Polymer Clay Tutor Cernit Review – Raw vs. Baked

Video #764: Big thanks to Emeline from Sergent Guimauve, and Elodie from Créomax, for the Cernit clay used in today’s video review.

Using Pinata Alcohol Inks For Tinting Premo Clay

Video #728: In this video you will see why it takes much less ink to color translucent clay as compared to white polymer… 13

Gold & Silver Tinted Liquid Sculpey Polymer Clay

Video #709: A new product from Polyform that adds some unique metallic properties to the Liquid Translucent Sculpey (TLS) family.

PV Clay Brand- A Quality Polymer Clay from Brazil

Video #699: If you buy your clay online … or if you live in Brazil :-) … this is an artist quality polymer… 29

Fuchsia Flower Fairy Lights | Polymer Tutorial Vol-084

6 Videos #655 to #660: LED light strings decorated with translucent polymer clay flowers… adding some delights to your life.

To Quench or Not To Quench – Is It A Wives Tale?

Video #640: I used Premo translucent polymer clay to test for strength and clarity… watch the video to see my results.

Black Streaks from Pasta Machine on Polymer Clay

Video #510: Those black lines on are one of the most frustrating problems that can happen with lower end pasta machines.

Foxgloves & Raindrops | Polymer Clay Tutorial Vol-071

6 Videos #502 to #507: Inspired by the saying, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”, this Spring Tutorial has a little of both!

Using Translucent Clay To Clean Pasta Machine Tip 3

Video #438: You’ll be amazed how dirty your lump of cleaning clay will get over time.

Pardo Professional Art Clay – Translucent Review

Video #344: Everyone says that Pardo Translucent is the clearest of them all. Let’s find out…

Comparing Translucent Polymer Clay Brands

Video #334: Which polymer clay translucent product is right for you? Premo Sculpey, Kato Polyclay, Fimo or Sculpey III?

Rolled Mokume Gane Cane | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #203: “You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.” ~Marvin Minsky

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Inked Surface Butterfly Earrings [VIDEO]

Vid #143: “Love butterflies, they make me happy! Would love to be able to do them in polymer clay.” ~Cheryl-H

Up Next in Vol-021 | Kaleidoscopes, Butterflies, Inlay, Earwires

1: Kaleidoscope Canes 2: Butterfly Earrings 3: Inlay Technique 4: Handmade Earwires

Inked Polymer Clay Butterfly Earrings on Handmade Earwires

“New techniques in this wonderful world of polymer clay and it’s endless ability to become whatever your heart desires.” ~Lynn-W

Polymer Clay Rosary Beads | Real Flower Petals | Bake and Bond

“It’s a great new idea for me. I’ve heard about adding different things to clay but never flowers. Thank you from Russia.” ~Svetlana-R

5 Ways to Use Alcohol Ink in Your Polymer Clay Bead Making Projects

“You’ve inspired me to order some alcohol inks. Had to get clay anyway so I figured what the heck.” ~Silverleaf

Translucent Polymer Clay Secrets for Surviving on a Deserted Island

Whether It’s Fimo, Kato, or Premo Sculpey… Translucent Clay is an Essentiality! Every brand of polymer clay has a their own version of… 23

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Alcohol Ink Effects on Crackled Gold Leaf

Vid #106: Gorgeous Colors and Metal Crackles Protected Beneath a Glassy Smooth Layer of Translucent: The diversity of polymer clay never ceases to… 35

Use a Clay Extruder to Fill in Polymer Cane Background Spaces

Make Your Flower Canes Stand Out With Translucent Polymer Clay Packing: Today’s topic is about using a Makins Professional Polymer Clay Extruder Gun… 14

Making Polymer Clay Flower Beads For Your Spring Jewelry Projects

How To Make Your Handmade Bead Jewelry Items Even More Desirable: It’s only natural that springtime and flower jewelry designs go hand in… 9

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments Perfect For Making Polymer Clay Beads

More Chat About Using Scrapbooking Supplies for Clay Bead and Jewelry Making Projects: A couple of days ago, I wrote about how scrapbook… 53

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