PV Clay Brand- A Quality Polymer Clay from Brazil

PV Clay Brand - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #699: If you buy your clay online … or if you live in Brazil :-) … this is an artist quality polymer clay brand worth taking a look at.

In this video I review a polymer clay brand manufactured in Brazil. It’s called PV Clay.

Previously known as Bozzi Super Polymer Clay, the manufacturer and developer, Edinho Juliotti, did a complete re-brand of this product… new name… new packaging… and (I believe) improved the formula.

In a previous video I showed you the flexible polymer clay blades that Edinho also supplies to the polymer clay community. They slice clay beautifully, but won’t cut your skin. Safety and performance in one!

In this video I will show a little bit about this unique South American clay. It is a little different than the clays you are probably already familiar with.

I will first talk a about the packaging… then discuss the properties of the clay… show my raw vs baked color shift analysis… and also do a strength test.

This clay has a bit of a waxy feel with an aroma of flowers and soap (which I happen to love). The clay seems firm off the block, but softens quickly when conditioned. It is quite sticky to the touch, but doesn’t leave much of a residue on your hands or tools. It does trap bubbles fairly easily and plaquing is very visible in the PV translucent clay… although the translucent is quite transparent… with a frosted look.

This clay bakes at 265F or 130C for 30 min. Is very flexible and strong when baked. There is little to no color shift between raw and baked clay. This clay bakes to a matte finish, but sands and buffs to an incredible shine.

The PV Clay brand is very versatile. It can be used for caning, sculpting, jewelry and home decor. There are 43 colors which include many artist based colors, metallic, translucent and fluorescent colors. I think it makes for an excellent high quality, all around clay, and an inexpensive alternative to the other brands of polymer available in the North American market.

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  1. Jocelyn C, 21 September, 2015

    Wow, loved this video and topic. So cool to see it spread across the world…. And now, if I stumble on a pack of it at a tag sale, I know enough about it to give it a try.

    Dying for the next multistep PROJECT, very badly. Starting to question my addiction level here (hee hee).

    I start crafting (if you could call it that…) shortly next week. I need inspiration to plunge in and immerse from there. Polymer Clay is first on the list.

    If anyone has an idea, using one of Cindy’s PCT tutes or favorite short project of yours all that I can plunge in and immerse, and if would be great if it was your take on one of Cindy’s projects here (so there are good directions, lol).

    It would be fun to see what you would all suggest…..

    Hope all are well…

  2. Cindy Lietz, 23 September, 2015

    Hey Jocelyn, You have all the tutorials… why don’t you pick one of the older ones and just go for it! I am sure once you get rolling with it, you will come up with your own twists. Let us know which one you pick Eh?

  3. Catalina L, 22 September, 2015

    This clay looks cool. Does the clay still smell flowery after it is baked? And is the sanding time about the same as Premo? And the “string” cane on your sample going to be in a tute soon? I really like the look of it! I haven’t played with my clay since I came back from vacation! But, today I will be able to! I got a lot of ideas from the Native Alaskans so I can’t wait to play!

  4. Cindy Lietz, 23 September, 2015

    Hi Catalina, It does still smell like flowers and soap when it is baked, though it is pretty faint. As far as the String art cane goes, I haven’t got a tutorial figured out for it yet. I noticed that String Art had come back into vogue… saw example of it all over Pinterest… so I played around with the concept a little for making a cane. Did a search on String Art Canes to see if anyone else had thought of the idea and low and behold, Meg Newburg had! So if I do go ahead with the concept I will have to make sure that my cane is different that than hers… already is but will have to make sure that everyone else thinks so too. Too busy right now working on the site anyway, so it won’t be for quite a while if I do end up making a tute on it. Love to see what you come up with after that Alaskan trip inspiration. Was that sign you were looking for still there?

  5. Catalina L, 23 September, 2015

    That’s cool that it still has a flowery/soap scent after baking. I might have try this!

    I didn’t find the sign. I asked everyone I came in contact with and everyone said they never saw that sign before. I think it may have been destroyed in the 1965 earthquake. Plus, if it did survive it may have been removed due to the fact that they renamed the base. It is now called, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

    Because President Obama was in Anchorage, when we were, there were tons of security all over. I asked a police officer outside our hotel about the sign. He said he was stationed at Elmendorf 30 years ago and never saw the sign. My photo is over 55 years old. So, we didn’t try to go to the Base. It would be so different anyway since my Dad was stationed. So, we saw no point in going.

    I did get my Eskimo doll! I want to make a doll out of clay now!! Plus, try to make some faux whale ivory carvings!! We got several pieces including a heart shaped ring! I want to see if I can make a ring like it out of clay. Have you thought about making rings out of clay? I wonder how they will hold up?

  6. Sarah Wood, 25 September, 2015

    Tried to make a purchase and got hung up at shipping– said there was no option (at all) for shipping at that time. No shipping to US or just to Texas :) ? Maybe it was a glitch, I will try again.

  7. Cindy Lietz, 25 September, 2015

    Hi Sarah, sorry to hear you’re having trouble ordering from PVClay. I sent a message to Edinho for him to respond to you here. Hopefully he will come in here soon and help you out.

  8. Jocelyn C, 25 September, 2015

    K, I am ready to go…..lol. First up, must return to my first love, the Aurora Borealis and Cindy’s magnificent tute on it. And I think the rocker bead tute is the way to go to fully expose the beautiful shimmers. But, I also want to try to somehow incorporate the effect into those cool torpedo beads (see Cindy’s tute) too. Wish me luck kids. LOL!

  9. Cindy Lietz, 25 September, 2015

    Good Luck Jocelyn!! I think Aurora Torpedo Beads is an awesome combination of tutorials. Can’t wait to hear how they turn out! Have fun!

  10. Peggy R, 25 September, 2015

    This clay looks wonderful. I shall visit their site now. Thank you Cindy.

    oh yeah…….please show a close up of the the earrings you are wearing in this video.

    Thank you,

  11. Cindy Lietz, 28 September, 2015

    Hi Peggy, those earrings were created using the Shoreline Bracelet Tutorial. You can get a closer look by watching the preview video.

  12. Cheryl, 25 September, 2015

    Our local Michaels store has been trimming down the clay section. I’m so disappointed! all the Lisa Pavelkar stuff and the transfers etc are all gone. A new store has opened up closer to where I live and they don’t have any Premo clay – just smart clay. I have to go back and check the other store and see if the have stopped keeping Premo too. If they have, will have to buy online and with the dollar so low and shipping charges, it’s going to be very expensive.

  13. Cindy Lietz, 25 September, 2015

    Geez that sucks Cheryl! My store in Surrey has quite a bit of polymer clay, Premo, Fimo, SculpeyIII and Craftsmart. (Plus lots of the other air dry clays and such. I hope that doesn’t happen here.

  14. Cheryl, 25 September, 2015

    Yes, it sucks! I used to use the coupons at Michaels or buy stuff on sale and it was so much cheaper.

  15. Catalina, 29 September, 2015

    Wow, I hope Michaels isn’t weeding out Premo! So, far the three store near me are still selling it. I will try to find out what is going on. Craftsmart is Michaels brand and not good to use for serious clayers. I wonder if they are making room for Souffle? I know Joanns is selling Souffle and reduced Premo. It will be terrible if you have to order it by mail. The summer will not be good to order, either.

  16. Cheryl, 30 September, 2015

    Went to the old store yesterday, the one that is farther. They still had Premo but not very many colors. They had a lot of Craftsmart.

  17. Anna Sabina, 11 October, 2015

    Great there are other clay options for people in South America. It sounds similar to Pardo.

    I have a new smaller Michael’s by me and they do not carry Premo at all. I have not seem Souffle at Michael’s s and figures they do not want to any more competition for Craft Smart,. I have also noticed the price of Premo at Michaels and JoAnn’s has really gone up. Michael’s used to have 4 packs for $5.00, and once a year they had it for $1.00 per package. Michael’s, JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby all have a nice Premo display but the colors never seem to be in stock. I am looking at ordering online in the future because the clay in these stores is so hard like it has been cured during delivery to the store.


  18. Dotty Cooper, 28 September, 2015

    Would Premo! black, 1 – 2mm thick strands be as flexible as the PVCLAY just filmed. What I want to do is crochet around the handles of my golf clubs to thicken the grip because of hand problems. Pro Shops have no solution (I still think they don’t like women golfers!) I first thought of rubber, spaghetti like strands (not much slippage with them but, where to find them?!) Just had a brilliant thought!! What about rubber bands? Anyway, today’s your day for goofy questions!

    Hugs to You Both for all that you do for all of us!!

    Dotty Cooper
    Bellevue, Wa.

  19. Dotty Cooper, 29 September, 2015

    No further questions. Solved the problem w/rubber bands on my golf clubs to enlarge the grip. Now, just hope I can access the studio web cam!

  20. Edinho Juliotti, 29 December, 2015

    For purchases of customers who are out of Brazil, there is a promotional coupon for larger amounts or equal to 43 products.
    In this promotion the shipping is free and the value of each Decor block 56 grams is approximately US $ 1.80.
    To do this simply fill in the location indicated for coupon with: “lovepvclay”?

  21. Cindy Lietz, 29 December, 2015

    Hi Guys, Edinho the owner of PVClay just left this message for me on YouTube that I just wanted to pass along to you all here.

    “For purchases of customers who are out of Brazil, there is a promotional coupon for larger amounts or equal to 43 products.
    In this promotion the shipping is free and the value of each Decor block 56 grams is approximately US $ 1.80.
    To do this simply fill in the location indicated for coupon with: “lovepvclay”? ~ Edinho, PVClay

  22. Charles Edwards, 09 July, 2017

    where can I go to purchase PVCLAY?

  23. Cindy Lietz, 14 July, 2017

    Hi Charles, if you scroll up, you will see a list of resources just under the video. There you will find the link to Where you can buy PVClay. Also ready my comment just above your comment for info on ordering if you live outside of Brasil. Thanks!

  24. Jeff Hall, 06 October, 2017

    Is it stronger than Fimo as we use to use fimo for jewellery however its not strong enough for delicate designs.

  25. Cindy Lietz, 10 October, 2017

    Hi Jeff, I would say they are a similar strength. But FIMO is actually a very strong clay when properly cured, even very delicate pieces. I am guessing that your pieces are underbaked if they are brittle. Which means they need to be baked at either a little bit higher temp or for a longer time. I have multiple baking videos that will help you get a very strong cure on your pieces. Just use the search box at the top of the page to find the various baking videos. Good luck!

  26. Allison Thiele, 12 October, 2017

    Hi Cindy / Doug,

    My son is very interested in buying the PV Clay kit and would like to know where I can buy this including tools, etc. We live in the Fourways / Midrand area.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

  27. Cindy Lietz, 13 October, 2017

    Hi Alison, the website for ordering this PVClay is linked right under the video. Thanks!

  28. Freya S, 29 June, 2018

    Is it possible to browse the website in English? I can’t seem to find the option anywhere. I do have to mention I am on a iphone and not a computer.

  29. Cindy Lietz, 29 June, 2018

    Hi Freya I couldn’t find an English version either. You can try and contact him though his contact page or on Facebook? Just search for pvclay and you should be able to find him. Edinjo the owner regularly comes to our LIVE Q&A Broadcasts on Facebook and he does speak English so maybe he can help you?

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