A Polymer Clay Glitter Story – Ellen DeGeneres vs The Crafty Chica

The Great Glitter Debate - Crafty Chica vs Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres’ plight to ban glitter gets the Crafty Chica going:

Being a polymer clay glitter fan, I had to respond to this highly unusual news story. If you haven’t already caught wind of it, I’ve posted a YouTube video below, that was put together by Kathy Cano-Murillo, the Crafty Chica. In a nutshell, Ellen has stepped out on a limb requesting that congress pass a bill to ban all glitter activity. Kathy responded by staging a Pro-Glitter Rally in an attempt to get Ellen to back down.

How fun is that! You go glitter girl! Kathy Cano-Murillo is my hero! I love Ellen DeGeneres too. But I don’t think I’d have the guts to stage a Pro-Glitter rally like Kathy did outside of her studio to try and save the honor of glitter for all crafters!

The Crafty Chica is certainly no wimp! She fights for what she believes is right! The right to make all things sparkly! The freedom to bling! To glitz far beyond all reasonable glitzing!!!

Without people like the Crafty Chica, faux opals created with glitter and translucent polymer clay would dazzle no more! Elvis belt buckles would just loose their appeal!

And crafters would no longer get that mischievous feeling inside, when they pour that handful or two of glitter into the unsuspecting recipient’s birthday greeting card… knowing all too well the birthday boy or girl will be sweeping up bits of glitter for untold days, reminding them yet again of you!

A world without glitter? What would be fun about that?!

Polymer Clay Glitter Tips:

  • If you get glitter all over your work surface, roll a chunk of raw clay over the surface to pick it up. Then knead it into the clay and use it for some sparkly beads.
  • Buffalo Snow – the stuff you spread around for fake snow decoration at Christmas is really large flake glitter, which is excellent for making faux opals.
  • For extra bling in your metallic colored clays, add a pinch or two of glitter to any one of these Metallic Polymer Clay Color Recipes

As you can see, I’m definitely on side with the Crafty Chica here. I’ll play the Polymer Clay Glitter Gal role in this very fun story.
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  1. crafty chica, 17 June, 2008

    Cindy – thank you for the awesome glitter tips! i am going to try making canes with my clay, now i am all excited!! thanks to you!! hugs, kathy :-)

  2. Bren, 18 June, 2008

    How cute is that!? I hope Ellen responds to you Kathy. What kind of resin did you use in one of the projects? That is a great solution!

  3. erin, 19 June, 2008

    I think glitter, when used properly and sparingly, can be a great crafting supply. I also think there is such a thing as WAY too much glitter, and I can see how some people might want to ban it entirely in order to address THAT issue. ;)

  4. Cindy Lietz, 19 June, 2008

    @crafty chica: Thank you, Kathy!… I just think you and your glitter hi-jinx are so totally fun that I had to share it!! Do make sure you add a little of your new glitters to some polymer clay! Let me know if you need any help with making canes!

    @Bren: Thanks for your comment! That resin project was cool! I wonder if she used the 2 part epoxy resin you can get at Michaels? Kathy do let us know.

    @erin: As far as glitter is concerned for me personally I am neither anti-glitter as Ellen is, nor really pro-glitter as the Crafty Chica… I am more of a pro-choice glitter girl!

    I think people should be allowed to use as little or as much glitter as their little hearts desire!! (Though I currently use glitter sparingly, Kathy has just launched her own line of glitter and I may just become a glitter maniac if I should get my hands on some!!!)

    Cindy Lietz’s last blog post..How to Make Polymer Clay Beads – Piercing the Bead Hole

  5. Marsha, 15 November, 2008

    This is too funny! I was just wondering if Kathy ever heard from Ellen!

  6. Cindy Lietz, 15 November, 2008

    Yeah I know… some people are so much fun! I have no idea if it went anywhere. Haven’t seen any updates on Kathy’s blog, so I doubt it.

    Thanks for the comment Marsha!

  7. Anna Sabina, 28 June, 2009

    That was absolutely hysterical and I would have missed it totally if it had not been for The Treasure Hunt For the Tuscan Vessel/… which of course is not on this post. Did she ever get onto the Ellen show?

  8. Cindy Lietz, 28 June, 2009

    I know! I laughed my guts out! I don’t think she did ever get on the show. Though she tried pretty hard eh? I’ve been following Kathy for awhile now and love everything she does. She even has her own line of products now and is becoming quite the success!

  9. Anna Sabina, 28 June, 2009

    We may need to start hound Ellen to have Kathy on the show; there are lots of PCers out there.

    I never would have found the Tuscan piece if you had not mentioned the red flowers. I was really distracted by the elf outfit.

    Do you know if the Premo formula has changed. I just opened some of my new packages I got a few weeks ago. Was harder that past ones and and hard to condition, tried warming it up by sitting on it but it just never softened. I also had trouble sealing the edges of 2 pieces together. When trying to use white and finally added in some Sculpy III. I hope this is not the new formula!

    I made a big block of Mokume Gane today and will send you some pictures. I was thinking of maybe trying to sell the raw block on Etsy, my thinking was some clayers may want to have the Mokume Gane technique but just don’t want to go through the process or don’t know how. Any thoughts?

  10. Cindy Lietz, 28 June, 2009

    That might work Anna to hound Ellen… you never know! Kathy would probably love it!

    I know what you mean about the elf hat. Was even distracting to wear! :-)

    I think the formula for Premo has hardened up a bit. Probably in reaction to everyone flipping out about it being too soft. Frankly I don’t mind it being a little firm, makes nicer canes that way, though when it takes forever to condition, it’s a pain!

    You can sell canes such as Mokume Gane on Etsy or Artfire if you want. Lot’s of people are doing that sort of thing. I’d do some research on Etsy first, to see if it would be worth your while. Make sure to understand how much your supplies and time are costing you, so you don’t under price yourself and lose money.

  11. Cindy Lietz, 11 September, 2009

    In a Spotlight Feature that was just published today, Melinda Herron discusses her dislike for Polymer Clay Glitter. Click the link by my name for the full story.

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