‘cracking brittle chipping breaking plaquing strength’

Never Burn Your Polymer Clay Ever Again

Video #727: This new product extends the baking range by 25 degrees on either side of the recommended bake temperature!

PV Clay Brand- A Quality Polymer Clay from Brazil

Video #699: If you buy your clay online … or if you live in Brazil :-) … this is an artist quality polymer… 29

Reviving Old And Cracked Polymer Clay Canes

Video #359: Testing several different clay softening products on brittle polymer canes.

Ten Minutes NOT Long Enough to Bake Polymer Clay

Video #323: A side by side comparison test, that proves why polymer clay MUST be baked properly… or it will break!

Cracking Heart Beads – Sculpey Ultra Light Core [Spotlight]

“I just want to cry when I take them out of the toaster oven and find them all cracked.” ~Cheryl-V

Help, Another Cracked Bead Problem that Needs Solving [Spotlight]

“I am hoping to find out what went wrong with these cracking Kato Clay beads.” ~Ritzs

Mystery of the Cracking Flat Beads | Polymer Clay Bracelet Project

“I looked through my PC books and did not find this type of tile bead in any of them.” ~Bette-L

Best Polymer Clay – Premo Sculpey vs Fimo Clay vs Sculpey III

Battle of the Brands: An Experiment for Strength, Hardness and Flexibility: Q: Hi Cindy, When you get a moment I’d like your opinion… 96

Translucent Sculpey Clay, Fimo Clay, Premo, Cernit, Kato | Comparison

7 Things to Know About Translucent Polymer Clay for Jewelry Bead Making: There are so many things to learn about the different brands… 61

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