Tips For Removing Polymer Clay From Silicon Molds

Video #717: It’s one thing to push your clay into a mold… but how to get it out without smushing the pattern? Cool… 26

Silicone Molds From The Bargain Rollback Company

Video #711: Although these molds are not made specifically for polymer clay, I was still able to find some creative uses for them.

Sealing Polymer Clay Best Practices

Video #693: If you absolutely must seal your polymer clay, here are the products that I’ve tested and can recommend.

UV + LED Combo Lamp From MelodySusie Brand

Video #688: A great combination curing lamp for your polymer clay resin and nail art projects. It has both UV and LED bulb… 10

Nautical Anchor Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-085

6 Videos #668 to #673: This fun sailor themed project will have you right on trend with the latest in fashion… Ships Ahoy!

How To Make A Non-Slip Resin Doming Tray Or Mat

Video #664: To prevent your beads from sliding around like hockey pucks… all you need is a bit of spray adhesive!

Perler or Hama Bead Board as a Resin Doming Tray

Video #663: These stiff white Perler/Hama boards, actually work better than the flexible mats made for the purpose. Go figure!

MelodySusie 12W LED Light Product Review and Demo

Video #653: The LED lamp reviews in this video were specifically for polymer clayers working with Fimo Nail Art projects and resin too.

UV Resin Video – Now Playing – Polymer Clay Library

“Although I have done quite a bit of resin jewelry work… I know I’ll learn something new from you Cindy.” ~Ritzs

Polymer Clay Tutorial | UV Epoxy Resin | UltraDome Brand [Video]

Vid #156: “Thanks for testing the UV Resin, Cindy. Perfect for Part III to a bumper May line up of video lessons!” ~Mary-U

UV Cure Jewelry Resin – UltraDome Product Test Results [Vote]

“Resin is pretty versatile. You can use it for so many things beyond clay too. Can’t wait to find out the outcome of… 155

UltraDome Brand, UV Curing Epoxy Resin for Polymer Clay Jewelry

“I would like to learn more about using different mediums with polymer clay… such as resins.” ~Cindy-E

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