Tips And Tricks For Using Your Sculpey Clay Extruder

Sculpey Clay Extruder Usage Tips - Polymer Clay TutorVideo #667: Since many of you may already own this tool, here is some information and ideas on how to put it to good use.

Topics Covered In This Video:

  • Today I am going to do an update on the Sculpey Clay Extruder.
  • In a previous video I did an Unboxing of the Sculpey Clay Extruder and I tried it out.
  • I had found it to be quite difficult to use. You need to be super strong to squeeze the clay out of the barrel.
  • Since I know that a lot of you may already have purchased a Sculpey Clay Extruder, I thought that I’d try and figure out some ways to make it easier to extrude using this readily available tool.
  • I figured out some little tips and tricks that should help you out.
  • Using the same Sculpey Souffle Clay we used in the previous video, so it is a fair comparison, I show you how to use a baby wipe or kitchen wipe and a caulking gun to assist in extruding the clay.
  • Key tips and tricks for easier clay extrusion are…
  • Clay should be soft and warm.
  • Clean and lubricate the barrel with a moist kitchen/baby wipe before adding clay.
  • Only fill barrel 2/3 full, to increase leverage.
  • Leave the wipe on the plunger to help fill the gap between the plunger and the barrel.
  • Use a caulking gun to help push out the clay.
  • Larger dies are easier to push out the clay.

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My goal is to help you to learn quicker and easier ways to bring up the professionalism in your polymer clay art.

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  1. Jocelyn C, 01 June, 2015

    Good for you Cindy, workable solution. Years ago, folks sold plastic inserts that modified the caulking gun so that the extruder fit into the opening much like that you showed, I have one somewhere still in the plastic bag. Also some folks sold actual modified plastic tips that actually extruded the designs just using the caulking guns.

    After helping me construct the wooden foot pump, I remember my Dad hauling out his heat gun, which we used to keep the clay warm while extruding. Caution here, easy to bake the clay.

    Unfortunately, Glass Attic, my historically beloved go to site no longer has active links, but you can get an idea from this video, which used actual pottery clay:

    Desiree McCrorey also showed this technique using the caulking gun, but, the instructions have been removed from her website.

    Since these Sculpey Clay Extruders are cheap, and within the price realm of the beginner, think it’s wonderful of you to reactivate this method because it gives them a taste for the possibilities to save for future purchases. Straight out, your video of the LUCY Extruder convinced me that this is state of the art, and worth every penny.

    Boy, fixed income is a b****, lol. Then again, if I was still working at my old salary, it kind of scares me how much I would be spending on new tools and products. No vacations. Right now, every penny is going towards a JoolTool.

  2. Hermine R, 03 June, 2015

    Too bad I never could get the clay out using that type of tool. My hand can not reach the extended part and press enough to make it work. I still stand by the press my hubby made me like your demo last week.

  3. Hermine R, 03 June, 2015

    Oups forgot to tell you that I use hamburger patty paper around my clay before putting it in my plunger. The ends of the paper should not meet though to make it work properly. No cleaning to do after.

  4. Lawrence S, 04 June, 2015

    I just dug out my old one, which is similar, and I used it in the pottery studio. It was manufactured by Kemper Tools. .I still use the discs in my Walnut Hollow and Makins extruders and all 19 work fine in those extruders.

    The Lucy Clay extruder is still on my bucket list. I will be seeing Diane (Van Island Jewels) at the Carol Simmons workshop so might pick one up then.

  5. Elaine Dudar, 05 June, 2015

    Wonderful video, awesome idea

    Unrelated question!
    What make are your black plastic containers at the back of your desk, love the organization

  6. Kelsey Christensen, 05 June, 2015

    Oh my, thank you Cindy! Using my Sculpey extruder is SO hard on my hands, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy a more expensive one yet. Now to see if I can find a caulking gun…

  7. Elizabeth Kerr, 06 June, 2015

    Hi Cindy
    thanks for your tips and tricks with this particular Extruder.
    I did start off with one of these years ago, and told my students not to buy that one. and gave it away as I had always found it too hard to use,
    so your tips are an eye opener, as I would never thought of the baby wipes trick. Great.
    I did know about the caulking gun, but did not have one at the time.
    I now use the Makins extruder, so am up with everything now. Thanks to this tut, a lot of clayers will be able to use that extruder better, as it is of course much cheaper than the Makins, and a not excy way for a beginner. As to the cleaning, isnt that a great idea, must try something like that on my Makins as that is always the worst part of the job.
    I have made some great buttons using the designs I get from the extruder clays.
    Thanks again. I must say it is nice to see” you” when you do your tuting
    Bye ,
    Elizabeth K.

  8. Cindy Lietz, 11 June, 2015

    Nice to see you too Elizabeth! Thanks for your input on this matter! :)

  9. Chris T, 06 August, 2015

    Hi Cindy,
    I watched your video on the Sculpey clay extruder and realized that tool would not be the best for my work. I also watched your video for the CZEX HD XXL All in One and made the decision to buy it today (I think I’ll even get a box with mine). It has already shipped in just a few hours. It should arrive next week. Thank you very much for both videos. If I ever need a backup to my CZEX for some reason I’ll consider the caulking gun/kitchen wipe option. It does work, Thanks again. :-) Best wishes, Chris

  10. Valerie P, 31 January, 2019

    Thank you! And you have no idea HOW ugly…lol…borrowed hubbiez and he uses it for construction. I was tempted to wear gloves. Yours looks like a Cadillac in comparison. I already made a mod retro cane after watching this. Thanks for figuring this out.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 04 February, 2019

    You are more than welcome Valerie! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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