‘faux ceramics pottery glass surfaces dichroic synthetics’

Kor-Tools Pattern Rollers & Stamps for Polymer Clay

Video #652: Deep crisp designs scored into hard acrylic plastic rods. The quality and uniqueness of this product is top notch.

Faux Fordite Wire Weave Pendant | Polymer Tute Vol-080

6 Videos #609 to #614: Also known as Detroit Agate, Fordite is a now scarce byproduct from the vintage automotive industry.

Claudia Rubinstein’s Polymer Clay Embellished Teapots

Video #523: An Australian artist who’s doing wonderful things with polymer clay and vintage silver teapots (among other things).

Polymer Clay Batik Technique | PcT Tutorial Vol-069

6 Videos #479 to #484: A new way to batik your clay… with some surprising (household) ingredients.

Faux Enamel & Viking Knit | Polymer Clay Tutes Vol-067

6 Videos #457 to #462: Making a bracelet is the focus for this tutorial series… but don’t stop there!

Laser Cut Wood Ornaments | Polymer Clay Tutes Vol-066

6 Videos #445 to #450: Polymer clay covered wooden Christmas decorations & home decor items.

New Sculpey Flexible Texture Sheets for 2013

Video #424: Introducing Sculpey’s two new texture sheet sets… The Edgy and Landscape Series.

Liquid Clay Transfers | Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-061

6 Videos #392 to #397: Image transfer techniques using TLS or Kato Liquid Polyclay.

Curing Polymer Clay With A Heat Gun Not So Good

Video #324: Do you know how hot your heat gun gets? Or perhaps a more important question is… how hot does is not… 57

Mistletoe Ornament | Polymer Clay Tutorials Vol-055

6 Videos #315 to #320: Christmas ornaments… and beautiful mistletoe jewelry pieces as well.

Christmas Mug Palette | Premo Color Recipes Vol-055-B

1-B: Wool Scarf 2-B: Top Hat 3-B: Christmas Tree 4–B: Christmas Star

Vol-050 July 2012 Back Issues | Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Mica Shift Mermaid Scales 2: Sculpted Ranunculus Flowers 3: Texture, Texture, Texture 4: Hand Torched Headpins

Texture Texture Texture | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Video #266: “Brilliant! You can never have too many textures!” ~Genevieve-C

Faux Raku Elephant by Lynda Dunham-Watkins

Gallery (14 pics): “I can tell you, I had more fun making this elephant than any sculpture that I’ve ever made.” ~Lynda Dunham-Watkins

Polymer Clay Tutor Studio Chit Chat | 5th Friday Video

Vid #249: INSIDE: Orlando Area Fandango Retreat & Auction… Polymer Magazines… Valuable Lessons From My Key Ring Project. ~Cindy Lietz

Vol-037 June’2011 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Sculpted Iris Beads 2: Faux Stoneware 3: Peacock Cane Part 1 4: Peacock Cane Part 2

Faux Stoneware | Polymer Clay Tutorial

Vid #207: “I love the fact that many things I have learned using polymer clay can transition nicely to ceramics.” ~Carol-C

Katiedids Bezel Pendant with Polymer Faux Raku Inset [Gallery]

“Katie sent me a few of these awesome jewelry findings to try out, and Iam totally having a ball with them!” ~Cindy Lietz

Member Project Photos – Texture Plates – Polymer Clay Jewelry

“This will be helpful when I can’t figure out what texture I want and don’t have it anyway. Just make my own…. great!”… 17

Vol-029 Oct’2010 Back Issues Now Posted in Polymer Clay Library

Video Tutorials: 1: Texture Plates; 2: Distressed Paint Finish; 3: Embossed Metal Stamps; 4: Pumpkin Canes:

Texture Plates Video – Now Playing – Polymer Clay Library

“I have a feeling Iam going to turn into a mold making / texture sheet making crazed woman. *LOL!*” ~Lisa-W

Polymer Clay Tutorial | Sculpey MoldMaker Texture Plates [Video]

Vid #174: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make your own impressions for texturing beads… no design limits or hunting for specialplates?” ~Ellebella-S

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