UV + LED Combo Lamp From MelodySusie Brand

Melody Susie UV and LED Combo Curing Lamp - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #688: A great combination curing lamp for your polymer clay resin and nail art projects. It has both UV and LED bulb options.

In this video, I review and demo the MelodySusie Violetina 24W LED + 36W UV (2 in 1) Nail Lamp. It is used for curing UV Resin on Polymer Clay and UV Nail Gel Polish for doing Fimo Nailart.

In a previous video I demonstrated the MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Lamp which worked great for nails, but wasn’t strong enough to fully cure the UV Resin. In that video, I mentioned that MelodySusie did carry a stronger LED + UV combo lamp, which I will talk about today.

I found the UV Bulbs did an excellent job of curing my ExpoxyJewelry Brand of UV Resin. And the LED Bulbs did an excellent job of curing the Madam Glam Nail Gel Polish.

I like the matte Black sleek design, though I do wish the buttons were on the top rather than on the back. This machine has the same dimensions on the inside but has a little smaller footprint than my previous UV Lamp.

If you want the most uses out of your UV Lamp, this 2 in 1 unit is an excellent way to go. It is is good value for your dollar.

Speaking of value, MelodySusie is offering a HUGE $14.99 discount for a limited time (2015-07-13 PST 2:00 AM to 2015-07-13 PST 11:59 PM). The direct link to this product on Amazon is on this page just below the video. At the checkout page, you can use the COUPON CODE >> FYQTEAXL

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  1. Kate P, 13 July, 2015

    And they are selling very fast!!

  2. Cindy Lietz, 13 July, 2015

    How do you know they are selling really fast Kate? Did you buy one?

  3. Kate P, 15 July, 2015

    No, I considered it, but already like my system. I looked it up on Amazon and their in stock numbers kept decreasing getting very close to selling out ;). Good job!!! Hopefully it’s all restocked and ready for more sales!

  4. Cindy Lietz, 15 July, 2015

    Oh, Cool! It’s great to hear they were selling so quickly!

  5. Dixie Ann, 13 July, 2015

    Thank you for the demo on the Susie Lamp. I don’t work with nails, mine or anyone else so I probably would have no interest in this type of lamp being as I already have Terrys UV 36W lamp. It still is nice to know that this product is available and that it does work well with Cindys stamp of approval. I feel it is important to have this kind of information so that I can pass it along if an opportunity should present itself.

  6. Cindy Lietz, 13 July, 2015

    Thanks for saying that Dixie Anne. I agree, the more you can learn about the available products out there, whether they are something you would be interested in or not, the more knowledge you will have and can pass on. Learning is a good thing!

  7. Katherine C, 15 July, 2015

    I’ve been thinking about getting a dryer these days. And I’ve checked melodysusie on amazon and youtube. Those comments are favorable.

    By the way, nice review cindy!

    I’ve also watched your youtube review for this product. You have made such a good review, providing all the information you have.

  8. Cindy Lietz, 15 July, 2015

    Thank you for saying that Katherine!

  9. Monica Saul, 02 December, 2020

    Hi, I saw your videos and they are excellent.
    I just bought the uv resin a an led nail
    To cure my polymer clay item and it does not do it. The led turn off in 60 secs

  10. Cindy Lietz, 08 December, 2020

    Yeah, there are many different UV lamps and UV Resins available these days. Not all of them will work together. The higher powered ones 36W or higher will usually work for most UV Resins and finishes. And it is best if the timer can be left on for longer times. Otherwise you’d need to keep pushing the button until your piece is cured!

  11. Tana Fileccia-Flagg, 07 May, 2021

    New to polymer clay- looking for a UV light
    Can you recommend a UV light and where to get it. Have seen many in line – one at Tiny Pandora, several on Amazon – I have never used one- I liked the one you used on your video with the pull out tray. Please share info – anxious to start using UV resin

    I enjoy your tutorials! I’m learning a lot!!

  12. Cindy Lietz, 07 May, 2021

    Hi Tana, Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos! Here is this same UV Lamp on Amazon (affiliate link).

    I have been using it for years now and it still works great!

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