  19. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    Hi, All!

    Great freebie tutorial, Cindy, as per usual. Michael’s and Jo Ann’s and Pat Catan’s are too far out of the way for me and when I’ve tried shopping there the stock was minimal, very few colors and you could tell it was already getting old. Also, most of them had more Sculpey III because of it being geared towards youngsters. I couldn’t find the tools or miscellaneous things I wanted either. So I wait for sales on line and love shopping that way. It is extremely convenient and I can buy whatever I want at the time without having to wait. Polymer Clay Superstore is awesome and are not all that far away in my own state, so I end up buying local anyway. They accumulate points on your account so it adds up to a hefty savings. Polymer Clay Superstore has hundreds of tools, etc.. and they are the only ones I know of that have tissue blades. Their service is impeccable. Dick Blick is awesome if I need the more art supply kind of thing. The other day I wanted armature mesh and their clay was on sale, too, so I was very lucky, plus they have free shipping on anything over $100 and they had an extra 15% off entire order. I was able to get some cutters I’d been wanting because of the discount.

    I tried Amazon sometime back as that is my very favorite place to shop for ANYTHING (I go thru your site for the clay tools, etc.), but when I first searched for clay last year I saw their prices were all skewed…a 2 oz. bar was showing up as $15! So I never got clay there. I will look again as maybe they fixed the problem.

    I recommend all these folks. It is so convenient for me to have them online. I wouldn’t be able to get supplies any other way.


  20. Andrea Paradiso, 10 May, 2013

    Sorry, mean to say Polymer Clay EXPRESS is the only one that has tissue blades and hundreds of tools. They are also the ones that have the Dream Machine (I’m still dreaming!) and they many tools that are made for cake decorating, canapes, etc. that can be used for clay.

    I get my clay books and a lot of tools thru Amazon. I also get to see what else is available or even pre-order titles coming out (like Marie Segals new book coming out in September) because Amazon gives you recommendations. With their Prime account of $79 PER YEAR you get FREE two-day shipping plus all the other goodies in that package. Love Amazon for ANYTHING you can think of and I really recommend the Prime membership. You can save yourself a lot of time, gas and trouble. I always read the reviews and have been helped tremendously from making shopping blunders.

  21. karonkay, 10 May, 2013

    Thanks for the list. Very helpful. I would like to add Shipwreck Beads. They have a store and online for everyone. I love their retail store. I get lost there for hours.
    Elaine hope hubby is well soon glad he gets to return home in a couple of days.

  22. elaine faulks, 10 May, 2013

    Thanks Karonkay
    I have ordered him (online) a two seat wooden Arbor. Just hope it comes tomorrow so he can sit in the sunshine and get the roses back in his cheeks while having shelter from sun and wind. Saying that the unpredictable British weather has turned cold and very windy with heavy rain, Think my next order will be an Ark then we will probably have a drought…………..cheers xx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  23. Priscilla L, 10 May, 2013

    In the Cincinnati area, Lynda’s Artistic Haven. It is Lynda’s studio, as well, and she teaches classes and give excellent advice, the personal touch you just can’t find online or at the big box stores.

  24. Andrea Paradiso, 11 May, 2013

    Just got an e-mail from Polymer Clay Superstore that they are having a 30% off on large bricks. But the big announcement is that they’re introducing flat rate shipping.

  25. BinkyM, 11 May, 2013 carries Premo and Sculpey III and frequently has good deals on shipping. They also have a plan whereby you get points for what you spend and then you can spend the points on buying more stuff. also carries Premo and Sculpey III and the prices are lower if you purchase a membership to the site.


  26. BinkyM, 11 May, 2013

    Whups; MisterArt carries Fimo Soft, too.

  27. DawnB, 12 May, 2013

    Great list of resources. Thanks Cindy.

    I have a Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Joann’s all within about 10 to 15 minutes from home. However, I like using Fimo and have better luck finding the big packages online (my local Joann’s does stock large blocks of basics [black/white, etc.] so that’s handy).

    I often use Jerry’s Artarama. They carry all the colors of Fimo Classic and Effect at comparable prices and sometimes you can get very good deals. They also have a brick and mortar shop here in town.

    By the way, 1 lb blocks of Premo! black, white or transluscent are on sale today at Jerry’s for 11.23 if anyone uses those.

  28. Dayl Jones, 12 May, 2013

    Hi there guys,
    I live in the UK in a particularly small rural location so I mainly buy my PC on-line.
    Ebay has some great deals, many with free postage (although nowhere here has PC available at the low prices you guys can get it in the US & Canada).
    We do have various art supplies shops around and about in the larger towns and cities but our selection of brands is very limited, Fimo is easily found with Premo and Sculpey less available, I have yet to find anywhere that sells Pardo or Kato clays that is not on-line
    Thanks for another great ‘tutorial’ Cindy…much appreciated resource.

  29. Julie J, 13 May, 2013

    Another place to purchase Pardo clay is Creative Journey Studios located in Buford, Georgia – that’s just outside of Atlanta. This is an awesome store/gallery that was on the bus tour during the lead-up to Synergy in March. They tell me they just got a huge shipment of Pardo.

  30. Anna Sabina, 15 May, 2013

    I am very fortunate to have quick access to Michael’s, JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby. But… I have to double-check each package for freshness and have bought rock hard, totally cured clay in their stores. This is because it too sits in the truck trailers and gets cooked. Some retailers leave products in the truck trailer at the back of the store as extra storage. I have found a few really old package styles still showing up on the shelf at Michael’s.

    Anna- Des Moines, Iowa. Where we had snow 10 days ago and it was 103 degrees yesterday.

  31. Abbie C, 03 July, 2013

    i live in Astralier and i cant fined eny clay

  32. Cindy Lietz, 08 July, 2013

    Hi Abbie, welcome! We have many members here from Australia who have talked about where they buy polymer clay. If you type ‘Australia’ into the search box at the top of the page, you should be able to find some places on the blog where it has already been discussed. Hopefully someone else from there will be able to pop in here as well and help you out. Good luck!

  33. Sue F, 11 July, 2013

    Hi Abbie,

    There are very few options for buying clay in person here in Australia (I’m in Sydney). I buy practically all my polymer clay and jewellery-making supplies online, mainly from overseas as the locally-available range is relatively limited even for Australian online sellers.

    For online sellers located in Australia, I can recommend:

    The Whimsical Bead

    This is my current first choice of supplier… even though they don’t stock my preferred Kato clay! :D

    The Whimsical Bead has really excellent service, with a decent range of core polymer clay and related items, branching out a bit now into things like bench tools. They also run regular workshops on polymer clay and other materials, and while I haven’t attended any because I live in a different state, they sound like they’d be fun. The owner, Dani Rapinett, is a really lovely person to deal with.

    The Whimsical Bead stocks the following clays: Premo (basic colours and Accents); liquid polymer clays by Sculpey, Kato and Fimo; Sculpey III Glow in the Dark; Sculpey Ultralight; various related products.

    Metal Clay Australasia
    NB: Shipping to Australia only

    Metal Clay Australasia focuses on metal clay (surprise, eh?! :D) but they also carry polymer clay (Premo) and many of the supplies can be used for both types of clay. They have probably the best “regular” (long-running sale) prices for large Premo blocks out of the Australian suppliers I’ve found, and their service has always been excellent when I’ve bought from them although it’s been a little while now. I’ll be ordering some metal clay supplies from them shortly, however, and they’re my first choice of supplier for those.

    Metal Clay Australasia stocks the following clays: Premo (basic colours and Accents); liquid clays by Sculpey and Kato; Sculpey Living Doll; also, their main focus, an excellent range of metal clays and related products, including large items like kilns (metal clay is on my “to do” list! :D).

    Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow is probably the best Australian source for polymer clay and related products in terms of range, which is the most extensive by far that I’ve found amongst Australian sellers. I’ve always had good service from them, although they are definitely slower than the two suppliers that I’ve already mentioned. They also run workshops, which I haven’t attended because I live in a different state, but they sound fun.

    Over the Rainbow’s clay ranges include: Kato (standard clays and concentrates, which I *love*!), Fimo (Soft and Effect ranges), Premo (basic colours and Accents), Sculpey Pluffy, Sculpey Bake & Bend, Sculpey Eraser Clay, Sculpey Living Doll, Sculpey III, Super Sculpey, Sculpey Mold Maker, Original Sculpey, Sculpey Ultra Light, Cernit Doll Collection, Cernit Granite, liquid polymer clays by Kato (including their coloured liquid clays), Sculpey and Fimo. There’s a variety of other clays (e.g. epoxy clay, which I haven’t tried yet), and an awesome range of clay-related items and general jewellery-making supplies.

    Lastly, I mentioned above that Kato is my preferred clay — the regulars here know it and are probably sick of me going on about it! ;D — and my first choice for buying that is actually the US online seller Fire Mountain Gems. They have a great mix-and-match multiple item discount structure and a truly awe-inspiring product range, so that *all* my orders seem to end up in the 200+ item bracket. The service is excellent too… when I’ve ordered from them on a Friday night or Saturday morning Australian time I’ve usually received my items by mid afternoon Monday (FedEx), which is much faster than I’d be able to get them from any Australian supplier.

    I hope that helps,


  34. Bertha A., 16 August, 2013

    Michaels Sales Alert! Got the Aug 18-24 flyer and there is a Polymer Clay sale next week. Buy 2, get 1 free. Not as good as the 99 cents (US) sale, as it works out to just 1/3 off and you have to buy multiples, but if you are running low on some colors it is better than nothing!

    Aaarrgh! They are already advertising sales on Autumn and Halloween crafts and I am still no where near having my basement cleaned out enough to set up a proper workspace there. This is my SUMMER project!

    BTW, even though I try to let people know about the big chain store sales I encourage people to support the smaller independent retailers. But as most are mail order, I prefer buying clay locally in the summer because the sun here could bake clay sitting in a delivery vehicle in an hour or two. And they leave packages on my front steps which gets such direct western sun my metal storm door can’t even be touched at times.

  35. Marini F, 20 October, 2013

    In Québec we also have Omer De Serre, which carries Sculpey and Fimo. They have an online store and do ship to other Canadian provinces and territories :)

  36. ofelia viloche pulido, 01 November, 2013

    hi! i’m from Perú,
    i can’t find any store which i can buy polymer clay, is so frustrating, cause’ i see so many polymer clay tutorials and i can’t even try to do any of theme. if somebody answer and is from Peru too, pleeeease let me know!
    lots of hugs from the south of america


  37. Cindy Lietz, 02 November, 2013

    Nice to hear from you ofelia… all the way from Peru!

    There is a company in Brazil (your neighbour :-), that manufactures a brand of Polymer Clay under the name of PVClay.

    It is Edinho Juliotti that runs the company. If you look him up, be sure to let him know that I sent you. He has been a good friend to us over hear at the PcT Community for several years now… and is my “go-to-guy” for all things Polymer Clay in South America.

    By the way, Edinho’s original brand was Bozzi Clay… but that company has since been dissolved… and he is now marketing his products and services under the PVClay name.

  38. Casey F, 01 August, 2018

    Hey Cindy – I just saw your review of PVClay and I would love to have some. But his website asks for required information that is not relevant to America – like a Brazilian ID number, and there is no place that I can see for international orders. Can you help??

  39. Cindy Lietz, 02 August, 2018

    Hi Casey, maybe you should try and contact the owner Edinjo Juliotti on Facebook? Perhaps he will be able to help you out?

  40. Casey F, 03 August, 2018

    Thanks Cindy I will try that!

  41. Casey F, 04 August, 2018

    Boy, nothing but canned responses in Portuguese. I have a Brazilian friend so I am asking her to try.

  42. Marie Redmond, 29 December, 2013

    Cindy, my name is Marie Redmond and I have been selling the entire line of Sculpey clays and tools on line, in Canada, since 1998.
    My website is Polymer Clay Canada. Please add me to your list of resources. I know how difficult it can be finding an on line clay supplier in Canada, especially in rural areas. I teach the art of polymer clay to children at a local art gallery, and I’m always happy to answer any questions regarding the clay.
    Thank you

  43. Michelle S, 20 February, 2014

    I seem to be spending a fortune on Fimo. I noticed in a product comparison you did that Fimo was the strongest but Sculpey also came out high. It seems most online stores (in Canada) don’t offer Fimo products and Michael’s or Deserres is quite expensive. So can I mix my products? Can I buy Fimo, Sculpey or another and mix them together? Or do you suggest I change to sculpey? (I live in Vancouver, BC)

  44. Cindy Lietz, 22 February, 2014

    Hi Michelle, I actually live in Surrey and buy most of my clay at Michaels. I use Premo Sculpey (it’s the best imo) and I wait for a sale which happens every 6 weeks or so. When it does go on sale it is usually around 4 for $5 any brand which is an excellent price, since Premo is usually around $3.99 around here. Although you can mix brands, I don’t like to, because the properties are different and the baking temps are different, so it can be difficult to know if each brand is properly curing. Just finish up your Fimo and switch to Premo. Premo is excellent for color mixing and I base all my color recipes on it. Good luck!

  45. Brenda B, 12 May, 2014

    Hi Cindy,

    I have tried all the links you supply for purchasing online, and not one of them ships to South Africa which is where I am from.

    Even Amazon had issues with some of the products I tried to puchase online. I can buy polymer clay locally but it is wicked expensive and also not available in blocks bigger than 62g.

    Any suggestions?

    I love your website by the way:)

  46. Cindy Lietz, 13 May, 2014

    Thank you Brenda for your comment! I am sorry but I don’t know of any resources for you in South Africa. Maybe another member will pop in here with an answer for you? Hopefully a Google search will turn up something useful for you and in the meantime I will keep my eyes and ears open…

  47. Bertha A., 25 May, 2014

    Hi Brenda, There is an online jewelry making channel out of the UK. They list South Africa as a place they ship to, and their shipping to the US is fairly inexpensive and quick. I have not ordered clay because their price is still not as good as the US sale prices, though they will ship it to the US, but I have ordered things that are hard to find here. They can’t ship everything they stock overseas, and they keep a limited stock since they are primarily a gemstone and bead company but it sounds like they may be as good an option as you can find for some places.

    Here is a link to their JewelleryMaker Website and they are Jewellery Maker on YouTube. Tip: the best times to get good deals is on days when they are demoing polymer techniques. (Which they did this morning, so check the 25 May Live Morning video on YouTube for examples.) Save the sale items to your wish list and you can do one big order, presuming the items are still in stock. Even if you can’t get everything you’d like they are fun to watch.

  48. Rebecca Chisenhall, 06 July, 2014

    I just today found Sculpey Bake Shop clay at Walmart, in the kids’ craft section. Is it any good for jewelry, or really only suitable for children’s use?

  49. Cindy Lietz, 07 July, 2014

    Hi Rebecca, to be honest I have no idea. I do have some Bake Shop clay but haven’t had the chance to work with it yet to be able to give you a decent answer. Maybe someone else here knows what it is like?

  50. Bertha A., 24 July, 2014

    Clay sale notice! Sculpey clay and their clay conditioning (pasta) machine are 50% off at JoAnn Fabric, July 27-August 9. They have brick-and-mortar stores and online ordering (not sure about international shipping though). In the past, Joann has usually been very specific about which clay is on sale, i.e. Sculpey III or Premo, but not both. But the photo in the mailer shows Sculpey III and the new Souffle, so hopefully it is all Sculpey brands.

    Also, Joann often has coupons for discounts on shipping. And they will often have a coupon for a limited time additional discount on your entire store purchase for both regular and on-sale items. You can get these coupons online or by signing up for their e-mail, smartphone, or postal mail list. (I have one for an additional 25% off but it’s for days that I’ll be out of town! :-( )

  51. Joan N, 24 September, 2014


    Does anyone know if is a good online seller?

  52. Cindy Lietz, 30 September, 2014

    Hi Joan, I have not bought from them myself, so I have no idea. Hopefully someone else here has and can let you know…

  53. Sergent Guimauve, 01 June, 2015

    Hi Cindy and Doug, and the polymer community !

    I’m here to ask you where can I find Sculpey Premo Accent Opal clay which could be ship to France.
    As you may know in Europe we have to wait months again before being able to buy it, and I would like to have it before, it’s seems a so beautiful clay !
    After long hours of research I’m desesperate to see $10 or more of shipping cost every time. May someone knows a good adress for me ?

    Thanks and sorry for my English mistakes ;)


  54. Bertha A., 07 June, 2015

    Hi Emeline,

    I did a little investigating and the main problem is that US Postal Service (USPS) International shipping is very expensive. (And so are private shipping companies Fedex & UPS.) I tried a few test packages in the USPS shipping calculator and the cheapest I could get for 5 packs of Opal is approx. US$14 (not the fastest, safest service). I think the service businesses prefer to use was around US$26.

    Online sellers who charge less are probably absorbing some of the cost (reducing their profit) to make customers happy. Unfortunately I think most online retailers of polymer clay are small businesses and they cannot afford to reduce shipping too much. (And dealing with Customs can be frustrating – we try to avoid it in my company – so some also limit shipping to US and Canada.)

    If you know someone traveling to the US this summer, having them bring some back is probably the best option to avoid high shipping. If I find any US source with a cheaper way to get shipments to Europe I will post the information here.

    Sorry this does not solve your problem but hope it explains why it is hard to find low cost shipping.


  55. Jocelyn C, 01 June, 2015

    Welcome Sergent!

    Googled it, and the best source seems to be online at Polymer Clay Superstore – a great source, reliable, and been around for years. I have them ship me stuff all the time.

    This opal is great, but be sure to check out Cindy’s Faux Opal Tute here as well. You’ll need to find a source for the Buffalo brand iridescent flakes to add to the clay, but the tute gives you alternatives too.

    Best of luck.

  56. Beth Sullivan, 09 June, 2015

    FYI has all of their clay 50% off this week. Online and in the store. Premo $ 1.59 per 2 ounce pack. Just thought I would share.

  57. Vickie S, 22 September, 2015

    FYI – it’s 9/22/15 and I just happened to check out Creative Wholesale and they are selling 2 oz blocks of Premo for $1.58. 8 ounce White, Black and Translucent are $5.57 – other items on sale too but this is an excellent price for premo – at least from where I usually can find it. I don’t see anything that indicates how long the prices will be this cheap but I’m going to order now and hope some of you Cindy-ettes see this and get to take advantage of this sale as well.

  58. Vickie S, 02 October, 2015

    Hi – just wanted to let everyone know that I did get my order from Creative Wholesale and I’m jhappy with my order. The clay was firm but not hardened – more like what it’s like in a cooler room. I have purchased overly hardened clay before by mistake so I know the difference and this clay is just fine. I paid $14.95 for priority shipping and I ordered about 4 pounds worth of clay so I was fine with the shipping fee. So I will definitely be ordering from them again and I think I saw that they sell all of the new Sculpey Souffle colors there too so will be trying that out as well. Very happy with my purchase and especially the price. Stil works out to be less than $2 per 2 oz package of Premo including the shipping. The least I’ve seen it here locally is $2.39 per 2 oz package.

  59. Deb P, 27 September, 2015

    I checked this source out, sure it is cheaper, who knows how fresh the clay is. Also I see no shipping prices even though they title the shipping page like it will show you, but only tells you what other circumstances might cause you to pay more money. So now you are back to paying more for it anyways. I don’t trust anyone who cannot show me up front the shipping fees. AND THEY ONLY SELL SCULPEY. I see they want you to go through the whole trouble of choosing items before finding out what you will pay in shipping. I hate that.

  60. Jocelyn C, 28 September, 2015

    Creative Wholesale is a great distributor, with tons of other craft items available. Have used them for years. Another great place, especially if you order bulk clay or a lot of other crafts at the same time is I have never ever received a bad batch of clay from either. Also, like, Munro further discounts based on items purchased. Both companies are super fast online, package well, and if you are the type that like to order by phone, they both are marvelous.

  61. Cindy Lietz, 07 October, 2015

    Thanks Jocelyn for sharing this info with everyone!

  62. Beth S, 07 October, 2015

    I use creative warehouse alot. Since they are located just outside of Atlanta, I can call in an order and pick it up the next day or have them ship it to me if I don’t have the time to get to their warehouse. Their prices are great.

    The Sculpey Products Web Site is located at the same address as Creative Warehouse, but they only sell sculpey clay items. I like them because they often have discontinued sets and colors of clay. When the new colors of Premo and Souffle clay came out earlier this year, I was able to get them as well as the design templates long before I could get them from any other source. Check them out, you will be glad you did. They ship in US and internationally. So these 2 sources will have something for everyone.

  63. Erum T, 14 December, 2015

    Thank you very very much!!

  64. Nixie L, 10 January, 2016

    I was just looking at the new sales coming out and Hobby Lobby starting Monday Jan 11, 2016 they have a 30% off on ALL CLAYS (I know that might not be GREAT for everyone, but it is pretty good for me since I haven’t seen Michael’s do a 99 cent sale recently. ALSO Michael’s WILL PRICE MATCH! (my local sale price range is $1.87 – $5.59 this week)

    ALSO I ran into some workers at HL that said they do not price match, but they do, it is on their site as well (one of these ladies was a manager that had been there for the last 5 years) SO, if you ever get into a bind PLEASE look it up on the Hobby Lobby site because it is there too!

    Michael’s is also having a sale on some of their clays, but the price is not as good. (it’s approx. 50 cents off)

    Also a heads up that Joann’s ALSO price matches.

  65. Clarissa Ann Stivers, 11 April, 2016

    I buy mine (Sculpey and Premo) from its cheaper than in the stores.

  66. Cindy Lietz, 27 April, 2016

    Thanks for passing that info along Clarissa!

  67. Mike E, 17 January, 2017

    Cindy please be aware that the resource list for Cernit Clay needs to be updated? I went to all of them and only 1 or 2 actually have Cernit Clay and sell it. If they don’t have it, why list it in what kinds of clay they carry/sell. I for one don’t do business with a company that lies to me. Example: Amazon- I was using their Prime mailing service and watched a few of their movies. When it came time to renew, I couldn’t afford it anymore so cancelled it. A couple of days latter I received an email stating that I had not used any other part of their Amazon Prime I was going to get a refund of my membership in Amazon Prime (I’ve kept a copy of this email, so they can’t deny it). So now I and a couple of dozen friends have stopped using or even going to their site. I do not like dealing with liars. Sorry for going on like that, but I thought you might like to know. If you already did know forgive me for interfering.

    Love Your tutorials by the way, especially the one on Press and Seal. I was afraid of using any plastic on my clay.

    Thanks again.


  68. Cindy Lietz, 17 January, 2017

    Thanks for your input Mike.

    What would be really helpful is if you could let me know which companies have specifically told you that they are no longer selling Cernit clay. It is important to be thorough when you do the research. If a company does not have any Cernit Products listed in their current product listings, it may just mean that their supplier has not been able to send them stock at the present time. It’s important to talk directly with a senior customer service person in cases like this.

    I’d like to make sure that the info shared in this blog post article above, is as accurate as possible.


  69. Leslie C, 02 February, 2017

    I’ve been searching for a site to buy Cernit from for at least a week, what I can tell you about the sites listed above that have Cernit listed as a product they sell.

    polymerclayexpress – Doing a search here for Cernit, will give a list of several colors, but when clicking on the product, you receive an error, ERROR: This product cannot be viewed as it does not belong to any catalogues. That error occurs for ever Cernit product on that site.

    hobbylobby – Doing a search here for Cernit yields no results. “We couldn’t find any results for “cernit” in Products. ”

    clayaround – Doing a search here for Cernit yields no results, either. “Sorry, no products were found matching your search term”

    munrocrafts – This site carries Cernit Doll only, and in 3 colors.

    dickblick – Searching this site for Cernit gives zero results, and a “Sorry, no products were returned for your search” message.

    clayalley – This site has Cernit, but like another site, only in Cernit Doll and only in 4 colors.

    clayfactory – This site is the most annoying. There is a ton of Cernit clay listed, dozens of colors and sizes, however, I ordered here a week ago, was charged and have yet to receive any type of shipping or oder confirmation.

    Finding Cernit is so difficult, I’ve decided to give up trying to get it. Amazon has it in the 500g blocks, but I’m not paying 30$ for clay.

  70. Cindy Lietz, 02 February, 2017

    Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for going to the effort of providing this information. Although your quest for Cernit has come to a dead end for now, the information you provided may filter back to the companies you have called out (hopefully)… and it also may trigger someone else to share a new source where they are having a good experience with sourcing their Cernit.

    It is unfortunate that Cernit is harder to obtain for us here in North America, than it is for the other brands… because, as shared in my recent Cernit Review Video, I do think Cernit is a great brand of clay to work with. For now though, it is definitely easier for many of our European friends to get their hands on this product. Usually the frustration is the other way around with those out side of North America having a difficult and expensive time sourcing all of the cool things that we can get so easily on this side of the globe.

  71. Leslie C, 03 February, 2017

    Good Morning, Cindy!

    I thought I would update some information. My order from clayfactory has been shipped. I contacted the seller and he was super fast to respond and explain that there had been technical difficulties. So my Cernit is on the way!

    I also found another USA based website that sells Cernit.

    MDecorPremium is the site. They have a great selection of Cernit. I have not purchased any from here as of yet, but I did contact the seller asking about Cernit, and received a speedy response saying that Yes they do sell Cernit and Darwi clays.

    Just thought that I would give an update on the Cernit situation. Happy claying!

  72. Cindy Lietz, 03 February, 2017

    That’s great news… thanks for the update Leslie :-)

    And thanks for sharing the new link. for the MDecorPremium store.

  73. Kristyn D, 10 May, 2017

    Where is your favourite place to buy clay from?

  74. Cindy Lietz, 11 May, 2017

    I live close to a Michael’s store, so when I do need to buy clay, that is where I go.

  75. Kristyn D, 15 May, 2017

    Darn, I assumed and was hoping to find somewhere online I can get it for less than Michael’s. So far I have found the product for less but with shipping it ends up working out to the same :/

  76. Donita Fichter, 02 June, 2017

    Hello Cindy!

    I have been watching your videos for a couple of years I would guess, and wanted thank you for sharing your wealth of information and help! I do sculpture mainly but also caning so your tutorials are of great help!

    Anyway, I used to get my clay at Michaels when it was on sale, or from Polymer Clay Superstore in the states (both of which you have mentioned in your videos I believe) BUT……Michaels (at least locally) has not had a sale on clay for over a year at least and the price at PCS has SKYROCKETED!!!

    Are you finding the same problem, and where if you know, could I possibly buy my clay now? I see that the price for a pound at PCS has gone from just around $11 when I started, to about $20 now! yikes!

    Thank you for all you do. Cheers.

  77. Cindy Lietz, 02 June, 2017

    Hi Donita, I have noticed that there hasn’t been a sale at Michaels on polymer clay in quite awhile. Try Googling sculpeyproducts dot com (I’d put a real link but I am not at my computer and the link will make my comment go to spam.) Their online store has some pretty good sales.

  78. Binky Melnik, 02 June, 2017

    Hi, Donta:

    A woman with the user name “cap1515” sells one-pound bars of Premo for $11.35. Shipping for the first item is $.69, but additional items ship free. I’ve been buying from her for a couple years, and always get fresh and squishy bars. The color selection isn’t great (mostly just the standard, popular colors), but it’s a great way to save a lot on clay. I know this solution isn’t for everyone, but if you’re outside the US, try eBay in case you can also find a reliable, excellent seller. Good luck!

    (I, too, am suffering terribly since Michael’s quit selling clay for .99/bar; I’m a disabled vet living on $840/month in New a York City of all places, and my clay supply is terrifyingly low. I’m worried that unless I find another super-cheap source of clay that I may hafta give it up. ?)

    Good luck,


  79. Binky Melnik, 02 June, 2017

    ACK! I left a word out! “cap1515” sells the one-pound bars on eBay.

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