Graffiti Beads – Another Polymer Clay Tutorial Exclusive

Polymer Clay Graffiti Beads

How to Make Jewelry Beads that Really Speak Your Language:

A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of Polymer Clay How To Video Topics, and asked for your feedback about which ones should be filmed next.

On that list was Graffiti Beads, which hardly any of you picked. Since these are such cool looking beads (at least I think they are), I have to assume that the topic was largely ignored because no one really knows anything about them.

Obviously that’s my fault since I have never even shown you what my Graffiti Beads even look like. So today I wanted to fix that by posting a picture for you. See above.

Look carefully and you will see there are words embedded in the clay. ‘Beach’ and ‘beauty’ are visible on the first bead, and ‘Oasis’ plus ‘Sun’ on the second. All in a mottled, tie dyed kind of background, that reminds me of a graffitti painted wall.

The technique uses a combination of Mokume Gane, rubber stamping and elements from mica shift… all mixed together to create focal beads that truly have something to say!

One cool thing about this polymer clay technique, is that it is ideally suited for using with any of the 4 color recipe palettes posted in the Polymer Clay Library. The graffitti beads in today’s photo were made using the Betta Fish Color Recipes.

Now that you know a bit more about these Graffiti Beads, please raise your hand if you’re interested in learning this technique, and I’ll bump it higher on the list. As far as I know, it’s not being taught anywhere else.

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  1. Maureen G, 21 June, 2009

    You’re right Cindy. Had no idea what they were. And they are very cool! Would love to learn how to make them. Of course, I love learning everything you teach! Thanks.

  2. Anna Sabina, 21 June, 2009

    I had no idea and they are really pretty. Most importantly, they are different. I have a special friend who is very involved in a women’s business sorority. I have wanted to make something special for her but did not want to be a cane with the sorority letters. This technique will be perfect. I could see how this technique would also be great for crafts shows, especially if you used words related to the area.

  3. Sarahwww, 21 June, 2009

    Hand raised and waving wildly! Yep, I had no idea whay they were and have never seen them before. Teach us! Please!

  4. Linda Dube, 21 June, 2009

    My hand’s up, too. Didn’t have a clue, but now that I do, I want to learn!

  5. Jocelyn, 21 June, 2009

    They are beautiful! Can’t wait to learn how to make them.

  6. Cindy Graveline, 21 June, 2009

    I would love to learn how to make them! :)

  7. Elizabeth, 21 June, 2009

    Please bump way up high on the list! Can’t wait to learn how to make these beauties!

  8. Ken H., 21 June, 2009

    Still want to learn the faux opal, and raku, but the wire work can wait, these are cool, please raise them higher on the tutorial list, strung in the right way they could be great as men’s items.

  9. MJ Southern, 21 June, 2009

    Hi Cindy,

    Really like these and would “bump them up” but not higher than my original choices.


  10. Beverly Smith, 21 June, 2009

    Wow! Cindy those are really Cool! Yes! Sign me up for these and lets do them soon.

  11. Joyce, 21 June, 2009

    Would love to see this in video. Looks like it could be used in so many ways.

  12. Illaya, 21 June, 2009

    You are correct Cindy, I thought you meant the confetti beads that have inclusions in them. That technique has been covered elsewhere. This looks like something that would float my boat. So please do bump it up higher on the list of need to do’s.

  13. Maria, 22 June, 2009

    So those are graffiti beads!?! Sign me up for the lesson:)

  14. Carol, 22 June, 2009

    Very, very cool Cindy! Thanks for looking out for us. My hand is waving wildly.

  15. PLaneFancies, 22 June, 2009

    Interesting. Seem to have a lot of depth. I’d vote to learn this one!

  16. Silverleaf, 23 June, 2009

    Well i wanted these in the first place IIRC! I’ve been doing a similar thing, creating sheets for pendants, etc., but have no idea how to make cylindrical beads out of them.

  17. Gayle Thompson, 24 June, 2009

    Funny – at first I was not interested in learning this technique but after reading some of the responses, I’ve come up with so many ways I could use this! Now I can’t wait to learn it! Please do the video, Cindy!

  18. Lupe Meter, 24 June, 2009

    I would love to learn how to make them. I didn’t know…very cool looking beads.

  19. Adrienne lindsey, 24 June, 2009

    yep, I would like to see how this is done. It’s a very nice effect and makes the bead a bit unusual. So it has my vote too!!

  20. Freda, 26 June, 2009

    These would be interesting to learn, but I liked a lot of the other things on the list, too.

  21. Jamie, 26 June, 2009

    These are very cool Cindy! Anything you teach is always fun and useful and I always look forward to the weekly video’s. So if you decide to do these I know I will thoroughly enjoy learning how to make them. XOXO Jamie

  22. Cheryl, 26 June, 2009

    These are so cool and I’d love to learn how to make them. Cindy, you are making it very difficult for us to choose!!! i still want to learn the faux raku and memorial keepsake beads too. Can’t wait !!!

  23. Cindy Lietz, 29 June, 2009

    I thought you guys would like them if you saw them! Consider Graffiti Beads, bumped up the list!

  24. Ken H., 29 June, 2009

    This will probably be the technique that I finally learn how to do the knotted necklaces and bracelets.

  25. Cindy Lietz, 30 June, 2009

    Sounds good Ken!

  26. Klay Kisses, 01 July, 2009

    How cool are those? I would love to learn the magic behind them! Sign me up Cindy!

  27. Diane H, 25 March, 2013

    I would love to learn how to make graffiti beads. The colors you chose for the demonstration are great :)

  28. Polymer Clay Tutor Doug Lietz, 25 March, 2013

    Hi Diane – Welcome to the Blog!

    The Graffiti Beads Tutorial is in Vol-015.

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