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Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine Update

Video #706: I’ve got some good things to say about this pasta machine… and some not-so-good things to say.

Sculpey Design It Templates for Polymer Clay

Video #700: In this video, I also show how those rolled cardboard toilet paper centers, might come in handy when baking your clay.

PV Clay Brand- A Quality Polymer Clay from Brazil

Video #699: If you buy your clay online … or if you live in Brazil :-) … this is an artist quality polymer… 29

PYM II Polymer Clay Safe Spray Finish

Video #695: This is the only spray finish I am aware of, that is compatible with polymer clay… PYM (Preserve Your Memories).

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files Polymer Clay Project Idea

Video #691: The Swarovski Crystals were so pretty… that I had a difficult time bringing myself to cover them up with cane slices.

New Premo Sculpey Colors For 2015

Video #690: Along with these eight new Premo Sculpey Colors for 2015, two colors have also been discontinued… Denim and Navy.

UV + LED Combo Lamp From MelodySusie Brand

Video #688: A great combination curing lamp for your polymer clay resin and nail art projects. It has both UV and LED bulb… 12

Introducing The New Lucy Clay Mini Slicer

Video #687: This smaller cousin of the original LC Slicer, is a great choice for those who don’t need all the features of… 14

Low Cost OttLite Idea for Your Studio or Craftroom

Video #677: All you need is a regular desk lamp and a fluorescent OttLite bulb available online or from the hardware store.

Tips And Tricks For Using Your Sculpey Clay Extruder

Video #667: Since many of you may already own this tool, here is some information and ideas on how to put it to… 11

Unboxing And Review – Sculpey Clay Extruder Tool

Video #666: You will need super human strength to use this tool… but if you already own one, tune in next week for… 16

New Sculpey Pasta Machine With Stainless Steel Rollers

Video #662: It’s encouraging to see that the Polyform Sculpey brand is making improvements to its clay conditioning machine.

MelodySusie 12W LED Light Product Review and Demo

Video #653: The LED lamp reviews in this video were specifically for polymer clayers working with Fimo Nail Art projects and resin too.

Lucy Clay Brand Polymer Cane Slicer Demo And Review

Video #651: This is a polymer clay cane slicer on the grandest of scales… it is a really beautiful, top-of-the-line machine!

Kor-Tools Pattern Rollers & Stamps for Polymer Clay

Video #652: Deep crisp designs scored into hard acrylic plastic rods. The quality and uniqueness of this product is top notch.

Review of the Lucy Clay CzeXtruder XXL HD

Video #631: This product should really be called the Cadillac of Polymer Clay Extruders. It is very strong and durable.

Lucy Clay Brand – Polymer Clay Bead Baking Rack

Video #629: Announcing a new Canadian Distributor for Lucy Clay Tools. Special (time sensitive) discount coupon available below.

Polyslicer Combo Tool For Slicing Polymer Clay Canes

Video #607: This is a compact tool that works especially well for cutting super thin polymer cane slices for Nailart applications.

Applying Ultradome UV Epoxy Resin To Polymer Clay

Video #606: I’ve used Ultradome UV Resin for 4 years now and feel that it has several advantages over other products in the… 65

Have You Ever Heard Of A Polymer Cane Extruder?

Video #603: A cane slicing tool that makes perfectly round or perfectly square slices every time… at any thickness you desire.

Custom Die Stamps for Polymer Clay and More

Video #594: These stamps can be made as small or as large as you like. Perfect for branding your custom jewelry creations.

Unboxing NEVER Knead Tool Polymer Clay Conditioning

Video #593: If you have hand mobility issues, or if you process lots of clay, this machine could be a real life saver… 28

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