Reviving Dried Out Gilders Paste with Paint Thinner

Dried and Cracked Gilders PasteVideo #466: Just because it’s all crumbly, does not mean you have to throw it away.

Topics Covered In This Video:

  • Gilders Paste… a waxed based finish.
  • It has similar properties to shoe polish, including the strong odour.
  • Solvents easily evaporate leaving the paste dry and cracked.
  • Rejuvenating Gilders Paste with Paint Thinners, Varsol, Mineral Spirits.
  • Just a few drops will do. Too much will make a mess.
  • Sneak peak…. Polymer Clay Journal Covers and Altered Books antiqued and highlighted using Gilders Paste.
  • Additional Gilders Paste Resource Video that shows you how to apply and use this wonderful finishing product on polymer clay.

Question of the Day:

Has this happened to you? And did you know about this little trick? Be sure to leave your responses in the comment section below.

My goal is to help you to learn quicker and easier ways to bring up the professionalism in your polymer clay art.

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  1. Cecilia K, 26 December, 2013

    Oh yes, it’s happened to me when I opened a new can (jar? box?).

    They told me (whom I bought it from) about this trick but I must have misunderstood them because I overdosed, It turned ALMOST liquid and I managed to use it somewhat. The roblem was that the next time I opened it it had dried up again. Next time I will try this.

  2. Dixie Ann, 26 December, 2013

    This is a great tip, I’ve had a couple of them dry out but luckily I had read on their website about adding paint thinner to resoften it. It did only take a few drops and I was back in business. Just have to remember to make sure I snap that lid on tight!

  3. Claycass, 27 December, 2013

    Interesting, I have an old tube of “Rub and Buff” it is too hard to squeeze it out. I might just cut that tube open and try some paint thinner.

  4. Priscilla L, 27 December, 2013

    Somewhat off topic, but thank you for spelling “gilder’s” correctly. So many people spell it “guilder’s.” As an English major that drives me crazy!

  5. Marilyn P, 14 January, 2014

    I work in a bead store in Alameda, CA where we sell this product ~ owner does a LOT with Vintaj and all their related products. If we find this happening, I will be able to pass your knowledge along. Never know what i will learn when i come here ~ it has ALL been great and well produced!! Thank you again, marilyn

  6. Lavedia E, 14 January, 2014

    This vedio was much needed for me! I’m doing some new year cleaning in my studio and this was one of the things that I came across! Thanks !!! Off to get paint thinner!!!

  7. Laurie W, 23 January, 2014

    Cindy thanks for all you and Doug do. I appreciate your quick responses to praise and problems. Have a great day.

  8. Catherine M, 01 February, 2014

    Love your videos and lessons and hearing your great Canadian accent.

  9. Morgan S, 05 February, 2014

    HI, Cindy!
    I just wanted to tell you thank you for making so many wonderful instructional and informational videos available (for free!) on your site. I have been working with polymer clays for a while now, but I am by no means an expert. Your videos often cover techniques I already knew, but your instructions are so clear that several of them are easier now for me. Also, you have an absolutely charming accent which makes you fun to listen to. I don’t have any questions today, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your efforts to make clay arts easier and more enjoyable.
    Thanks again,
    Morgan S.

  10. Cindy Lietz, 06 February, 2014

    Thank you so much Morgan, and everyone else here who said such lovely things about our videos! Both Doug and I are really pleased that you are able to learn and get such good value from the videos we make for you. It is very rewarding to hear that you are having fun and making some good stuff out there! Keep it up and thanks again for sharing your kind feedback!

  11. Sandra D, 20 June, 2014

    Thanks, for the tutorial on gilders paste.

  12. Lekha R, 08 May, 2015

    Hi Cindy!! Guess what I saw this video I week back and the very next day I bought Gilder’s paste which was on sale. After coming home I saw it was dry!! And I was not disappointed seeing tatas I had ur solution before I face the problem. I just wanted to know if we can also use nail enamel remover which has almost same properties as varsol. Need to advise. Thank you.

  13. Cindy Lietz, 27 May, 2015

    Hi Lekha, I have no idea if nail enamel remover will work in place of the Varsol. Maybe you should test it on a tiny amount and see? Let us know what happens… I am sure everyone would love to know if it works!

  14. Krithika P, 22 May, 2015

    This is probably a stupid question, but how creamy should this be? I’m more used to Inca Gold but I’m sensing this isn’t similar in consistency. I have a couple of colors of Gilders paste and they’re kind of dry (not much color comes away on my finger) but not crumbly. Can I throw in a few drops of thinner or is there a way to tell if I don’t need to?

  15. Cindy Lietz, 27 May, 2015

    Hi Krithika, the Gilder’s Paste should be the same consistency as a tub of new shoe polish. Not near as creamy as the Inka Gold.

  16. Cynthia J, 25 October, 2017

    Thank you so much for this wonderful tip. You saved 3 cans for me.

  17. Cindy Lietz, 26 October, 2017

    Awesome Cynthia!!

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