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Polymer Clay Beads by Melinda Herron

Spotlight: “A couple of attempts needed on the crackled beads before I actually got them to crackle, but it was fun.” ~Melinda-H

In today’s Spotlight Feature, we are going to have a look at what Melinda Herron has been up to. You may remember her first introduction a couple of months ago at this “OMG!!!” post: Jupiter Beads [“This is my first lesson… OMG!!! In my 2 days off I made a ton of fabulous bead.” ~Melinda].

In that very first “official” Spotlight Feature article, Melinda described how she got started as a member, and how she was applying some of the techniques from the library videos.

Well in today’s post, we get to hear more of her story. As an added bonus, Melinda also sent in a photo of some beads that didn’t go so well. But I’ll let her tell you about that in her own words.

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Here is What Melinda Wrote…


Here’s some more pictures… I know you must be bombarded with images but I just can’t stop myself.

First of all I wanted to show you a definite failure (See Photo-3 Below). This was one of the first canes I designed myself. As you talked about in this article [Managing Color Contrast In Polymer Clay Cane Designs], there is very little contrast in the colors so a lot of detail was lost. This was also the cane that showed me how much I hate glitter in my clay!!! Never bought glittered clay again. Also obviously this was before I learned of sanding and finishing my beads. My friend in an effort to make me feel better about my ugly beads attempted to make something pretty out of them… poor girl, didn’t have the heart to tell her I still hate the beads, so I keep it as a reminder of where I started.

Photo-1 and Photo-2 show some necklaces I made from the Jupiter beads. I saw there were some requests, so my friend (same one as above) made a necklace and I made a necklace. It was great fun.

Some of my raku beads (Photo-4). A couple of attempts needed on the crackled beads before I actually got them to crackle, but it was fun.

Watched your rose videos, made some roses (Photo-5) and LOVED them…. knew how to make roses before but your technique helped me with the finger prints and so much more. Thanks!

~Melinda Herron

Polymer Clay Beads by Melinda Herron Polymer Clay Beads by Melinda Herron
Polymer Clay Beads by Melinda Herron Polymer Clay Beads by Melinda Herron

Thank you Melinda for giving us an update on your progress! It is very exciting to see that you have come so far in just a couple of months. Keep those updates coming. You are such a big inspiration to everyone here!

If anyone has questions, compliments, suggestions for Melinda, please post them below. I’m sure she would love to hear from you.

** If you have been inspired by my teachings and would like to be featured in an upcoming Spotlight Article, then please do write up something creative and email it to me along with a selection of your project pics. Make sure to send me high resolution photos that I’ll be able to zoom in on to show the details of your work. If you don’t already have my email address, simply leave a comment below and I will get it to you right away.

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  1. Jocelyn, 11 September, 2009

    Inspirational is right!!! Melinda your work is fabulous. Love the raku, love the planet beads, and your rose is to die for with that lovely dark center.

    Amazing how once you pick up this craft, you can move forward so quickly with great instructions and support found here.

    Big shout out to Cindy, for assisting us all to grow and try new things via this site.

  2. Silverleaf, 11 September, 2009

    What lovely work! You did a great job, i especially like the raku. :)

  3. Laurel, 11 September, 2009

    Melinda: Your Jupiter beads are out of this world!! No pun intended. :) Your raku came out beautiful too and the rose is gorgeous!! How did you get the beautiful shimmer on it? Did you use a pearl clay? I love it.

  4. Melinda, 11 September, 2009

    Jocelyn: Thank you for your kind words.

    Laurel: I used a mixture of pearl clay and translucent. The rose cane was made from a blend of pearl/translucent of copper to gold to pale pink to straight pearl/translucent. I then sanded it through my stages of micromesh ( I like better then sand paper) and finally coated with a acrylic protective coating (Future, of course).

    To tell the truth, that rose has been eyed by several people with the desire to buy and I have told everyone:”I’m still not done looking at it, so I’m not selling it yet.” Actually, I have a problem selling a lot of my work… I’ve started to become attached to my little pieces and it’s very sad to see them go to a different home…. very sad.

  5. Catalina, 11 September, 2009

    Your work is beautiful! You learn quickly! I guess you had a good teacher :) (Great job Cindy!)

    Since you are new to your craft you will find it hard to part with your work. In time, when you have even MORE confidence, you will sell your pieces and and feel good about it! Start giving your best pieces to close friends and family as gifts and you will see how well they are received. Then you’ll WANT to sell them and earn a little money to keep you in supplies.

    Happy Beading!

  6. Polyanya, 20 September, 2009

    I remember being bowled over by your Jupiter beads Melinda, I could never quite get mine to crackle, just don’t have enough old scrap clay.

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